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General Discussion Forum / Diana Ross: "In the Name of Love" Tour
« on: February 03, 2016, 11:23:49 PM »
......guys, as promised in a recent comment on some thread whose subject matter currently eludes me, what follows is a review of DR's concert in Nashville earlier this evening.

You listeners of Tom Joyner will recall about two-three months ago, he started the hype about a MAJOR performer for his upcoming annual spring cruise. Tom hyped it pretty big, saying that the particular performer was bigger than the whole then announced lineup combined. When he finally announced it was DR, I could hear a collective groan all across Joyner's listening audience. Now, prior to tonite, your humble poster had seen DR perform twice in my lifetime. But BOTH times were over 30 years ago.

Both times were great shows, but I had relegated DR to that pantheon of former great black entertainers. But from her opening number, I'm coming out, to her closing numer 80 minutes later, Reach out and touch, DR reminded everyone in the Nashville symphony hall why she once was and is STILL The Boss. She sang a litany of a good number of the major hits, and had the audience, mostly baby boomers and majority white, rocking. There were four costume changes in an 80 minutes show, with DR wearing the very high-end haute couture fashions for which she is known. Mrs. Strike commented that each of DR's beautiful dresses with matching sheer, fur-lined capes probably cost in the $4-5K+ range.

Her voice was in fine form, and she simply looked fabulous. It was CLASSIC DR that we have come to know for decades, elegant and classy. Those of you who may catch her in your city or on the Tom Joyner cruise are in for a treat.  :clap:

General Discussion Forum / Ms. j, where are you?
« on: December 23, 2015, 06:51:58 PM »
.........uhhhhh, perhaps it may be time for you to ONCE AGAIN deliver your admonition to peeps about flooding this page all at once with a bunch of new topics before folks have an opportunity to more fully discuss topics already posted.

Additionally, to facilitate conversation on this board, it would ALSO be helpful if the author of new topics expressed an opinion THEMSELVES about a topic instead of just posting a headline and a link.

But, again, reminding peeps of these issues is a matter to which I will most GRACIOUSLY defer to Ms. j who is able to express these concerns in her own unique way.


18 your humble poster was returning to Nashville yesterday morning (11/4) after completing business in an area near Columbus, GA.  Was headed back home using the same route I used going down.  And that was a route that went south through Alabama and not southeast through Ga, as I wanted to avoid the DREADED traffic in the ATL area.

So I'm in Opelika, AL, just finished pumping gas, and getting ready to proceed home when it hit me.  Opelika is in the same southeast AL region as Tuskegee.  Pulled up the GPS, discovered its only 30mins away, and then got going.  And, MAN!, am I pleased that I did.  :clap:

Guys, won't go on and on - I've been rebuked by a couple of posters who say most of my posts read like treatises  :lol: - but it was one of those moments in my life I'll remember for a long time.  The ONLY other time I had been on the TU yard was around 20 years ago, and don't remember much from that trip other than Booker T. Washington's home, The Oaks, was closed.  I was VERY disappointed.  :(

But got to tour it yesterday, and was simply overwhelmed. Its just an INCREDIBLY beautiful home, completed over 100 years ago.  Booker T. Washington is one of my heroes.  His home, as well as the Carver museum, are managed by the National Park Service.  The only other person on the tour with me was a middle-aged looking white business type from Denver, who drove to Tuskegee after a week's worth of business in Birmingham.  Because I have read so much about BTW over my lifetime, I had to LITERALLY restrained myself from interrupting the park ranger - a VERY knowledgeable brutha, btw - who was spewing very accurate facts about BTW.  This white guy knew very little about BTW, George Washinton Carver, or the university prior to yesterday.  But he impressed me as the type who just might drop a few "coins" on the school, he seemed so impressed.

