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.........well, i think there is something we've ALL learned as a result of this thread.  And that is if you thought y introduced some strange, baffling and nutty threads on this page in 2010, it appears that 2011 will mean more of the same.  :(

Wildman has asked repeatedly, and I'll ask one final time here.  Exactly WHAT is spotty "right" about?

BTW, as several of you have already noted, there is nothing even REMOTELY "endearing" when spotty, Rush, et al, utters Michelle Obama's name.  >:(

Politics / Re: Happy New Year!
« on: December 30, 2010, 08:16:55 PM »

General Discussion Forum / Re: Anyone Else Snowed In?
« on: December 30, 2010, 02:44:30 PM »
Snowpocalypse is finally over!  more than 90% of the streets have been plowed at least once in the outer boroughs.   :clap:

Man, those folks up there are on Bloomberg's a-- like gravy on he gives a dayum... :no:
......yeah, and this clown has recently been "floating" stuff about the possibility of running against Obama in '12 as an Independent.

Same for ole fat a-- NJ Gov. Chris Christie.  While his constitutents are trying to dig from under all the white stuff, this fat a-- mofo is down in Disney World chillin, and having his spokesperson to say bullhsit like NJ is geographically situated in the snow-belt region, its snowing, and therefore the citizenry should just get over it.  ::)

Yeah, these two clowns really are VIABLE presidential candidates.  ::)

General Discussion Forum / Re: NCCU's marching band plays Disneyland
« on: December 30, 2010, 02:34:56 PM »
saturday, those posters who claim they know marching bands will get to see what a real marching band looks like.

too bad they will run from this thread.
........yeah, y, I've seen your "rant" about the Marching 100 on the "overrated" thread, so I can't wait for Saturday either.

I've been watching the FAMU Marching 100 in person and on television for some 35+ years now, and little did I know, until y informed me, that my exposure to a "real" marching band won't occur until I've seen the unit from NCCU.

Thanks for enlightening a brutha.


12050 the "deleted" comment, I quoted a poster's comment and erroneously referenced the poster as being one gender when, in fact, the person was the opposite gender.  The gender confusion sort of detracted from the whole point of the post.

But............just for you, GAL.

Is there an acceptable length above the knee, if at all,  for a 40+ woman to wear her dress?  I've seen some gals walking about who obviously are oblivious to BOTH their age and girth.  :o

I knew IT!  That is  a good one...

It helps if you have legs like Tina Turner's or Angela Bassett's.

Or a similar shape to Natalie Cole pre-kidney failure.

I figure that sometimes people refuse to be honest about what is in the mirror.

Sometimes, the determination to wear an outfit or a piece of clothing wins out over whether it fits properly or is flattering. expected, GREAT response, GAL.   :clap:

Now, another question for GAL, Bearforlife, and the other ladies here:

Is the "acceptability" of the amount of cleavage exposed in public ALSO related to age?  In other words, generally, should the amount of cleavage that is exposed be diminished as the lady gets older?

What is "titillating" on a 25 year old might be "stomach turning" on a 45 year old.  ;D

Politics / Re: 120th Wounded Knee Anniversary
« on: December 30, 2010, 02:19:23 PM »
strike, there will be no reparations.  also, what should the indigenous of this continent be called.
The indigenous people of this continent should be called "Native Americans".  Its as simple as that.

And, you're right, so long as those who have been aggrieved wait for the aggressor to HAND them reparations, they will never come.  And THAT, too, is as simple as that.

12052 the "deleted" comment, I quoted a poster's comment and erroneously referenced the poster as being one gender when, in fact, the person was the opposite gender.  The gender confusion sort of detracted from the whole point of the post.

But............just for you, GAL.

Is there an acceptable length above the knee, if at all,  for a 40+ woman to wear her dress?  I've seen some gals walking about who obviously are oblivious to BOTH their age and girth.  :o

and wasn't this dude hubby no. 3?

who in the hell wants to be spouse no. 3 except some desperate person.

or somebody in their 60's or older.

good grief.  ::)
:lol: :lol:.............c'mon, homeboy, what's wrong with being hubby no. 3?  The brutha obviously hooked up with some "good stuff" and wasn't going to easily let it go without a fight. Miz Lady apparently has "favors" that she doesn't feel ought to be limited to one dude, that's all.   ;D

Stop hatin.  :lol:

General Discussion Forum / Re: After much deliberation, Tito goes solo...
« on: December 30, 2010, 11:53:34 AM »
WOW!!! Tito is gonna drop his debut solo CD early next year?

