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I'm still laughing at how he portrayed himself in Straight Outta Compton.

Why didn't they stop in Tennessee?  :shrug:
???.......:uhhhh, don’t know whether this^^^comment was intended to throw shade, was posted out of sheer ignorance, or both.

Last data I saw, for example, about 30K were moving to Nashville each year, which equates to something around 80 folks DAILY.

And if the consensus of this thread is that black folks are returning to the south in large numbers, that would include Rocky Top, which sits BELOW the Mason-Dixon Line.

If the poster cares to explain himself, I would appreciate it.

I was not throwing shade at Tennessee, or your town of Nashville, Tennessee. But, I do have a question? How do you navigate that traffic? I swear, I hate coming through there after 4:30 on a weekday.

Sports Forum / Re: Miles College should be in the Playoffs.
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Win, or lose. I'm still going to be proud of these young men.

Three words: Cost of living.

People move from the north to the south because they cant handle the competition and high cost of living of world-class cities.

World-class cities????? You ever been outside of Chicago, Illinois?

Why didn't they stop in Tennessee?  :shrug:


I know, somebody that relocated to Alabama this year from the Chicago-area.   :tiptoe:

2011,2015,2018,2019 SIAC champions

Coach Ruffin should come on down to Montgomery. He has reached his ceiling at Miles.

They gave $100 million to SMU early this week as well.  I wish our HBCUs had that kind of support...

We can have the same support. But, we have to teach our about children about entrepreneurship (legal) and not just be happy with a job.

Roger Goodell has a different system for black players. Meanwhile, Big Ben was accused twice of improper behavior, and only received a four-game suspension.

Now, Myles Garrett should've never struck  Randolph with that helmet. But, he must live the consequences of his actions.


I can get at at the market up the street!

I stop at the gift store in Evergreen. They have this new flavor called: Cracked Black Pepper. You can purchase six or twelve pounds of Sausage.

Funding, and location play a role.

 You can look at state-funded HBCUs across the south, and you will see the same thing: Underfunded; some cronies appointed by the governor to undermine the school; and vicious rumors to keep students away.

Hell, cee dog will tell you the same thing in Huntsville with UAH and Alabama A&

I’d surmise that the majority of the black population in AL IS IN Birmingham/Montgomery right?  Huntsville has grown by leaps and bounds with a significant AA population right?

The majority of the black population in Ga Resides in the ATL.  A kid from Atlanta that wants to stay in the Metro area has only private HBCU’s as options, and while the quality is top
notch, it’s expensive as hell.  So they head over to GA state, Clayton State, Kennesaw State, etc.  It’s cheaper than CAU and they get to stay close home.

For those that WANT to go an HBCU, they have to travel at LEAST 100-125 miles South to rural middle GA.  Now don’t get me wrong we have a ton of Atlanta area kids, but we would have more if we were actually IN Atlanta.

Not only that, ATL is FILLED with HBCU graduates from all over - actually ATL is filled with graduates period from
All over.  FAMU has a strong alumni presence i ATL, as does AL State, A&M, Tennessee State, Jackson State, etc.  - they do a pretty good job of sending kids out  of State too.   

It’s complex and there are a lot of layers to it, but those are SOME of the reasons.   


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