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Politics / Federal judge overturns ObamaCare transgender protections
« on: October 16, 2019, 12:29:31 PM »
A federal judge on Tuesday overturned ObamaCare protections for transgender patients, ruling that a 2016 policy violates the religious freedom of Christian providers.

Judge Reed O’Connor in the Northern District of Texas vacated an Obama-era regulation that prohibited insurers and providers who receive federal money from denying treatment or coverage to anyone based on sex, gender identity or termination of pregnancy.

It also required doctors and hospitals to provide “medically necessary” services to transgender individuals as long as those services were the same ones provided to other patients.

O’Connor, the same judge who last year ruled that the entire Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional, said the rule violates the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

His ruling is likely to be appealed.


What Is Moody's Analytics? 

Moody’s Analytics is a subsidiary of Moody’s Corporation that offers tools, solutions and best practices for measuring and managing risk. It provides financial intelligence to help clients navigate and respond to an evolving marketplace.

Key Takeaways

•Moody's Analytics is a top-tier analysis group, offering exceptional coverage of credit ratings, world events, and worldwide risk factors.

•The group has historically been active in acquisitions, broadening their knowledge and talent base in order to offer more in-depth advice and solutions.

•Although Moody's offers great tools and solutions, their intelligence should be used as one of the many tools in an investor's toolkit, and not the single deciding factor behind investment decisions.

Politics / Re: Giuliani wont comply with subpoena from congress..
« on: October 15, 2019, 06:45:31 PM »

So, the likely hood of Giuliani honoring the subpoena is ?????

At this point, the likelihood of Giuliani honoring the subpoena appears to be very slim.

Politics / Re: Giuliani wont comply with subpoena from congress..
« on: October 15, 2019, 05:41:46 PM »
Explainer: How powerful are Congress subpoenas, contempt citations?


How is a contempt finding enforced?

The Supreme Court said in 1821 that Congress has “inherent authority” to arrest and detain recalcitrant witnesses.

In 1927, the high court said the Senate acted lawfully in sending its deputy sergeant-at-arms to Ohio to arrest and detain the brother of the then-attorney general, who had refused to testify about a bribery scheme known as the Teapot Dome scandal.

It has been almost a century since Congress exercised this arrest-and-detain authority, and the practice is unlikely to make a comeback, legal experts said.

Alternatively, Congress can ask the U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia, a federal prosecutor, to bring criminal charges against a witness who refuses to appear. There is a criminal law that specifically prohibits flouting a congressional subpoena.

But this option is also unlikely to be pursued, at least when it comes to subpoenas against executive branch officials, given that federal prosecutors are part of the branch’s Justice Department.

Texas woman shot by officer had picked up gun after hearing noises, warrant says.

Texas woman was shot dead by a Fort Worth police officer through the window of her home after she heard noises outside late at night and picked up her handgun, the officer’s arrest warrant showed on Tuesday.

Atatiana Jefferson, 28, was playing video games with her 8-year-old nephew around 2:30 am on Saturday when she heard noises in her backyard, according to the warrant for former Fort Worth Police Officer Dean Aaron’s arrest for alleged murder.

The noises were Dean and his partner creeping around the back of her home after they were called to investigate why her front door was open.

Dean resigned on Monday before he was fired for breaching a string of police policies in shooting Jefferson dead with a single shot, according to Fort Worth Police Chief Ed Kraus.

General Discussion Forum / Re: Power - Season 6
« on: October 14, 2019, 03:27:30 PM »



Oh Heyal Naw!!!!  :lmao:

Fort Worth police officer Aaron Dean resigns after fatally shooting Atatiana Jefferson, could face charges.

A Fort Worth police officer who fatally shot a black woman in her home while she played  video games with her 8-year-old nephew has resigned from the force but still could face criminal charges, the interim police chief said Monday.

Chief Ed Krauss said Aaron Dean, who is white, would have been fired and is considered dishonorably discharged from the department. Krauss also said the U.S. Justice Department will examine the case for possible civil rights violations


Mayor Betsy Price, speaking before Krauss, agreed Monday that the gun found in Jefferson's home was "irrelevant."

"Atatiana was a victim... unjustly taken from her family," Price said.

General Discussion Forum / Re: White Christians' and forgiveness?
« on: October 13, 2019, 11:15:43 AM »
It's okay. I don't follow that religion anyway.  :shrug:

Just trying to figure out the point you are trying to make :shrug:

General Discussion Forum / Re: White Christians' and forgiveness?
« on: October 13, 2019, 09:34:09 AM »
Citing examples of White people saying they are Christian but not acting like Christians is supposed to prove what?

New poll shows favor for Kahele in Gabbard's district

A new poll found that at least half of the voters in Gabbard's district would prefer someone else in her House seat.

Two out of three Democratic primary voters in Hawaii's 2nd Congressional District say U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard should give up her presidential aspirations, according to a new survey released Tuesday by Public Policy Polling.

