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:o She had a detailed plan outlined in a notebook

GAINESVILLE, Ga. — Police say a 16-year-old had detailed plans to commit murder at a Hall County church.

A collaboration between Gainesville City School officials and Gainesville Police led to the discovery of a her plan to attack Bethel AME Church.

On Friday, Gainesville High school resource officers were notified by school administrators of the white female juvenile’s plans.

Gooood grief. IF they're not fighting other students, fighting teachers [or being screwed by teachers], they're plotting to shoot up their school OR a church

Yep. Its one game.

NOT trippin at all. wasn't CAU.

Call it whatcha want....we LOST.Period   :tongue2:

These poor teachers have no support and it doesn't look like a teachers union offers much of any either.

Yeah, they can have ALL of that with that wack-a$$ LOW pay.

Largo High School teacher charged in fight with student,
released from jail after 3 days

A lawyer for Noirie says the teacher has been assaulted by students
 three times this semester at the high school.

3 times this year [school year?] I'm guessing that means since September when school started.
WHAT is the school doing to deter students from attacking teachers?
We already know that the teacher will lose her job.

Sports Forum / Fort Valley Wildcats v. Alcorn State in 2020
« on: Today at 11:42:25 AM »
LORMAN, Miss. – The Alcorn State University football program unveiled its 2020 schedule, which includes six home games at Jack Spinks-Marino Casem Stadium.
The Braves open the season Saturday, Sept. 5 when they travel to Auburn for the first-ever meeting between the two teams. Alcorn will host non-conference games against Fort Valley State on Sept. 12, and Virginia Lynchburg on Oct. 31.





A better moral is, if you can't control yourself, do not go into teaching.  Better yet, you better not have kids period.


JT KNOWS his limitations and low tolerance.
Not saying I'm easy to set off but.....DON'T!


Rapper Lil Jon was detained at a Vietnam airport while on tour — thanks to his copious bling!

A source explained that the rapper had performed at Envy Nightclub in Saigon without incident, but that when he and his entourage headed to the airport on Nov. 16, Lil Jon was told that he should have declared all the jewelry with him.

According to TMZ, the star had over $400,000 in jewels on him.

Sports Forum / Re: Tigers Roll Over Bluefield State, 84-69
« on: Today at 09:22:31 AM »
Dear Ole Bluefield State....  where have yall been?  ;D


Bulldogs, Golden Grizzlies



Traffic is hell PERIOD in metropolitan cities, heyal, some of the smaller ones are even worse.

Teacher is also a Spelmanite.

Dealing with some of these youngens,
ain't saying it is right or wrong, b

 :no: Honestly, you could NOT pay me enough!!!


You are right.  My apologies.  He does put you on the offensive  :lol:.  I think that kid is border line ill and I have to be too for entertaining him.

 :no: Noooo. NONE NEEDED  ;)  And yes, he does. But like a few others here at the cookout, I ignore much of what shenanigans that they post.  ;D

::) yall know good and dang well, Neymar speaks out of his A$$.  WHY y'all bother engaging him at all with his illogical points and opinions is beyond me...but, have at it.  :no:

At times, he cracks me up, but....THAT'S ALL!

Jay, other people read these posts, and I wanted to debunk any misinformation about HBCUs.  I want people to understand the importance of accreditation, and our schools have the same requirements as PWIs.  In fact, I took an engineering test for a job at AT&T.  The test was a five-part test and contains everything that an ABET-accredited graduate should know.  There were hundreds of people from some of the best schools in the world taking that test.

You had to pass one part before you could take the next section.  Some have taken the test multiple times, and I just walked in off the street and took them out.  There were only two standing after fourth test.  It was Michgam State vs FVSU, and FVSU came out on top.

 :nod:  True that. I can appreciate that. I forget our front door is wide open. Sometimes I forget that it ain't just us at the cookout in the backyard.

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