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???^^^uhhh, forgive me boss, but AP is persona non grata to WHOM about WHAT? It would be helpful if you might elaborate about what you’re talking about.

As for your comment about the Mason family, bruh, they are ALREADY “superstars”. Sounds a tad chauvinistic to suggest they can only attain that status until they first perform in the US.

Please explain.

Those same LSU fans seek to undo every political, social, educational and financial gain African Americans have made and yet black folks praise them for singing a song those dumbs Hicks don't even know is that is basically telling them to sit their dumb arse down somewhere. We are a lost bunch of people. Sad!
BOOM!! Explosion number 2.

Continue the “detonations” boss. Sorry, but negroes have a greater responsibility than rote cheering and hollering amidst a bunch of drunk Cajuns.   :no:

Await cee dog’s ongoing fusillade;D

Arian Nation members listen to rap music. Does that make them Kool... :shrug:

End of discussion.

klg^^^Mrs. Strike and I saw Awadagin Pratt perform in concert with the Nashville Symphony some 20 years or so ago. Don’t remember the details, but there was quite a bit of pre-performances buzz about his unconventional looks with the dreadlocks and all. And I believe he had family in the Nashville area at the time.

I don’t even remember the program he played. But what I DO remember is the ovation he got received from the audience at the end of his program.  When homeboy ripped those keys playing all that classical stuff, Mrs. Strike and I were mesmerized.

I mean you’re talking two proud negroes after we saw the brutha throw down before that overwhelmingly white audience  playing music endemic to European culture.   ;D

Politics / Re: Impeachment trial managers named
« on: January 15, 2020, 02:27:35 PM »
soflo and CIAA^^^cant WAIT to see our sistah congresswoman Val Demmings in action. Homegirl is former police chief in Orlando, and she is NOT to be f’ed with.

She’s the type of sistah who would get in Trump’s face, wag her right index finger, and tell dude he’s a fraud and he KNOWS it,

Sorry, but “loves” me some Val Demmings.  ;D

 :clap:.....,.man, Skip Gates does a TREMENDOUS job on this program.

And, thank you, Ms. klg, for posting a link to this particular episode^^^.  :clap:

General Discussion Forum / Re: Happy 91st Birthday Dr. King
« on: January 15, 2020, 02:17:18 PM »
 :clap:^^^Alum, thanks for posting this acknowledgment of MLK’s official birthday as I had intended to do so earlier this morning and just forgot.

It’s hard to even IMAGINE Dr. King being 91 today as he had not yet reached his 40th birthday when he was murdered. Some 52 years later, this country is STILL trying to come to grips with his passing. Don’t know if it ever will.   :(

I am pleased to announce, however, that our sistah Joy-Ann Reid of MSNBC will be the keynoter at the official King Day convocation Monday at the Gentry Centet on Tenn State’s yard. Can’t wait to attend that program.  ;)

klg......if memory serves, I believe the young man who is subject of the lead post^^^performed at Meghan Markle’s wedding to Prince Harry, and received worldwide acclaim.

The ENTIRE family is supremely talented - there are, what, around 7 kids or so? - and have been the subject of much press attention in England.

Black folks really have to dig deep and understand what about us Africans in the diaspora excelling in the “classical arts” makes us uncomfortable.

Don’t wanna preach, but we simply have to resist the psychological assaults that attempt to pigeonhole/stereotype us.

??? there something wrong with black folks playing the cello?  :shrug:

Please explain.

 :lol:........uhhh, Neymar, you’d be wise to pay heed to j, cee dog, et al who post after me.

Yes, it’s been this middle-aged grandfather’s experience that women DO like “spontaneity”. But what you are proposing could result in bodily injury.   :o

Tread carefully, lil homie.  :lol:

Politics / Re: Watch this rep literally ignore a Black constituent
« on: January 14, 2020, 06:52:09 PM »
EB^^^he definitely ignored her. And will CONTINUE to ignore her and all other people of color and of goodwill in his district until they’ve decided they had enough and vote his a.z.z out.

But, hey, I guess you can say this video proves “some” progress. Back in the day, he would have called law enforcement and had her arrested for harassment.  :shrug:

 :no:^^^if Trump told people of color to start lining up at the railroad sidings for transport to “relocation centers,” this coon would be first in line.

TOTALLY delusional beyond redemption. Would have to be “eliminated” because his devotion to massa would endanger the lives of countless others.

  :clap:^^^EXCELLENT analysis, and could not agree MORE with 96.

I saw the ovation given that dude Trump and his ole lady last nite. And as frightening and disconcerting as that reception was for me and most peeps on this board, it would be folly to be dismissive of it.

Most objective observers believe this dude is one of the most reprehensible AND dangerous presidents we’ve had since the founding of the republic. He has been impeached by the House of Representatives on the most SERIOUS of charges, and he and his supporters treat it as a badge of honor.

Michael Mmore and others think this dude might be re-elected by an even greater margin of the electoral votes, and garner a greater minority of the popular vote. I wanna say the majority of those folks cheering dude last nite were a bunch of mindless, clueless morons. I could say that, and I could be right.

But make no mistake. While Trump generally has NOT delivered the economic prosperity promised his base - the so-called White working class, he has tapped into something much deeper and fundamental. He represents for them the greatest “defender” of their perceived role at the summit of the American racial/ethnic caste system. He taps DEEPLY into their racial animus and fears.

So far the Dems don’t have a response to Trump’s re-election strategy. From where I sit in Tennessee’s capital city, it doesn’t look good for the Dems these next 9-10 months.  :(

 :nod:^^^yeah, no doubt they were warned homie. But at the end of the day, it all really doesn’t matter. They’ll show up at his campaign rallies cheering dude ANYWAY!?!?!  :shrug:

Man, racism/bigotry/white supremacy are ALL powerful sicknesses.  :(

Politics / Re: Putin protects his Bit*h
« on: January 14, 2020, 08:39:09 AM »
 :no:........we can already predict what the reaction to this story will be.

Susan Collins and, perhaps, Lisa Murkowski, Mitt Romney and a couple of more GOP senators will say they find this story “troubling”.

Mitch and the rest of the disgusting GOP senate caucus will dismiss the story as irrelevant and inconsequential to Trump’s impending impeachment trial.  :shrug:

And the unraveling of this republic as we have always known it continues.  :(

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