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Sports Forum / TRF Power Ratings Week 7-Mid-season
« on: Today at 11:08:02 AM »
Division 1

 1. Florida A&M  5-1  2.42

 2. Bethune-Cookman  5-1  1.83

 3. North Carolina A&T  4-1  1.60

 4. Alcorn State 5-2  1.43

 5. Southern University  3-3  1.00

 6. South Carolina State 3-2  0.90

 7. Alabama State  3-3  0.00

 8. Grambling  2-4  -0.17

 9. Alabama A&M  4-3  -0.21

10. Prairie View A&M  2-4  -0.25

11. Norfolk State  2-5  -0.36

12. Hampton  3-3  -0.75

13. North Carolina Central  2-5  -0.86

14. Tennessee State  1-6  -1.33

15. Morgan State  1-5  -1.50

16. Mississippi Valley  1-5  -1.67

17. Jackson State 1-5  -1.75

18. Howard  1-6  -1.78

19. Texas Southern  0-6  -2.08

20. Delaware State  0-5  -2.50

Divivion 2/NAIA

 1. Miles  5-1   2.50

 2. Bowie State  6-0  2.40

 3. Virginia Union 5-1  2.58

 4. West Virginia State 5-1  2.25

 5. Langston 4-1  1.60

 6. Fort Valley 4-2  0.92

 7. Albany State 4-2 0.83

 8. Virginia State 5-1  0.75

 9. Fayetteville State 5-1  0.50

10. Savannah State 3-3  0.42

11. Livingstone  4-2  0.17

12. Lane  2-4   -0.83

13. Kentucky State 3-2  -0.20

14. Shaw  2-4  -0.42

15. Morehouse  2-4  -0.75

16. Tuskegee  2-4  -0.83

17. Johnson C. Smith -0.92

18. Central State  -1.00

19. Virginia-Lynchburg  1-5  -1.33

20. Winston-Salem State 2-4  -1.67

21. Elizabeth City  1-5    -2.17
    Chowan   1-5  -2.17
    St. Augustine's -2.17

24. Allen  1-4  -2.20

25. Lincoln (MO) 0-7   -0.83.

26. Clark-Atlanta U  0-5 -0.83

27. Lincoln (PA)  0-6  3.08

28. Edward Waters 1-5  -3.08

29. Texas College 0-5  -3.50

30. Benedict  -0.5  -3.80

I'm going to say this nicely....maybe WSSU need to take a look at a few does seem one team is always centric to the ratchedness of the CIAA. Whether it be in a bathroom or in the handshake line....

I can't remember hearing of something similar at Shaw, FSU.....but y'all always seem to get caught up in it....maybe it's also sue to the fact that y'all get nice coverage locally too....but....where you smell the stench, lieth the turd.....

We are centric because we are the school they all hate or want to beat very badly. In fact "Rumor Control" has it that Blount is gone if he lost yesterday, etc. That said, our young folks have to be taught to walk away, or RUN if necessary. Though one cannot tell by the attendance know that our rivalry with Smith pre-dates even MY days at WSSU.  One year the refs had to stop the game in the fourth quarter.

Think I have a "Slope" sighting on the tube.....

Sports Forum / Re: HBCU Attendance: Week 6..
« on: October 10, 2019, 05:15:09 PM »
Damn NCA&T,  would you PLEASE go to Winston Salem and play these folks - they feel some kind of way for real.

Nope watching their alums beg and plead is worth gold. We have smack material for decades

They should be embarrassed...all this constant begging and pleading. They can’t even twist the truth anymore everyone knows the real deal.

Yes they do.  You are scared!


The Aggie's chief rival is its in-state, and fellow MEAC competitor, North Carolina Central University. While its rivalry with North Carolina Central University is its most renowned and intense, North Carolina A&T has a historic rivalry with Winston-Salem State University, and to a lesser degree with South Carolina State University.