 Prior to seeing the home, I toured the George Washington Carver museum. And I saw the same white guy I just referenced there as well.  I was absolutely ASHAMED at how LITTLE I knew about GWC before touring the museum.  Dude was nothing less than a freaking GENIUS with all the work /studies/innovations he did with the peanut and other agricultural products.  Seriously, guys, was so humbled at this man's brilliance I was in tears when I left.  :'(

Those of you who are alums of Tuskegee, grew up in the area,  or have had the privilege of being in the town and on the yard know what I'm talking about.  But for those of you who don't fit in ANY of these aforementioned categories, if you find yourself within a 50mis radius of Tuskegee, and have the time, it will be one of the most stunning trips you have ever taken.

Btw, as Skegee peeps on this board are well aware, it is Homecoming week, and the yard looks absolutely beautiful with banners and all welcoming alumni.  And city workers were on the town square pressure washing the sidewalks and all.  Tuskegee, AL, is small town, "Norman Rockwell-like," in appearance.  Its just your prototypical small, Southern city, with a predominantly black population, and from the mayor down, most of the city officials are black.  Btw, saw the football stadium, the playing field was in "picture perfect" shape, and I am STILL pondering how in the WORLD they are able to pack all of those folks in the area for a Homecoming football game?!?!?   :lol:

Does it sound like I was VERY moved by my visit to the city and university?  :lol:

General Discussion Forum / Gentlemen Baby Boomers - 50+
« on: September 20, 2015, 10:05:20 PM »
Bruthas...........after church today, Mrs. Strike and I did our annual walk thru of the last day of Nashville's African Street Festival, held right down the street from our church right near Tenn State's campus. There is nothing particularly "unique" about Nashville's version of this this type of festival. It's the same as the ones held in your communities, replete with African vendors selling cocoa/Shea butter, questionable African trinkets, and food prepared in sanitary conditions that are suspect at best.  :lol:

But it's always a fun time just to interact with folks you know, and to take in the beauty of black folks, families and children, just enjoying the event in peace and harmony. And there was the standard trickling of a few white folks who seemed very much comfortable and at ease surrounded by all these black folks.

So I'm using my standard middle-aged negro man gait to absorb it all, and all of a sudden hear a brutha selling mix cd's playing some 70's Al Green. Man, I just stopped dead in my tracks, and had to listen to Al. I honestly had FORGOTTEN how pure and soulful his sound was. The brutha was playing Al's " For the Good Times". Man, that song brought back so many raw memories, I was in tears at the end.

I'm thinking of my man, Dog in Me, as I drop this post because he is one brutha on this board who, like me, talks about the raw emotions of baby boomer bruthas as we proceed thru these salad days of our lives.   :)

Cholly, FAMUGAL, 92SSU, Que and ALL OTHERS who are either fans of the MHP show on MSNBC AND/OR  have been participating in the various threads on the Charleston massacre................

Guys, if you didn't see her show this morning - Weekends, 9-11am (CDT) - run don't walk to your favorite device to access the internet and watch it.  As you might well expect, she spent about 75% or so of the show covering the murder of our people last Wednesday nite in Charleston.

Man, Melissa and her guests were ANGRY when the show first started.  Melissa was so pissed off at this latest episode of the KILLINGS of black folks that I thought she was going to blow a gasket.  She calmed down as the show progressed, but then she was so distraught that she was on the verge of tears.  :'(

At the very end of the show, she did a tribute to each of the nine victims.  She said something very nice about each of them and displayed their photos as she was reading tributes.  She stated something in that ending piece that I had not heard before this morning.  The youngest victim, 27yr old bruh named Tywanza Sanders (sp?), was apparently killed when he tried to shield his aunt from being hit by the bullets.  The aunt was also killed. Please forgive me, but her name escapes me right now.  Melissa could barely finish the tribute she was in tears.

