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Politics / Re: CNN BLACKOUT
« on: May 23, 2020, 08:40:41 AM »
Eventually, white liberals will always show their true colors.  :tiptoe:

I'll probably do a morning hike in the Santa Monica mountains this weekend. Will probably start out around 7 am to ensure scarcity of people. :nod:

You ever been up to Mt. Whitney? 

I'll be heading to Elkton, Florida.

The investigation showed that the victim showed up at that vacant house to meet what he thought was a female for sexual purposes. He had already paid the “woman” $625 through a banking app. 

$625 for some "sunshine?"

In the fall of 2019, UC's nine undergraduate campuses admitted more than 107,000 students. Of those admissions:

African American, 4%
Latino, 24%
Asian American, 30%
White, 21%
American Indians 0.4%

Percentages of Latinos and African Americans are larger in the California population as a whole and advocates say UC admissions should reflect that.

I know, why the African-American numbers are low.  :tiptoe:

This is why we need Basic Universal Income- each working citizen should be guaranteed $60,000 per year.  Germany pays a family $300 extra per month for every child under 17, childcare is $100 per month, families with 3 kids or more get 50% discount on public transportation, schools including college and professional schools( eg. medicine, law) are free.

It will not be happening in the United States of America. We have  TOO many greedy people looking take every last dime from the working class.

Lee played basketball for the Commodores from 1996-2000. She has bachelor’s, masters and doctoral degrees from Vanderbilt. 


According to police and witnesses, a fight between at least two men broke out in the parking lot Roebuck Plaza on Parkway East. That led to shots fired about 11:30 a.m. The ordeal began in front of the DTLR store, where a long line of customers had been waiting earlier to buy new Jordan shoes that dropped today, witnesses said. Police said they have not yet determined whether that had anything to do with the dispute.

Phil Knight (founder of Nike) is one smart man. I wonder, how much money, he has given back to the inner-cities???? Since, he is the owner of The Jordan Brand.  :shrug:

^^^^. This is where some of your shoes money goes too.  :nod:

13,000-plus S&WB customers have fallen behind on bills during New Orleans coronavirus outbreak

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