North Carolina Central

North Carolina A&T – North Carolina Central rivalry
Commonly referred to as the "Aggie–Eagle rivalry," this particular rivalry dates back to the first Aggie Football game in 1924; in which the game ended in a 13–13 tie. The intensity of the rivalry is driven by the proximity of the two schools, as both are only 55 miles apart via U.S. Interstate 85, the size of the two schools, as North Carolina A&T is the largest Historically Black College and University in the state with North Carolina Central being the second, and the fact that both schools are competing for many of the same students and athletes. Fans of both teams tend to place great emphasis on this rivalry and the intensity of it causes splits among many families, marriages, and other groups over their respective teams.

Winston-Salem State

North Carolina A&T–Winston-Salem State rivalry
The rivalry with Winston-Salem State is arguably, the second most important rival of the Aggies. The series dates back to 1952, and has roots in the CIAA, where both teams were at one time members. The rivalry is driven by the close proximity of the two schools, as both are approximately 30 miles apart via U.S. Interstate 40, coaching personnel and conference ties once shared by both schools. Since Winston-Salem State's decision to discontinue the transition to Division I citing financial reasons (lying chancellor), this rivalry has been placed on hold for the foreseeable future.

South Carolina State

North Carolina A&T-South Carolina State football rivalry

The rivalry with South Carolina State is the most civil of the Aggie's chief rivals. The series dates back to 1958, and is driven by Conference alignment and proximity within the region. Both North Carolina A&T and South Carolina State are members of the MEAC, and are the largest public Historically Black colleges representing their respective states. Athletically, South Carolina State spoiled the Aggie's 2003 undefeated conference record when they handed A&T their only MEAC loss of the season with a 49–9 win in the regular season closer. Currently, South Carolina State leads the series 32 wins to 14.

Sports Forum / Re: MLB playoffs
« on: October 10, 2019, 05:11:38 PM »
Nats: I figured they would need to be on the road to get over the hump. Finally. Cards will be tough.

BTW, I trace the St.L/Atl fiasco back to the 2-2 pitch to the first batter.  Bad call.... leading to 3-2, and a walk.  One knows that walking or hitting the lead-off man usually ends up costs at least one run. EVERY manager/coach is trying to prove that he's a genius.

Sports Forum / Re: WSSU loses to Bowie State at Bowman Gray Stadium....
« on: October 10, 2019, 05:06:39 PM »
We are not that young.  Don't make excuses....

No excuse.  Reality.  We should be 5-0. The secondary is the only veteran unit. Plus we had an unexpected change in coaching staff, with drama attached.

Sports Forum / Re: TRF Power Rating Top 10s Week 6
« on: October 08, 2019, 10:51:55 AM »
V-Union is playing some great football this year. :nod:

...and would be rated higher had that loss been on the road. While everyone was predicting Bowie this year, I and others were noting that Union was ranked in pre-season, and for a reason.

Welp, adding up the potential revenues from the Central football game and Tar Heel hoops game....y’all should be set for a minute or two. So stop begging them Aggies for a gridiron beatdown of epic proportions....

Sir, your knowledge of the situation is limited. Our "begging" is justified, and do NOT assume that we will get beat down. A&T ain't played nobody but Duke. IF it does happen, we will get over it quickly.  They have dragged us before, and I will say that we have dragged them quite a few times too. $$$ is $$$$.

Y'all are so predictable! :)

How about this?  We come to Greensboro with no guarantee but you give us a big block of tickets to sell for our money.

Come on Oldschool, you say that as though the rams have leverage or some how A&T needs you. We don’t! That’s why WSSU has been dropped from our schedule.

You guys need to stop this begging.

Every year it’s the same old posts. “Things used to work this way”. “The community wants this game”. “We want home and home”. “We will play in Greensboro if you give us more and treat us special”. “Y’all are scared of WSSU”...on, and on, and on !

How about this? WSSU accepts a standard pay out like any other DII team. The standard payout you are willing to accept to travel and play NCCU in Durham.

How about you accept that A&T is not going to GIVE you a big block of tickets for our stadium, GIVE you a home game as long as you are DII, or GIVE you any type of special treatment of any kind.

We don’t owe WSSU rams need to GIVE up.

The AGGIES have moved on...good luck in the CIAA this year.

Well Well Well. I purposely did not post ANYTHING about the game last year. However having the women's basketball game draw a big exciting crowd revived my "begging spirit." So I came back. Mind you that this was a Friday evening game with no men's game.