Also among the guests this morning was Lucy McBath, the mother of Jordan Davis, the young teenaged black boy killed in Jacksonville by the scum who was complaining about the music Jordan and his boys were playing in the car next to his.  Man, this woman has so much strength, class and dignity that it just inspires you to no end.  :clap:

Look, guys, PLEASE see the show.  It may already be archived on MHP's website.  And, if so, if someone more technologically savvy than your humble poster would please post the link on this thread, I'd appreciate it.

General Discussion Forum / My Lunch Experience Today at Wendy's
« on: July 17, 2014, 02:43:27 PM »
[Poster's note: the following narrative was somewhat inspired by Ms. j's dispatches from Charlotte where she and the rest of the AKA sisterhood are having their annual boule.  I will explain below.] your humble poster goes to the "friendly" Wendy's restaurant located near my office.  Now before you culinary snobs get started  :lol:, my standard order consists of the apple pecan chicken salad and water with lemon.  So even if I DID order some burgers, its STILL no reason for you snobs to get started......... :lol:

Because of past experience, and given the demographics of the labor pool there, I give my order with words expressed VERY CLEARLY and VERY SLOWLY, as   I say it this way ALL THE TIME!!!!!

So what is typically the response from the order taker as she is preparing the order?  Is my order for here (seated in the restaurant), AND. water is placed on cup with NO LEMON!!!!...............  *sigh*  I have learned from past experience to not show my IMMENSE annoyance at this response, either by facial expressions or increasing the bass in my voice.

Now the connection to Ms. j and the sisterhood...........the overwhelming majority of the folks working this Wendy's are black women, including today's order taker, and economically, socially, educationally and pretty much any other indice you can mention, they are at the OPPOSITE END of the upward mobility continuum than are Ms. j and her sisters.  So that's why I TRY to exercise patience........ *sigh*

Anyway, there WAS one bright spot to today's luncheon.  They have an intercom system which plays nice, non-invasive music, and right in the middle of lunch, they played Barbara Streisand singing Evergreen.  Along with just a HANDFUL of other singers - Frank Sinatra, Luther Vandross, Whitney Houston (save the disco/dance music), and Kathleen Battle, to name a few - I absolutely NEVER tire of listening to Babs and the singers I just mentioned.

Love, precious and ever, ever, greeeeeeeeen............

Listening to that just made my day.  :)

General Discussion Forum / THE Chairman of the Board
« on: June 08, 2014, 05:38:15 PM »
If this dude is not one of the BADDEST vocalists of the 20th century, then I don't know who is.  Dude is so bad that he has his own satellite radio program EXCLUSIVELY devoted to his music and music of similar artists, Siriusly Sinatra.

Ole Blue Eyes REALLY IS The Boss!!!!   ;D

General Discussion Forum / Super Bowl - National Anthem - Renee Fleming
« on: February 03, 2014, 03:43:53 PM »
???...............uhhhh, surprised that no one has raised this topic yet. 

What did you guys think?  Did you like it, not like it, couldn't give a rat's a.z.z  :lol:, WHAT?  She was the first operatic/classical singer invited to sing the NA at the Super Bowl, so really want to know what y'all think about it.  ;)

General Discussion Forum / Iyanla: Fix My Life - Terrell Owens
« on: November 04, 2013, 03:55:06 PM »
???.............uhhhh, Cholly, B4L, JT, Ms. j, M&G, GALFAMU, et al, who may be PERCEIVED as television afficionados on this board.

Did you clowns NOT see Iyanla this past Saturday nite with TO?  Man, that was some GOOD television watching.  :lol:  Iyanla went down to, God forbid, Alexander City, AL, where it ALL started for TO.  She included both his mother and father in the broadcast.  Won't give it all away, but you leave that hour with a much better understanding of what makes TO tick.

I'm surprised none of the OW ladies has mentioned this episode, as women are ALWAYS talking about wanting to see men's "softer" side.  ::)  Well, TO was damn near crying, hell, BAWLING, every fifteen minutes or so.  This boy - like SO MANY negro males - has been dealing with some deep-seated issues for a long time.

