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Hill is being held in the Gwinnett County jail on $50,000 bond, and his attorney, Musa Ghanayem, told Channel 2 Action News early Thursday that no bondsman in Clayton County will write the bond because they are afraid that if they do so, they will lose their certification to write bonds in the county.

“I’ve been in the process of trying to acquire a bond and in doing so, I’ve come across certain circumstances where bondsmen have told me, specifically, that they will not set a bond for Sheriff Hill,” Ghanayem said. Hill's bond must be posted in Clayton County even though he is being held in Gwinnett for security reasons.

The 37-count indictment against Hill says he used county cars for getaways and county credit cards for shopping sprees, and tapped county employees for his own campaign and charity events.

 :snicker  a shoebox would have been more than sufficient:lol:


A Cobb County mother was charged with misdemeanor child cruelty after she allegedly let her 10-year-old son get a tattoo in memory of his deceased brother, Channel 2 Action News reported.
Chuntera Napier, of Acworth, told Channel 2 that her 12-year-old son, Malik, was struck and killed by a motorist in Macon about two years ago, and her other son, Gaquan, wanted a tattoo like hers to remember his older brother by.

“My son came to me and said, ‘Mama, I want to get a tattoo with Malik on it, rest in peace,'” Napier said. “It made me feel good to know to know that he wanted his brother on him.”

She said she did not know it is illegal in Georgia to tattoo anyone under the age of 18.

 ::) “What do I say to a child who wants to remember his brother? It’s not like he’s asking me if can I get him a Sponge Bob,” she said. “He’s asking me for something that’s in remembrance of his brother. Well, how do I tell a child no?”   :brickwall:

Napier took her son to a tattoo artist in Smyrna. When the child went to school, someone noticed the tattoo and called authorities.

A recent exhibition that confronts stereotypes and attempts to bridge divisions between people is "Question Bridge: Black Males" -- a new video installation currently on view at the Brooklyn Museum that consists of a series of interviews with Black men in the United States today.

General Discussion Forum / Chef Gordon Ramsey in the ATL tonite.....
« on: January 13, 2012, 04:33:27 PM »
Okay, not really. He's already came and went but on his show tonite he is at
Michon's [famous for the smoked ribs and meats] in College Park about by the airport.

<===The preview!  


The waitress says "the kitchen... they don't like to peel potatoes" when he asks for potato salad.  :lmao:

A man  who put his fiancée in a cardboard computer box and tried to bury her alive because he was bored with her was sentenced today to 20 years in prison.

Judge Peter Collier at Leeds Crown Court sentenced Marcin Kasprzak, 26, for the attempted murder of his former fiancée Michelina Lewandowska.

"It was your intention that she would not be found.  It was your intention that she die there," Collier said during the sentencing. "The death you intended would have been long and slow.  It is mind-numbingly awful to imagine the sort of death you intended her to die."

The case gained notoriety when Lewandowska clawed her way out of her intended grave, using the diamond on her engagement ring to dig her way out of the box.

 >:(  They should have sentenced his azzz to be buried alive for 20 years:nod:

Holloway suspect admits to a killing
[doesn't admit to Holloway's killing]

He had confessed to the May 30, 2010, killing long ago.

Shortly afterward, he told police he killed Flores in a fit of rage after she discovered on his laptop his connection to the disappearance of Holloway. His lawyer claims the killing was manslaughter, for which the minimum sentence is 5 years.

Police forensic experts disputed that claim and the attorney for the victim's family contends Van der Sloot killed Flores, a business student from a prominent family, in order to rob her. Prosecutors are seeking a 30-year prison sentence on first-degree murder and theft charges.

The prosecution van der Sloot killed Flores with "ferocity" and "cruelty," beating and then strangling her in his Lima hotel room, concealing the crime and fleeing to Chile, where he was caught several days later after Flores' rotting body was found in his hotel room.

Prosecutors say he took more than $200 in cash plus credit cards from the victim and made his initial getaway by driving her car to a different part of Lima.

Entire article here:

General Discussion Forum / NYC School Employee Faked Family Death
« on: January 10, 2012, 09:24:21 AM »
A NYC school employee pleaded guilty to forgery and lost her job after faking her daughter's death, a special investigations office said. Officials said she carried out the fabrication so she could enjoy a longer vacation.   :o   ::)   :shrug:   :brickwall:


news clip   :read:

General Discussion Forum / Projections warn of deeper HOPE cuts
« on: January 10, 2012, 09:19:00 AM »
Students depending on the HOPE scholarship to pay for college should set aside more money as new projections show award amounts would drop starting with the fall semester in 2014.

To prevent that from happening, the state would need an additional $107 million for the 2014 fiscal year, said Tim Connell, president of the Georgia Student Finance Commission, which administers HOPE.

The gap is expected to increase to $163 million by 2016, Connell told a joint economic development committee of the Legislature on Monday.

Lottery revenue is projected to remain flat, and more students are expected to be entering colleges and be eligible for awards through HOPE.

Gov. Nathan Deal and lawmakers overhauled the popular scholarship last year, reducing payouts to prevent the program from running out of money.

read more:

General Discussion Forum / Breaking the silence on men and rape
« on: January 09, 2012, 04:15:45 PM »
CNN) -- Stereotypes can rumble around in our collective brains for decades, sometimes centuries, before finally being edged out by a more nuanced understanding of reality. It's been that way with our views about race, creed, sexual orientation and gender roles.

The Justice Department's announcement this week that it has changed the definition of rape to include men is one such step on the long road to better understanding.

read more:

General Discussion Forum / No Pants Subway Ride NYC
« on: January 09, 2012, 03:06:45 PM »
Hundreds took to the NYC subway system wearing their "intimate apparel" in the No Pants Day on Sunday, January 8, 2012


Almost anywhere you go in the country, you're bound to run into construction of some kind. Whether it's on a building or a highway, it seems as if construction takes is everywhere and takes forever to complete. Well that's not the case with a new project in China. Near the Dongting Lake in the Hunan Province, a 30-story, 183,000 square foot hotel was just built in only 360 hours--and there's video to prove it! The time-lapse YouTube video is going viral with more than half a million views already.


Coby Sillers learned firsthand that robberies on MARTA were on the rise in recent months.

Sillers was riding a MARTA train home the day after Christmas when he met what he first mistook for a clean-cut, well-dressed young man.

Having flown into Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Sillers was toying with his iPhone as the train pulled into the East Point rail station. Suddenly, as the train doors opened, the man reached over his shoulder and grabbed the phone, he said.

NEW YORK — Papa John's Pizza is apologizing after an employee typed a racial slur on a receipt to a customer at one of its New York City locations.

Customer Minhee Cho posted a message on Twitter along with an image of the receipt from a Manhattan location describing her as "lady chinky eyes."

Several hours later after the message had gone viral, the Louisville, Ky.-based company formally apologized on its Facebook and Twitter pages for Cho's experience.

The company says the employee was dismissed.

Looks like everyone gets apologies...except for US!

General Discussion Forum / Best, Worst of the U.S. airlines?
« on: January 06, 2012, 12:55:41 PM »
The Airline That Loses Bags, Cancels Flights

In Latest Rankings, American Places Last in Customer Service; Alaska Tops List, Delta Makes a Turnaround

The best-performing carrier last year was Alaska Airlines, the smallest among the seven major U.S. airlines. And in a surprise showing, Delta Air Lines scored a big turnaround, placing second in 2011 compared with ninth in 2010.

See WHO is the worst:

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