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- especially  not that dull  behind Benz  stadium.

Stop trying to put that Voodoo that You do on Mercedes Benz Stadium... :tiptoe:


I’m no witch,  I just know displacing an historic church - one that probably had graves around it that you probably didn’t move - isn’t the best idea :shrug:

Not my fault it’s dull and dreary. 

The problem with Columbus is that the modern day student who largely grew up in larger metro areas don’t get excited about going to a game there. Columbus doesn’t have the same appeal to Tuskegee / Morehouse students and alums that it does to Albany St. and Ft. Valley State students/ alums for obvious reasons.

Skegee-Morehouse really needs to be a home and home game, period, end of discussion!!!  If Skegee plays in Birmingham, then it needs to be a SWAC opponent like AAMU, Southern, JSU, Grambling. If the game is in Atlanta, then it leans more to a MEAC opponent like FAMU, Howard, or SCSU.  A&T and TnSU would also be good possibilities for Atlanta.

All 4 schools have a significant amount of students that grew up in larger metropolitan areas.  :shrug: Is that why it’s more appealing in your estimation?  Or is it that they have more students from locations where football isn’t a thing?

FVSU and ASU students find Columbus exciting because the atmosphere is electric.    Tailgaters extend from the Civic Center all the way back to the back of Victory Drive, vendors, people partying and having a great time, a game between two heated rivals - they make it a party whenever the two match up.

You put FVSU vs CAU, ASU vs Miles etc in Columbus it wouldn’t be as appealing to every one.

The draw is the natural rivalry not the location per se.  Move FV vs Albany to Atlanta you’d still get  great numbers.   Just doesn’t make sense to  move it that’s all. - especially  not that dull  behind Benz  stadium. 

Da'House fan base for away games is very VERY small.  :shrug:   
The Skegee-House Classic in Birmingham will never get the numbers of the MCC, sad to say. :no: I actually prefer the game in the smaller venue of McClung Stadium in Columbus. Our side in Legion field will look like ants inside of an nfl stadium  ;D  Just stating what we all already know. And unfortunately, OUR students really do not care about the Skegee-House Classic unlike A&M and State's students who definitely show up for the MCC. Even our alumni barely show up for it.

I don’t think they’re expecting to get MCC numbers - nobody in their right mind would think that - they’re just looking for a nice payday. 

I thought Morehouse traveled pretty decently.  Didn’t realize that.

But you know what they say - start winning consistently and they’ll flock there and stay.

then going to a hotel to do the same damn 3 positions you do at home. 

Now VG, you know it's more than 3 positions ;D

Oh I know.  Got a few in my arsenal but like I said, everybody ain’t me  ;) :nod: :)

VG, what do you think about the BillyGoats/Wildcats game being in the Mercedes Benz Stadium?

Nope.  It we move it, we should just go back to home and home.

Atlanta is too busy trying to accommodate SWAC/MEAC Classics and the like.  They aren’t checking for us like that. 

Besides I HATE the Mercedes Benz Stadium.  Just dull and dreary.  God ain’t pleased with how they moved that church - and the graves weren’t moved I don’t think.

Naw - dead spirits lurking all around. Y’all can have it.

Since Birmingham is building that new stadium it is a smart move. I think the stadium will sit 55k and it's a closed in stadium. It might work. Plus Birmingham Mayor is a Morehouse grad.

Ok you just answered my last question.  Didn’t see this before I posted. 

It can work. 

If FVSU and ASU ever left Columbus we should just move to a home and home.  We are probably there for the long haul because it’s convenient and the crowds are huge for DII standards.   Guy from Columbus told us they love it when we come to town.

VG -

All valid points but I do wonder aside from the heavily invested alumni and fan bases, how much of the local community will be invested in all of the activities? I know them local fools will show up and party, but that’s not directly benefitting the schools/programs. The promoters are getting rich off of that. The crowd at the Magic City Classic is something else. But I would be foolish to expect attendance anywhere near those epic numbers. Hell, it’s more folks outside than inside Legion Field. I got peeps who tailgate from Wednesday to Sunday and a few even sleep in their RV...note to self....I wouldn’t advise that even with Seal Team 6 stationed outside my camper....

But anywho, it’ll be interesting if this game is moved. I do wonder if the timing will stay the same with potential conflicts with high school football @ Legion too.