Its a DAMN SHAME when your humble poster has to be the one to introduce a topic like this on this board.

Y'all slippin'.  :(


General Discussion Forum / Blair Underwood - Ironside
« on: October 08, 2013, 11:00:44 AM »
???................uhhh, Cholly, M&G, B4L, Ms. j and other television afficionados.

I have waited almost a week and NO ONE ON THIS BOARD has said a damn thing about my boy Blair Underwood in the remake of the 60's tv show of the same name starring Raymond Burr (Perry Mason).

The pilot episode was on 10/2 and, despite what the critics have been saying, I thought it was pretty good.  Ole Blair is LITERALLY kicking a-- in that wheelchair.  :lol:  Ms. j, I am ESPECIALLY puzzled by YOUR silence as I thought you would be all over this board talking about how "fine" Blair is and all.  But apparently your "fantasy" does not extend to a brutha in a wheelchair.  :(

Shame on you, dear lady.  >:(

You guys go on and on about Scandal - hell, I think there are at LEAST three threads on this page dedicated to that show ALONE  ::) - but y'all can't seem to say anything good about Blair's new series.  :(

Y'all check homeboy out.  It runs Wednesdays at 10E/9C on NBC.


General Discussion Forum / Cherelle and Alexander O'Neal
« on: September 01, 2013, 08:43:44 PM »
Guys............your humble poster and Mrs. Strike saw these two in concert in Nashville this past Friday nite, and we were absolutely thrilled.  I am more than pleased to report that after all these years, some 25+ to be exact, both of them STILL have their voices and it really was entertaining.  :clap:

Cherelle is still fine as ever  ;D, but she let the audience know that she was taking care of herself at 55 yrs old.  ;)  Alex has put on a good deal of weight, but when homeboy started singing, it was still that sexy, sultry, smooth voice that drive the women crazy.  I thought at one point Mrs. Strike was going to LITERALLY jump on stage with Alex.  They each did single sets, and then did two duets, "Everything I Miss at Home," and "Saturday Love".

The show was at a small comedy/jazz club, but the intimacy of the place really added to the atmosphere.  Mrs. Strike and I were both pulling for these two because they both have had personal challenges over the years - like who hasn't  :( - but it was well worth the cost of admission.

If they are performing at a city near you, check them out.  ;)

[Poster's note:  If you have to ask just who these two are, that's what youtube is for.  :lol:]

General Discussion Forum / Beyonce tribute to Trayvon Martin
« on: July 15, 2013, 04:54:25 PM »
For those who may be unaware, Ms. Bey paid a tribute to Trayvon during her tour stop in Nashville this past Saturday nite.  When informed of the verdict, she expressed a couple of remarks, and sang Dolly Parton's song, "I Will Always Love You".  I know Whitney Houston recorded this song and turned it into a mega-hit, but Dolly wrote and first recorded the song, which was a VERY MOVING and beautiful tribute to Porter Wagoner, from whom she was separating her professional relationship.  Dolly's version REALLY CAN draw you to tears.  :'(

Anyway, first became aware of the tribute when sweet and precious 23yr old Ms. Strike was giving me a run down on the concert yesterday.  More about that later, Ms. j and other Bey fans on this board.  :)  Anyway, when Ms. Strike informed me that Bey paid tribute to Trayvon, I had newfound respect for Beyonce, and was wondering what you peeps know about what other celebrities may have said, tweeted, face booked and the like in response to that TRAVESTY of a jury verdict in Sanford.

As for the Beyonce concert, Ms. Strike texted me late Saturday nite and said it was "AMAZING!!!" She performed with her all-girl band, and part of the performance included acrobatics.  Won't say anything else as, although Ms. Strike may be one of the biggest Beyonce fans in Middle Tennessee, Ms. j and others are huge fans on this board, so don't wont to spoil it for them.

