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 :lol:^^^well, it’s baaaaack!!

It was available in stores as of yesterday, 11/3. And there was a segment about the re-introduction of the sandwich on CNN this morning. Maybe THIS time I’ll get a chance to taste it.

But having said that, I want soflo to tell me why his cuzzins in Tallahassee were acting out like that. I thought they would be excited at the way the Rattlers are rampaging thru Meac this season.  ;D

 :nod:..........concur, CU^^^. What’s humorous about Beto dropping out of the race? I don’t get it.  :shrug:

I ALSO don’t get the antipathy toward Beto by peeps who have chimed in on this thread. Yeah, no doubt, his entry into the Dem presidential nomination race was ill-advised. Never understood the rationale undergirding his campaign that he should be seriously considered because he came so close to knocking off Raphael Cruz in that 2016 senate race in Texas. But “close” is not good enough in politics, even in a fiery red state like TAY-haus.

Agree with B66^^^, Beto would have been MUCH better served gauging the political winds in his state, and consider taking on John Cornyn in the ‘20 senate race. But, again, as B66 suggests, it’s probably too late for that.

But having said all of that, this country is much better served having progressive national voices like Robert Francis O’Rourke. I thought his “voice” in the aftermath of the Walmart massacre in El Paso reminded us ALL why Beto is such a beloved and charismatic politician. And what a refreshing counterpoint of dignity, decency and class when juxtaposed to the FILTH now occupying the White House.

I wish the congressman well.  :clap:

 :lol:^^^so you boys aren’t fans of “participation ribbons”.  :lol:

But, seriously, while I DO question why coach had his starters in the game when they were up by 35 in the fourth qtr, suspending the guy is over the top. And, as G’93 reminded us, the team that got blown out was undefeated entering the game.

Look, football is an exciting game. But it’s NOT for everyone. That’s why you have volleyball, archery, badminton and all the rest of the totally useless, non-revenue sports.................. ;D

Ms. klg........thanks for posting this because it really is a great story.  :clap:

I actually heard the broadcast live when it ran on NPR this morning. The interview was brief, but very inspiring.

I encourage peeps to actually listen to the broadcast. I appreciate klg for posting the link to NPR’s article because you see an actual photo of these two siblings as they are now, 67 and 70. But you also see a photo of the parents taken around 1951. The respect these senior bruthas still have for their father is palpable.

Missing from the article - but on the broadcast - is the snippet of one of the bruthas, then 8 years old, helping their illiterate father find an address written on a piece of paper. The son still choked up talking about that incident occurring about 60 years ago.  :'(

Politics / Re: Roy Moore to file paperwork to qualify for U.S. Senate race
« on: November 01, 2019, 03:00:16 PM »

Bruh, I followed your suggestion and DID zoom- in the photo. And I now agree with you that homeboy is no bodyguard. As for the speculation that he is some “backwater” preacher.  Once you get outside, say, Huntsville, Birmingham and Montgomery, the ENTIRE state is a backwater, isn’t it?  :shrug:


What's the beef with Alabama?  :shrug: You can't judge the entire state off these crackers and brainwashed negros. apologies if you were offended by my comments meant purely in jest.

Kindly direct your attention to my post to Ms. GK which immediately precedes my post here^^^.

Blessings on your day, blackman!

Politics / Re: Roy Moore to file paperwork to qualify for U.S. Senate race
« on: November 01, 2019, 02:45:14 PM »
 :lol:^^^my dear Ms. GK, please accept my humble apologies as it was certainly inappropriate to label areas in Alabama outside the three main cities that I mentioned^^^as a “backwater”.

There are very lovely areas throughout the state, including where you and Alum attended school. Greater Tuskegee and Macon County is special and unique and steeped in black culture. Can’t wait to revisit the area again. 😊

And many folks in Nashville routinely vacation along the Alabama Gulf Coast. I’ve been told and seen pics of those beaches, and they are beautiful.

