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 :no:……….guys, here is a the freaking GOVERNOR of Tennessee issuing a statement in the wake of yesterday’s HORRIFIC school shooting, offering the standard “prayers,” but doesn’t mention the word “shooting” in the statement. He refers to it as the “situation”. 

My Gawd.  :no:

At SOME point, the good, fine, Christian white folks in Tennessee, and across these fruited plains, have simply got to STOP electing these SOULLESS people to public office.  Their policies are endangering our babies in school. Each of yesterday’s children shot dead was 9 years old. One of the three adults killed was the school janitor, a brutha, so this affects us ALL  :'(

Politics / Re: The gun that divides a nation
« on: March 28, 2023, 09:05:54 AM »

 :no:……….guys, take a look at this surveillance video of the shooter’s arrival at the school. The way this NUTJOB blasted her way into the school was chilling. This is mind boggling.


:(………yeah. Alum, just a couple of hours or so ago, there was an NPR report suggesting that even avid gun lovers are anguished about the lack of progress on gun control. It’s now COMPLETELY out of control, and no one seems to know how to fix. :shrug:


Also just saw this on Twitter. This didn’t age well at all…
:no:………no, that pic didn’t age well at all. These MAGGATS have no shame. They are gun FANATICS. As a matter of fact, so many of these fools are attached to the point you’d think there was an erotic attachment to the firearm or something.  :o

Strike -

When I first heard about this I had to swallow a bit harder than normal as I immediately thought of you and the family. Was happy to read your earlier posts to confirm the safety and well being of your grandkids.

Continued blessings my brother.
:(.......bruh, I thank you for the very kind words.  I am pleased to report that my family is well away from the site of this school shooting.  But one thing the shooting makes VERY CLEAR, the NEXT school shooting can occur anytime, anyplace, anywhere.  It is now THOROUGHLY engrained in American culture.  :shrug:

Btw, Alum, no more than 30 SECONDS had elapsed when I read your post here that Ms. Strike text to inform me that the oldest grandbaby's Pre-K teacher formerly taught at the Presbyterian church school that was the site of today's horrific school shooting.  Talk about a small world........YIKES!!  :o

Loving FAU - they are fun to watch...glad there are some new teams in the FF! :)
:lol:......GK, I agree with you.  Not exactly certain who is playing who on Saturday, but you gotta believe CBS - who I THINK is broadcasting the Final Four games - is praying that SOMEHOW Connecticut makes it to the championship game.  I really don't think they wanna see one of the Florida schools matched up against San Diego State in the championship game.  Just don't see blockbuster ratings for such a matchup.  :o

Can’t solve shootings under this system because they are not only an outgrowth of settler colonial violence which exists in the very foundations of the United States, also because the state only knows arming police and increasing "security" as the only solution. Gun control is such a cop out for actually addressing the real issues at hand, too. This is a fascist/racist country that founded on violence.
???......well, its hard to push back against this point of view.  Especially salient is the very last sentence of this post.  As a matter of fact, I believe the legislature in Rocky Top either this session or last session passed what is generally known as "constitutional carry" on gun laws.  The theory here being that people in this state don't need a "gun permit" to carry firearms because to do so is inherent in our "constitutional rights".  Of course when you hear mofos start talking about "constitutional rights," those who are believed to be entitled to those "rights" do NOT look like the overwhelming majority of people who commune on this board.  :(

Report is female shooter is 28, not a teenager... :no:
GK......thanks for correcting me on an earlier report.  She "engaged" law enforcement when they arrived on the scene and is now deceased.  I wonder if GK or anyone else have any information on whether this gal had any "connection" to the Covenant School.

26 late mother would be tickled to death to know that the school to which she "commuted" some decades ago to attain a Master's degree is now in the freaking Final Four. Hell, pretty much most of South Florida is rocking right now as FAU is in Boca Raton (Palm Beach Cty), only about an hour's drive north of Miami's yard in Coral Gables (Miami-Dade Cty).

This has REALLY been a strange, rather unusual NCAA tournament.   :laugh:

Nothing to see here.  Until lawmakers come together, this is just a typical day in America. This will be the main news story for a day and a half. At which point, another shooting will happen, and news crews will report on that one for another day and a half.  I was so pissed when one Tenn. elected official issued a statement by sending prayers.  >:(  That is just a freaking cop out. "Stop praying and do something!"'ve said it all, Big Cap.  Don't know which "Tenn. elected official" you were referring to, but the MAGGAT governor has asked that people "send prayers"..........Translation:  Anybody who thinks I or the MAGGATS in the state legislature will do ANYTHING about these assault rifles, etc., must be sipping on some Uncle Nearest or one of the other fine Tennessee "spirits".  :shrug:

 :no:……….updated information on the Nashville school shooting. Shooter is believed to be a teenaged girl who entered the school loaded with two assault-style weapons and a pistol. Three children are dead, three adults are dead, plus the shooter for a total of seven people dead.
This is a K-6 “Christian” private school run by a Presbyterian church in the Green Hills section of Nashville.

I guess the only difference between the Nashville school shooting and other recent school shootings is that the Nashville shooting occurred at a “private” school.
God help us. :(

The focus on drag shows is ridiculous when you have stuff like this going on almost every week.
:no:........yeah, priorities are pretty screwed up in Rocky Top.  The gun culture is out of control, and our illustrious "Christian businessman" governor is focusing on drag shows.  And that's even when a photo was published of this governor in "drag" as a high school senior several decades ago.

This is another HORRIFIC school shooting, leaving several students and adults dead in its wake.  Your humble poster had never heard of this school until this story broke today, but it is located in an "affluent" area of Nashville. And when I clicked on their website, the images depicted there are as white as the fresh driven there's that.  :shrug:

This happens because the right wing types isolate themselves. They want to live in a world where people look like them, and think like them. They are shocked to hear and see people the don't see the world the same way they do. They want to go back to an America that doesn't exist anymore...hell, an America that has never existed. When you are delusional, reality is the worst pain you ever felt. It's driving them mad.

A complete synopsis. :nod:

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