The poll also found that at least half of the voters in Gabbard's district would prefer someone else in her House seat.

While accurate polling is notoriously difficult in Hawaii, neither of those numbers spell good news for Gabbard, someone who once was considered one of the Aloha State's most popular politicians.

In a head-to-head primary match-up, the poll found voters still preferred Gabbard over Kahele 48% to 26% with 27% still undecided.

Although that gives Gabbard with a 22-point cushion, it does indicate that a race between her and Kahele — who's already received the endorsement of three former governors — would be tighter than any she's faced since first being elected to Congress in 2012.

Sports Forum / Kenyan Runner Breaks 2 hour Marathon Mark
« on: October 12, 2019, 11:23:08 AM »
Eliud Kipchoge runs 1:59 marathon, first to break 2 hours

Eliud Kipchoge ran a marathon in 1 hour, 59 minutes, 40 seconds, becoming the first person to break two hours for 26.2 miles in a special event in Vienna on Saturday morning.

“It has taken 65 years for a human being to make history in sport after Roger Bannister,” Kipchoge said, noting the Brit who became the first man to break 4 minutes for a mile in 1954. “I can tell people that no human is limited. I expect more people all over the world to run under two hours after today.”

Kipchoge, the 34-year-old Olympic champion from Kenya, reached his goal in the Ineos 1:59 Challenge, a non-record-eligible time trial event where he was the only finisher. He flashed smiles in the final mile, appearing confident he would meet the goal he’s had in mind since the Rio Games.

The bid, similar to Kipchoge’s sub-two-hour marathon attempt in Italy two years ago, featured packs of pacers from an available group of 41 taking turns, a lead car beaming lasers out the back as a guide and special Nike shoes.

 :shrug: Not sure what lie y04185 is talking about.

The opening post references the North Carolina voter I.D. law that was struck down in July 2016 on the grounds that it was designed to suppress minority voters.  The U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear that case.

Supreme Court declines to hear challenge to ruling striking down NC voter ID law

EB's post references a law suit filed by voters challenging the way the Congressional districts are drawn, currently favoring election of 10 GOP members of Congress and only 3 Democratic memebers of Congress.

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — North Carolina state judges soon will hear arguments on whether congressional districts challenged by voters who say the lines are tainted by excessive partisan bias shouldn't be used in the 2020 elections

A three-judge panel on Thursday set an Oct. 24 hearing date on a request by the plaintiffs in a partisan gerrymandering lawsuit to block the maps now, rather than wait for a trial. The voters who sued say the legislature could redraw the state's 13 U.S. House districts in time for use in the scheduled March primary.

The congressional lawsuit was filed three weeks after the same judges struck down state House and Senate maps on similar claims that Republican lawmakers violated the state constitution by deliberately drawing them to keep control of the General Assembly.

The Supreme Court recently ruled that partisian gerrymandering was non justiciable under the U.S. Constitution. However, I believe this lawsuit is alleging that the partsian gerrymandering violates the North Carolina Constitution.

Politics / Re: Trump Degrades the Presidency
« on: October 11, 2019, 03:14:14 PM »
Trump’s Spiritual Adviser: ‘To Say No To President Trump Would Be Saying No To God’

Donald Trump’s spiritual adviser, Pastor Paula White, claims that “to say no to President Trump would be saying no to God.”

Right Wing Watch reports via Twitter that Pastor White says she was ordered by God to serve Donald Trump.

Explaining why she was compelled to serve as chair of Trump’s evangelical advisory board, White said:

Literally, the God aspect, like, what God told me to do, how I even got involved, because the one thing that I said, ‘I’ll never do politics.’ But when it came down to it, it wasn’t about doing politics, it was about an assignment. To say no to President Trump would be saying no to God, and I won’t do that.

Politics / Re: Trump Degrades the Presidency
« on: October 11, 2019, 12:17:34 PM »

Politics / Re: Trump Degrades the Presidency
« on: October 11, 2019, 11:41:58 AM »
White evangelicals are calling out Trump for his use of profanity

But, according to a recent Marist poll, 73% of white evangelicals approve of Trump's job as president. Per a Pew Research Center survey, "white evangelicals make up a staunchly and increasing Republican group that generally backs Trump and his policies... white evangelical Protestants who regularly attend church (that is, once a week or more) approve of Trump at rates matching or exceeding those of white evangelicals who attend church less often."


After some of his local constituents complained about the Greenville rally, Paul Hardesty, a West Virginia lawmaker who describes himself as a "very conservative Democrat," sent a letter to the president chastising his language choices.

"I was a Trump supporter in 2016, and I continue to be a supporter today. I have a real appreciation of your support for the coal industry," Hardesty first acknowledged in the letter, before adding, "I am, however, appalled by the fact that you chose to use the Lord's name in vain on two separate occasions when you went off the prompter during your speech. There is NO place in society — anywhere, anyplace or anytime — where that type of language should be used or handled."

There is some pushback but not much.  :(

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