Again, your humble poster apologizes for disparaging the state where Mrs. Strike was born.  ;D


Bruh, I followed your suggestion and DID zoom- in the photo. And I now agree with you that homeboy is no bodyguard. As for the speculation that he is some “backwater” preacher.  Once you get outside, say, Huntsville, Birmingham and Montgomery, the ENTIRE state is a backwater, isn’t it?  :shrug:


Sports Forum / Re: SU tentative 2020 schedule
« on: October 31, 2019, 10:02:08 AM », that is really an IMPRESSIVE schedule. And it’s an all HBCU schedule. Presumably giving the Jags fans what they wanted.

That Detroit Classic should do well. Used to be a strong pipeline of students coming to TSU from Detroit. Can’t count number of folks I’ve been acquainted with over the years who came to TSU from Detroit, and remained in Nashville after school. The two bands should give the fans quite a show.

I noticed that the Rattlers have been slotted to be the opponent in a game named after ole coach Pete.  How ironic. Can’t wait for next season when there is a “full” discussion of Pete’s history with the Rattlers.   ;D

Wiregrass^^^the way that nucca is mean mugging, I’m going to give dude benefit of the doubt and say he works security for Roy. Either that and/or he is Roy’s employee.

Other than that, he doesn’t have any business being SEEN with a bigot like Roy.

Btw, heard a couple of days ago that Jefferson Beauregard Sessions might enter the race to recapture his old senate seat. It will be up to negro voters to keep ANY of those GOP freaks from going to the senate.

 >:(............not content with lying on humans, now this creep is lying on canines.

SICK muthaphucka!!

 :no:......ole spotty is either off his meds today or has not injested the recommended daily dose. I blame CU for this. He was delegated the task of making sure this old coon stayed regular. Homeboy has obviously failed to discharge that responsibility.

Old dude is lashing out at any and everybody in sight. Obviously, like millions of other morons in this country, feels bitterly betrayed by the false promises of the alleged “stable genius “.  Even suggesting that Wildman STFU and grab his “shine box”. And that’s nothing but pure “projection,” as everyone knows the only mf’er on this board who carries a “shine box” is none other than spotty himself.  :shrug:

Oh, well, the sting of betrayal must hurt. And that con man in the WH has hurt supporters like spotty very badly.  :(

I don't think Buttigieg has a good chance of being elected. I think there is a large percentage of voters who simply will not vote for a gay candidate. (However, I wonder what percentage of voters are LGBT.

Additionally, being mayor of South Bend, Indiana is not the big of deal in terms of experience.

Just my thoughts.  :shrug:
???......uhhhh, Wildman, all you state here MAY be true. But how do you explain that, at least at this juncture, Pete is within striking distance of leading in the Iowa caucuses? Dude has ALOT of support, and it sure as hell ain’t just gays.

Even if dude finishes 2nd in the Iowa caucuses, that will generate tremendous headlines for him, and carry him to New Hampshire, SC and beyond.

But, for the love of God, can ANYONE explain to a brutha how this dude’s administration of a city like South Bend, a fairly OBSCURE place save for being the locale of Notre Dame, qualifies him to be POTUS? Why is dude polling better than, say, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Amy Kobluchar, et al?  :shrug:

 :nod:......yeah, well-reasoned and articulated analysis, Big Que^^^.

No doubt the brutha’s mixed ethnicity made him palatable to a good number of whites. I THINK you would agree with me, though, that the election of BHO opened up the SERIOUS “possibility” that someone other than a non-white heterosexual male could be president.

Sadly, have to agree with you on the current slate of Dem presidential contenders. Who among this current crop will REALLY inspire people to get off their collective a.z.zes and remove this VERMIN from the White House?  :shrug:

???^^^perhaps, but what is his record in managing a fairly moderately sized municipality like South Bend, IN?  :shrug:

 :clap:^^^yeah, there is NOTHING that M&G said here with which I would disagree.

As a matter of fact, I saw some CNN extensive coverage of the Town Hall forum in South Bend after the most recent police shooting. Buttigieg sat there like a deer caught in the headlights. He actually seemed afraid of the black folks in South Bend, his very constituents.

But let’s not get it M&G stated, if dude is the nominee, he gets my vote. And not only is NOT voting a “non-starter,” it’s actually a “vote” for that VILE creature in the White House.  :no:

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