Man, this is the most exciting news I've heard since, say, 10 minutes ago when I told my assistant lets haul a-- by 4:00pm local  today.  :)

Politics / Re: 120 Wounded Knee Anniversary
« on: December 30, 2010, 11:25:07 AM »
The United Nation’s Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People
Submitted by louisehartmann on 29. December 2010 - 9:11

Since taking office – President Obama has tried to reach out to indigenous Native Americans in a number of ways.  Recently – the President announced support for the United Nation’s Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People – a document previously opposed by former President Bush.  As the State Department says – the declaration is not legally binding – but it does work to, “address historical inequities faced by indigenous communities in the United States.”  And – President Obama has pledged to improve access to quality health care, education, and employment.  Of course – like any reasonable civil rights policy championed by the President – Conservatives are angry.  .....
What's interesting about that document is.....if carried out....may result in parts of Manhattan being given back to the Indians. I think more than conservatives would be angry if that happened. GO VIKINGS!!!
sigh..............your comment, although brief, is fraught with error.  To wit:

1. The excerpt that you posted in your response CLEARLY states that "the declaration is not legally binding".  So what do you mean with the comment "if carried out"?

2. It is both historically and factually INACCURATE to refer to indigenous people as "Indians".  The only reason they came to be known as that is because the idiot Christopher Columbus - a persom whom I'm sure you admire  ::) - thought he had achieved a circuitous route to India and, thus, referred to the native peoples he observed as "Indians".  Columbus had, in fact, arrived on the island of Hispaniola (Haiti/Dominican Republic).

3. The UN Declaration, among other things, brings attention to the historical mistreatment of indigenous people.  And while the African would not be considered "indigenous" to this continent, the grotesque and horrific practice of slavery in the Americas would certainly also be discussed/reviewed in light of the Declaration.  That might accelerate the discussion of reparations, but I'm sure you're opposed to that as well.  ::)


You sound like the old HBCU football fan in the stands still smarting over a bad call from twenty years ago. 
.........uhhhh, try THIRTY-TWO years ago.  FAMU v. Tenn State, Doak Campbell Stadium (Florida State), October, 1978.  :o

Those calls made by TSU HAND PICKED officials in the closing minutes of that game which gave TSU the game STILL haunt me to this day.   :(

Oh, well, carry on responding to spotty's foolishness.............................. :lol:

But how does being in support of the death  penalty equate to being a vigilante?  :shrug:
.....uhhh, JT, there is something "incongruent" about the subject matter of this thread and the young lass depicted in your signature.

Is there an explanation?  ;D

General Discussion Forum / Re: 2010 CAPITAL CITY KWANZAA CELEBRATION
« on: December 28, 2010, 05:22:18 PM »
The dumbest holiday ever made by a fat sellout FBI informant.
You didn't get very much attention when you were a child, did you?

How sad.  :(

Politics / Re: OBAMA'S NEW START
« on: December 28, 2010, 04:33:34 PM »
IMO, it ain' ova yet. I'm just waiting for these newly elected fools to come in and try to undo what this congress has done. We'll get to really see who'll be "one and done" then.

Chess vs. Checkers... ;D
.........I'm with you, Brutha soflo.  Just yesterday or so, I heard NPR interview some dentist clown, forgotten the district, who defeated the one-term incumbent Democratic congressman.  This guy has all KINDS of ideas about how he and the other freshman GOP'ers are gonna shakeup things in the new congress.

I can predict something already.  The GOP leadership will have certain ideas about what policy agenda will move forward immediately, but these Tea Party folks are gonna have totally CONTRASTING ideas.  Its going to eventually culminate in GOP fratricide.

And then ole John Boehnner will REALLY have something to cry about.  ::)

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