The MCC is another monster altogether, but Birmingham might be betting not only on the HBCU fanbase showing up, but the locals partying which impacts the local economy which can be then passed on to the schools via an incentive package 🤷🏾‍♀️.

In addition to the high schools playing at Legion Field, will they keep it on the same weekend?   Will they make sure Miles has an away game that day?  That would cut into all 3 schools’  bottom lines.

Also is there another municipal city stadium in Birmingham?  Legion Field seems kind of big for this game - doesn’t it hold like 70,000 folks?

It’s a sensible gamble though.  :nod:

Columbus doesn’t have the same resources as Birmingham and probably couldn’t match the perks - that’s if they even tried.   They probably didn’t.

I too wonder why? After 31,000 in Columbus in 2019, I do not see it.

My guess is Birmingham has offered a better incentive package.   It has potential to grow -  the location isn’t far from either school and Birmingham has shown they can accommodate crowds effectively as evidenced by the Magic City Classic.   Both schools can draw a crowd there, and they have a built in HBCU fanbase.   The casual fan that participates in the MCC festivities would probably come and see what the fuss is about with TU vs MH too - they’ll definitely participate in the parties, all of which can bring revenue to the economy.  Not as much as MCC, but it could be substantial.

I can't believe in 2020 folks are still spending big money on this day. How dumb and useless.  :no:

Damn right they spending big money, and I’m expecting you to send me my flowers and tennis bracelet tomorrow.  Thank ya kindly - and if u don’t get it for me that’s yo @zz buddy   :dedhorse: :dedhorse: :lol:

Naw I’m just joking - it’s another Friday to me too.  Folks going out spending a grip, taking the day off, then going to a hotel to do the same damn 3 positions you do at home.  :shrug:

But if they like it I love it.  Fellas if you know that’s important to your lady just indulge her not because you don’t show her love every other day of the year, but because it will put a smile on her face. 

I couldn’t care less but everybody ain’t me.  Now if he does decide to gift me with something I won’t turn it down that’s for sure.

Whoa! I wonder why? 

Well Billy Goats looks like you and the Wildcats will be the only show in town from now on.

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – The Granddaddy of all Historically Black College and University  football classics may be on its way out of Columbus.

The Tuskegee-Morehouse Classic has been played at A.J. McClung Memorial Stadium since 1936.

Multiple sources tell News 3 that Tuskegee and Morehouse are near a deal to move the game out of Columbus and to Birmingham, Ala. The Tuskegee-Morehouse committee has confirmed in a news release that it is looking for a new site

By the way by if you ever want to check out Tunica with me let me know. I can get the hook up on the rooms. I love a good game of pokher, eer I mean poker.  :tongue2: :popcorn:

Something is WRONG with you  :lmao: :lmao:

VG -

We have a casino here and I’ve never stepped foot in the place. I guess the one benefit would be jobs. The one here is adjacent to the Greyhound bus station. It was also suppose to put money back into public schools. Not sure how they track it a % of
Net Profits? EBIDTA?

If they ever built one in Peach Co I wouldn’t go in there either. I won’t even buy a lottery ticket in Peach Co. 

But every now and again I will travel over to Wetumpka AL.

Some people are pushing the generated revenue, tax base, and jobs, but others are complaining about high crime rates and gambling addictions that lead to economic ruin.

I was just wondering people’s experiences who lived near them.

M&G those casinos in NC are the same distance from you as they are from me.   It would take me a little over 4 hours if I ever went there - but I’ve never been

How has it affected the economy, especially in the local areas?  Does it generate more revenue, is the crime rate higher, are the areas where the casinos are located in blighted areas?

The reason I ask is that  GA is considering allowing casinos, and there have been a few debates about the pros and cons of them.   The people in my county are going back and forth over whether we need one. 

So what has been your experience?

I certainly question the timing of her question, but even with that I think if she had worded it differently she wouldn’t have gotten as much backlash.

For example, had she asked Lisa Leslie, “how would you respond to those who think that the events that happened in Colorado should have an impact on his legacy”?   it would have gone over a lot better.

But not only did she not ask if that way, she then doubled down and went on to say something like “well you would think that because that is your friend”.

Now she wants to say it was taken out of context.  No ma’am it was not.  You just thought you could ask that without major backlash because you’re Gayle King. 

Guess you learned otherwise.

« on: February 05, 2020, 07:53:28 AM »
It is really terrible.  They totally dropped the ball. 

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