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 :(^^^dude, you don’t know Mrs. Strike.

A lot of times when I return home after work, I’m neither interested nor do I care about the latest going-ons with church members. Same for Sunday morning when I’m trying to read the Sunday paper. Don’t wanna be disturbed for shyt!!!

Mrs. Strike is a great spouse, and love her to death, but she will get in a groove where she just drones on incessantly. It drives a brutha NUTS!!

Politics / Re: Judge Rodney Smith
« on: June 13, 2019, 12:35:26 PM »
 :(^^^bruthas, I actually became aware that dude was a member of Federalist Society after I posted my initial congrats yesterday on this brutha’s confirmation. I wanted to feel good good that a Rattler had been confirmed to the federal bench, but had some trepidation about this dude Trump nominating ANY black person to the bench.

And when I discovered that dude was a member of the FS.......well, then I didn’t feel “quite” as good about the brutha’s confirmation.  :(

Look, I will TRY to have an open mind about this brutha’s temperament on the bench. But as WM stated earlier^^^, members of the FS are considered “conservative” judges who believe that judges should “interpret the law as written.”

The US Constitution was adopted in 1787. Given the status of black people and ALL OTHER non-white people, white women, and non-affluent white men at the time, is it really SOUND judicial philosophy for a BLACK MAN to interpret the constitution as adopted 232 YEARS AGO?!?!?!  :o

Lord, have mercy.   :no:


Chaka- 1984 vs. Peabo -1994
Yall decide

Bruh.....Peabody is my dude, but Chaka’s version has more “emotional depth”.  ;D

JT^^^this is very nice, but the Chaka song that does it for me is “Through the Fire”. Don’t know if it’s a remake, but Mrs. Strike knows to shut the hell up if that song comes on the radio at home or in the car while she’s with me.

Forgive my technological deficiency, but if you or another peep could post the link here, I’d appreciate it.

Bruh, when she sings, For a chance to be with you, I’d gladly risk it all, that line just blows a brutha away.  ;D

Politics / Re: Judge Rodney Smith
« on: June 12, 2019, 04:00:54 PM »
 :clap: :clap: :clap:......Rattlers doing the damn thing.

Wildman, if somehow word got to the judge that you too were educated “on the hill,” surely homeboy would cut you some slack, wouldn’t he?  ;D

Did they teach DNA at morgan state or you were too busy adjusting your knee pads to even care???
:o :lol: :o.............

???^^^stop trolling lil homie. Not necessary to use my post to take a cheap shot at my boy soflo.

If you wish to contribute to the subject at hand, please do so.

???^^^of course, I read your post. I ALWAYS read your posts. What point do you wish to advance with the question? You “insinuated” the belief that Juice’s son slaughtered these folks. Is THAT what you wish for me to acknowlege?  :shrug:

Btw, since you chimed in, might you kindly respond to the SECOND part^^^of my post? And that is what, if anything, has Juice done to find the real killers?  :(

Really don’t wish to relitigate OJ 25 years later. But really would like for you or anyone else to respond to the query.

^^^+2....... :nod:

Btw, who actually did author the famous line during the Watergate hearings that Nixon was “a cancer on the presidency”?

But my favorite was when Jimmy Swaggert once uttered of Jim Baker that dude was “a cancer on the body of Christ”. A short time later, Swaggert was caught on video entering a motel room with a prostitute.   :o

You can not make this bullshyt up.  :lol:

???^^^uhhhh, you bruthas don’t think Orenthal slaughtered those people? Well, who did, Mickey Mouse?

Btw, I thought dude vowed to find the “real” killers of those folks. Can anyone update me on the  progress of that search........TWENTY FIVE YEARS LATER?!?!?!?!  :o

Whatever......................  :no:

???^^^homeboy, is it your contention that a whiteboy similarly situated in the American criminal justice system would NOT be accorded this type of white male privilege?

Is THAT what you’re saying?  :no:

42 what indicia of REMOTE human decency can a mofo be caught and tried for the THIRD TIME possessing images of child abuse - this time with over ONE MILLION IMAGES - and STILL never having spent a day in jail.

That this dude is STILL allowed to walk amongst us, scot free, is SICK even by white folks’ standards.

God help us.   :(

All I can say is you are lucky OW is the webmaster and not me.

Why? My opinion is as good as yours.......
???......uhhh, NO, SIR!! Your opinion is NOT as good as M&G’s opinion. Nor is it as good as the overwhelming majority of peeps posting on this board.

Your opinions are NOTORIOUSLY known for lacking logic, coherency and good judgment. And are singularly critical of “blackness” in every form imaginable.

I usually read every word of any post by M&G that I encounter. I only browse thru the bullshyt you post because I know it’s going to be nothing more than your idiotic rants in favor of Trump and cooning.  ::)

Politics / Re: Praying for President Donald Trump
« on: June 09, 2019, 03:04:24 PM »
???.....uhhh, I pray that this moral DEGENERATE doesn’t get us all killed.

And, btw, IF, as the preacher in the link suggests^^^, Trump’s visit to his church was foisted on him at the last minute, and not something that was pre-planned, then he has a moral duty to PUBLICLY invite the Speaker of the House to his church so he can pray for her as well.

Let’s see if THAT happens.  ::)

CU^^^evrrything I’ve seen and read suggests that Patton WAS a “bigot,” so your Grand pop is correct.

Btw, sharing this story gives us some insights as to the source of the “fire” that you bring to this board. It seems like your Grandfather was no one to play with.  :lol:

Btw, perhaps I was watching the wrong news sites/networks on the 75th anniversary of storming the beaches at Normandy, but it seems like the black soldiers’ participation in the D-Day invasion was largely ignored.

I’ve got HUGE respect for the black soldier like CU’s grandfather who went overseas to battle the Nazis Fascism, only to return stateside to suffer abuse/terror from WHITE nationalists and supremacists.  >:(

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