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Bear and tigger go sit down.

This not the first time it has rained and it will not be the last time.Is there a rain plan yes? Do we ever use it no. Also the class of 2013 was presented the option of holding it indoors if it rained they said no. In closing your first night on campus as a freshman you are taught these words, Rain don't stop the House, sleet don't stop the House, snow don't stop the House, Nobody stops the House.

Man, if they had moved it indoors there would have been a riot.

JT, they passed out ponchos,besides you know rain don't stop the house ,


JT, I blame all these people trying ti stream in are breaking my stream

This ain't new. They have been doing this for years.

Walks in looks at comments and walks the hell out. Wants no part of this.

The best concert I have seen Stevie Wonder in Tokyo!

He can say what he wants to say buy don't think that you won't have to deal with a backlash or actions taken against you for it. The school is using this visit as a Hugh fundraiser do you think they would actually let anyone or anything cause problems for that effort ?

Somebody been smoking something

General Discussion Forum / Re: The oral history of Freaknik
« on: April 28, 2013, 01:03:17 PM »
Debbie Allen when she was over A Different World would come down with her writers and get ideas fir the show. Then it was on from there. These ninjas kill me with there revisionist history.

General Discussion Forum / Re: The oral history of Freaknik
« on: April 28, 2013, 01:00:46 PM »
That whole article about how it started is bulls**t. The DC metro club started it. The Ga and Fl clubs played no part in it.

Politics / Re: Reported: 2nd Suspect Alive and in Custody
« on: April 20, 2013, 04:21:21 PM »
What you are seeing is just the start. There has been an effort made on the part to get terrorists who can blend in. These are not the first from their homeland , we have caught and killed plenty of them fighting with the Taliban and afghans.

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