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Politics / Re: Have you noticed at trump rallies
« on: September 16, 2020, 05:13:02 AM »
  :lol:^^^bruh, you are STOOPID.  :lol:

Btw, how DID those bruthas perform those splits coming down the steps?

y and spotty can't "perform" THAT well.   ;D

Politics / Re: Young Donald J Trump In School
« on: September 16, 2020, 05:07:33 AM »
 :lol:.........go get some "shuteye" boss.   :lol:

WOW!^^^^well, I guess then, GK, that ole maxim applies here.

The two Michigan schools prexies know something that the other Big 10 schools prexies do not.

I guess mofos won't be satisfied until one of these boys drop dead on the gridiron from complications related to Covid.   :(

 :no:^^^Alum, could not agree more with what you state here.

But what are we to make of all those negroes appearing at the RNC convention a few weeks back singing the praises of this self-identified white nationalist?  :shrug:

Yesterday morning when I left my apt to work out, it was overcast from the smoke and ashes in the air, and the sun was red. :no:
:(.........the national news reports do make the area look “apocalyptic”.

Be safe, bruh. And by His Grace, I pray that you and your family stay well.

^^^ :lol:.   

His incoherency seems to REALLY present itself if spotty has not yet first ingested a sufficient amount of meds to stabilize himself.  ;D

 :o^^^ummmm, Alum, you were responding to soflo not me.

I know a bunch of y’all on this board think we look alike, but we really don’t.  ;D

Anyway, agree with the consensus on this board that this was really a STUPID thing that UM-Dearborn did.

^^^good retort, CU.

Let’s now see if/how spotty responds.

???^^^uhhh, CU, since when does there have to first be an “assassination” for white folks and their loyal self-hating, sycophantic coons like spotty to want black men executed in crimes where a black man is the alleged suspect.

Remember, Donald Trump wanted the now “Exonerated Five” executed for the alleged rape of a white woman in Central Park. The fact that the woman was not “killed” didn’t matter to Trump. All that mattered was the victim was a white woman and the accused were five juvenile males of color. Trump took out a full page ad in the NYT to express his hate and revulsion toward those black and Hispanic boys.

And he has STILL never apologized even after they were exonerated.   :nod:

Good for the Rattlers.  :clap: Y'all still need to work on that clock at Bragg though.  ;D
:lol: know what.

You’re more SHOOK about that game than the puppies, and you’re not even an alum.  Btw, it’s been almost a year.

Let it go, Big CU.  :lol:

Maybe you want a argument but you don't have one. I am associated with NCCU and was most concerned that someone thought that I was berating North Carolina A % T and that was all. And that I surely would not do.
??? could someone have thought you were “berating” A&T when you never referenced the school at all in your first post^^^. Your humble poster is the one who mentioned A&T for the reasons mentioned in my first post^^^.

I am responding to your SECOND post in this thread, again, devoid of any mention of FAMU. You subsequently posted yet a THIRD post. And it was ONLY in your THIRD post that you congratulated FAMU, the subject of THIS thread. That is something which could have been accomplished in your FIRST post, thereby saving this board some bandwidth. :shrug:

  :no:^^^bruh, respectfully, you began your post with the clause, “I don’t knock any of our schools, but....,” and with the word “but,” you proceeded to do the EXACT opposite of what you stated in the first clause.

soflo posted, without commentary, a story from the Tallahassee Democrat announcing that FAMU retains its number 1position of the highest ranked HBCU in the latest US News&World Report ranking of the top PUBLIC universities of the country.

And even though you concede US News rankings are “the oldest and most prestigious” of entities who rank these kinds of things, you proceeded to diminish the distinction of FAMU’s ranking with alot of “gobbledygook” about other stuff.

For obvious reasons, I am proud of FAMU’s ranking. But I am also certain the bosses at A&T (second highest ranked HBCU in the listing) share the FAMU president’s goal to CONTINUE improving until FAMU is included in the top 100 of those public schools rankings.

Continued survival and sustainability of ALL our HBCU’s, public AND private.   :clap:

If President Trump is a racist. Then, we can not overlook  Biden's past transgressions. :shrug:
???.......uhhhh, yeah, you’re right. We should NOT overlook Joe’s “past transgressions”. But once you have completed that exercise - and I have - you’re right where you started.

There is a binary choice for president. On the one hand we have an incompetent, inept, draft-dodging, racist, coward buffoon. A person whose continued presence in the White House constitutes an existential threat to EVERY person of color in this country.  On the other hand is an old white dude who has been in politics damn near 50 years. He’s somewhat awkward and patronizing n his dealings with black folks, but rolled with the first black president for 8 years and chose a black woman as his runningmate.

If it’s not MANIFESTLY obvious who black folks should support given the analysis I just outlined, then you probably need to stay away from the polls as you would be TOO DAMN STUPID to make an intelligent decision.   :shrug:

« on: September 12, 2020, 02:59:25 PM »
 :(.........look, I am impressed with this brutha trying to take out Lindsey Graham. But unless there is a MASSIVE effort to get these trifling nuccas off their a.z.zes, registered, then vote, Harrison’s campaign is going nowhere.

Offer these mofos some Barbeque, a fish sammich, or whatever ELSE it takes, but they gotta VOTE!!

It’s as simple as THAT.   :shrug:

 :nod:.....agree with the points you Georgia peeps are making, Ms. j, YOGI and others. Some of the comments y’all are attributing to dude sound downright stupid and self-serving.

And what deserves additional scrutiny is why Gov. Kemp awarded this “rapper” this well-publicized forum in the FIRST place?   :shrug: What’s the rationale, to undercut/embarrass Mayor Bottoms and other established Georgia black politicians? You guys are right to criticize Killer Mike for holding this discussion with Kemp and be COMPLETELY SILENT about how that peckerwood FLAT OUT stole the gubernatorial election from Stacey Abrams.

These nuccas need to be called out, ostracized and SHAMED!!   >:(

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