With that said, just know that I have newfound respect for Bey.  And having seen her when she last performed in Nashville around 6 years ago, and knowing that Ms. Strike and Ms. j are big fans, lets just all bow down and acknowleged that this gal IS The Boss.  :lol:  So I am not going to sit silent on this board and allow you haters to trash this gal..................and that includes you TOO, GALFAMU.   :lol:

General Discussion Forum / Die Walkure (The Valkyrie)
« on: April 13, 2013, 12:20:32 PM »
........don't know how many of you peeps are classical music/opera fans, but your humble poster is listening right now, live from The Metropolitan Opera house in NYC, to Richard Wagner's (German) masterpiece, The Walkure, the second of his four music-dramas collectively known as The Ring. Walkure has some of the most beautiful, lush and romantic/erotic music ever written. It requires absolute top notch singers and orchestral musicians if done well. But it calls for singers with heroic voices with great stamina. You could ruin your voice if you sing this stuff too early in your career.

Act I is ending as I make this post, but Act III is especially moving for me as the god Wotan must punish his most loyal and trusting daughter, Brunnhilde, for disobeying him. His farewell to her will elicit tears if you know what's going on.

On your humble poster's bucket list: to see live a complete Ring Cycle in either NYC, Chicago, Seattle, or even at Bayreuth, Germany at the festival held every summer at the festival house specially built to produce Wagner's works.  ;D

General Discussion Forum / Kelly Price - Christmas Album "One Family"
« on: December 21, 2012, 10:07:44 AM »
.........guys, for the past several years, the tradition on this board has been to discuss Christmas music during the holiday season, but no one has done that yet.  And when you consider this is the one week anniversary of the Newtown massacre, along with all the other troubling topics in this forum, I wanted to mention my girl, Kelly Price.

Listened to this on the way to work this morning and, man, her rendition of Silent Night damn near tore up a brutha.  It was VERY emotionally moving for me and, because I am a very private person, it was good that I was the first one in my office this morning.  I had time to compose myself before others arrived. :lol:

Anyway, interested in hearing what others think about KP's Christmas CD or any other Christmas music favorites you guys have.  :)

General Discussion Forum / Mississippi peeps
« on: September 21, 2012, 06:40:11 PM »
I just heard a recent report of some kind of statistical study which concluded that the Magnolia State is the poorest in the nation.  Don't know what criteria was used, but a recent trip in the northern part of the state does offer some perspective.

Just returned to Nashville after a three days business trip to Memphis.  And on Thursday, had some time on my hand so made a road trip to a couple of locations in the northern part of the state.  I first drove to Holly Springs where, among other things, I drove around Rust College, an historic black college.  While the physical plant wasn't exactly "pristine," the school didn't necessarily look like like it was falling down.

But after leaving Holly Springs, I drove to a locale that I have been interested in seeing for a number of years.  I drove to Oxford, the home of the Univ. of Miss, "Ole Miss".  Guys, I gotta tell ya, THAT was a surreal experience for me.  The campus is really lovely, clean, nicely landscaped, it reminded me of Univ of the South, or Sewanee, for those who've been on that campus.

Man, talking about a DISPARITY of wealth.  I realize that Rust is private and Ole Miss is public, but the difference in looks of those two campuses was compelling.  Drove around the town square in Oxford, which is written about in alot of magazines of southern lifestyle.  It REALLY is charming.

But I gotta tell ya, driving around Oxford and Ole Miss was an unnerving experience for me.  Sorry, but just could not banish from my mind the ugly, HORRIBLE, racial history of that campus, the city, and the entire freakin state.  I'm sure that Ole Miss and the city of Oxford have a "decent" representation of negroes, but I sure as hell didn't see any, save a couple of teenage boys and some workers at the local Chick-fil-A.

After seeing Rust and Ole Miss, driving back to Memphis through all the "piney" woods was not all that uplifting.

Like to get feedback from peeps who are from the state and/or have relatives there, or those who've driven through the state.

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