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Politics / Re: Cornel West Kicks Barry Under The Bus
« on: May 21, 2011, 06:35:47 AM »
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Re: Cornel West Kicks Barry Under The Bus
« Reply #28 on: Yesterday at 05:40:51 PM »    Reply with quote
Quote from: soflorattler on Yesterday at 05:27:35 PM
Bruh Ice, I was so over West and Smiley so long ago, it ain' even funny. Smiley with his self documentary that basically said "yt folks were the only ones that helped me achieve anything", and West who think he's too high-falutin' to lend his talents to an HBCU. Same for Dyson, and Nikki G.

They get zero dap from me... no
.........yeah, couldn't agree more with my man, soflo.

I "used" to be a strong admirer of West, but the brutha has really diminished himself with this very PERSONAL tirade against President Obama.  And West's claim that Obama is afraid of "free" black men is ludicrous and laughable on its face.  I mean, seriously, somebody needs to get in Cornel's FACE and just say to the brutha:

Nucca, hell, you ain't free. You run from one Ivy League school to another lecturing and writing all this philosophical stuff and picking up a paycheck for doing so.  White folks at schools like that pay you to be the face of their so-called "distinguished negro faculty".  You say just ONE thing out of step and those crackers will fire youre arse so fast, it'll make your head spin. You talk about Obama, but homeboy just may very well be the only TRUE free nucca in America.  Roll Eyes

Seriously, its time for REAL TALK in Black America.

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Re: Cornel West Kicks Barry Under The Bus
« Reply #29 on: Today at 01:20:36 AM »    Reply with quote
H. L. Gates is another one. One would have thought that he'd BOLT to an HBCU with his talents after being shown that he's just another nucca in their eyes...

- Agree with both comments.

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