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Man........................I dunno what to even say when I see these guys who flip out like that over a woman. To me, why not just leave her alone when she does something foul? Why do you HAVE TO kill her? :shrug:

And 'ol boy that chased the woman down the a White neighborhood no less..............................clearly was asking to go to prison. :no:

Here's a better quality video and explanation................

General Discussion Forum / Re: Best/Worst National Anthem Performances...
« on: December 15, 2010, 03:16:28 PM »
Wait........................................are those people steppin' in the ring while R Kelley is singing?!!

I agree.  I have been saying this since I was a young pup ion High School.  I have always said that any man trying to be a long term "friend" is wating a female out, or is gay

Sorry to burst your bubble bruh, but I've got female friends and I'm not "waiting them out", and I'm definitely not gay. However, what I have found in my 40+ years is whenever I hear someone say that ("men and women can't be friends"), they're implying that men are just controlled by their sexual urges and can't help themselves when it comes to people of the opposite sex.

I have female friends and I've also had girlfriends throughout the years. Do I think some of my friends are attractive...................................? Of course. I wouldn't be human if I didn't notice. But being a friend and keeping it plutonic is a choice that mature people make. It doesn't mean that they don't notice the other person is attractive but, it also doesn't mean that they have to act upon that fact. I also have female "acquaintances" that are in a different category than my friends. I only have three or four true female friends. I have many female acquaintances.

And by the way, although I agree with some things Steve Harvey espouses, he doesn't speak for me.

Actually nowadays, most sports venues will let you bring in a camera as long as the lens isn't longer than an least that's been my experience.

Oh................okay. I see now.........................................although I think that's a little far-fetched to have a protest over. ::)

General Discussion Forum / Re: What Are Your Red Flags?
« on: December 09, 2010, 02:46:43 PM »
Bruh, trust me.........................................I'm speaking from experience..................

You do not want to go down this road. All those red flags are exactly flags. Even if she's the nicest person in the world, the fact that she's telling you all this stuff so early on, lets you know that there's something amiss with her. I'm not against being casual friends with her, but I'd treat her with a "long handled spoon". I wish I'd heeded this same advice when I was faced with a similar situation earlier....... :brickwall:

General Discussion Forum / Re: Beautiful Women
« on: December 09, 2010, 01:28:08 PM »
She might be 50, but can't none of yall tell me nothin' negative about Sade! :nod:

Check this performance out! :nod:

I still don't quite understand why they're protesting at her funeral. I can understand their protests of the soldiers funerals.........................although I disagree with it. But why Mrs Edwards? :shrug:

Well, as far as point and shoot cameras, yea I'd agree with that assessmemt. But not when it comes to an SLR camera or digital video recorder. The technology won't be able to supplant the technology in the better machines. The sensors in the phones will never be able to match the sensors in the cameras..........................not to mention the true zoom and focus capability you get with the camera, as opposed to the artificial zoom you get in the phone. That is TRULY where you see a big difference. The quality of the EOS Rebel T2i (and similar cameras like the Nikon D3000) will always exceed what you can do with a phone. But if you don't care about quality and you just want to use it like I was describing at a ball game.............then the phones are great for that. But, if you want truly good quality, memorable photos and video, there ain't no half steppin' need to go with the better different than if somebody tried to film a newscast with an Iphone. The quality just won't be there.

Though a camera is not very high up my list of things to own, I find the smart phone camera and video recorder to be very quick and convenient. Once you take a picture you can tap on send and put a person's name it. Then all you have to do is decide if you want to email it or text it to the person. That's it. With a camera, you have to bring it back to your computer, load it in a photo program, open a email program, attach it, then send. I'm afraid this smart phone trend is here to stay. It's changing the way we do things. As the smart phone evolves, so will the camera and video features. Since I've gotten my iPhone, I have not even taken out my expensive video recorder. It is collecting dust now. Personally, I don't ever see myself buying another recorder or camera. Cats, this is another reason for you stragglers to get a  smart phone.

As Lee Corso would say........................................."Not so fast my friend!"

Sure, convenince-wise my Iphone is great. I can take quick snapshots and videos and send them to people and whatnot. However, if you want quality photos and videos, then a camera or video recorder is defintely the way to go. For instance, if I'm at a ball game and want to take a quick photo of me and my friend at the game then the phone is great for that. Then I can send it to my other friends quickly. But if I'm at my cousin's wedding, I dont' want pictures or video that was taken on a phone. I would want a higher quality picture or recording than that. So, it really depends on what your needs are. But, I'd never say I'll never buy another camera again. In fact, two weeks ago I just got a Canon EOS Rebel T2i and my Iphone doesn't come close to the quality of the photos or video that it produces. So, the phone is convenient but, it'll never be my primary tool for photos and video.

I kinda think it's funny that people think that having to attach a camera to a computer and download pictures is sooooooooooo "inconvenient". Says a lot about our society today. I guess pretty soon we'll get to the point that when the remote control batteries burn out, actually getting up and walking to turn on the TV, would be like sentencing someone to hard labor. :lol:

I've never had a problem with AT&T except when I was living in DC a couple of years ago and you couldn't get service underground while riding the subway. Other than that, I've got nothing but good things to say about them. :nod:

General Discussion Forum / Re: 30 yr old woman rapes 14 yr old boy
« on: December 02, 2010, 06:53:39 PM »
I still don't understand why people keep sending text messages when they're doing something illegal or immoral. I guess she though that in the end that those texts just disappear into never, never land? :shrug:

I'd say the same for someone like Kwame Kilpatrick as well. Really dude..........................................? You sent all those texts and thought that it could never come back to bite you as evidence? ::)

General Discussion Forum / Re: What do you fear most about aging?
« on: December 02, 2010, 05:09:04 PM »
Here is another dirty little secrets also. Working out and exercising when you are young is not going to make you feel better as you age.  no Don't get me wrong, my core systems are perfect but the connective tissue is about shot to hell from being active. Hence, I probably hurt more than the person who sat on their a$$ and did nothing.

That may be true for you but, not for the general public.
People who began exercising in their youth, and continued to exercise later into their adult life, generally have less ailments than those who "sat on their a$$.

General Discussion Forum / Re: What do you fear most about aging?
« on: December 02, 2010, 01:00:19 PM »
Do the Mediterranean or Asia diet--which is red meat once a week in on diet and red meat one a month in Asian diet. red meat inflammes the arteries and lead to all these chronic disease.

Although I'm all for the Mediterranean Diet, I'm not so sure that I believe that last part. Is there a review or journal article that supports that position? I know that red meat has a high amount of saturated fat that contributes toward clogging of blood vessels. I'd not heard anything about inflammation, however.

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