A. We have the leverage of a almost guaranteed sell-out.  Except for your
   upcoming HC when has that happened since we last played?
   I meant "sell" about the tickets. We were dropped because the MEAC
   quietly mandated that NO MEAC school play us until "That Man" leaves.
   As the Temps sung "Ain't Too Proud To Beg" when it's about making money.

   No you dont' owe us anything.  You owe yourselves and your fans.

B. NCCU has a much smaller stadium than your's so we wouldn't expect the
   same payout. Name another D-2 school that will fill your stadium.

C. I'm just glad to say that your Del State game, at the recent East
   Forsyth at Grimsley game, AND at our game Saturday, I met some
   "intelligent" Aggies.  THEY, without any prompting started the
   conversation up about playing us.  I jokingly told them all, "Don't say
   that out loud!  Some Onnidan Aggies might be listening and they will get
   you!"  BTW, THREE of them are in the Aggie Athletics Foundation, so
   Aggies can stop the lie that no-one in the group cares, etc. I will say
   that the first of those Aggies placed the blame where it belongs, and it
   ain't in Winston.

D.  Screwing with y'all is so much fun. ;D

E.  You ARE scared!!!! :o ;D

« on: October 06, 2019, 02:42:36 PM »
Young, the only youth is at your QB position and he played last season. You have a veteran squad from looking at your roster. You guys looking all over for excuses.  Coaching is where you start.  You will be looking at someone from our staff.

No, the only experienced unit is our secondary. The coaching staff is new too. Do not discount the timing and drama behind that change. Hence my emphasis on the word team earlier. No excuses. Reality. We should be 5-0. We MAY be looking at someone from your staff.

Sports Forum / Re: WSSU Game
« on: October 06, 2019, 02:38:02 PM »
Oh well, FSU is headed back to the CIAA championship for 3rd straight year.

Maybe. We get them last, and MAY have figured it out by then.

Nice atmosphere at WSU today

Glad you enjoyed. Still disturbed at locals not attending.  Was it the fair?  ;D

[quote[ but the Billy Goats got out coached.

True and outplayed.

No way you guys can play with us.

No one has argued that we can. However, do NOT assume that we can't. You guys haven't played anyone but Duke. BTW, I won't tell you what Aggies have been saying to me since Friday night. ;D

You guys will lose to LC.

Do not assume that. LC is fake, and was exposed yesterday. They too had not played anyone before yesterday.

Sports Forum / Re: WSSU loses to Bowie State at Bowman Gray Stadium....
« on: October 06, 2019, 02:23:46 PM »
The WHOLE teams needs to learn how to close.  Alas, but we are young.

Sports Forum / Re: A&T Game today
« on: October 06, 2019, 02:20:49 PM »
I’m not going to this game because of the expected guaranteed win. I’m not going to waste my time. Today, we win by 35.

On the flip side, the NCCU Bad Birds will have a tough game and are likely to lose.

I’m headed to see the Billy Goats play Bowie. Any Kappas gating today?

Did I meet you yesterday?  I'm thinking I did.

« on: October 06, 2019, 02:18:57 PM »
Our young team hasn't quite figured out how to close the deal, hence 1-4 vs 5-0.  I emphasize the word team.

Congratulations Bowie.

Sports Forum / TRF Power Rating Top 10s Week 6
« on: October 06, 2019, 02:16:06 PM »

1.  N.C. A&T  2.20

2.  S.C. State  1.88

 3.  Arkansas-Pine Bluff   1.75

4.  Florida A&M   1.70

5.  Bethune-Cookman   1.60

6.  Southern University  1.00

7.  Alcorn State   0.92

8.  Alabama A&M   0.42

9.  Prairie View A&M   -0.10
     Hampton University   

Division 2

 1.  Bowie State  2.63

2.  Miles University  2.40
     Virginia Union University

 4.  Langston University  1.75

 5.  West Virginia State  1.50
6.  Livingstone   1.00

7.  Savannah State  0.80

8.  Albany State  0.70

9.  Fayetteville State  0.50

10.  Fort Valley State  0.40

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