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??? can’t get a clear read of the brawl from the video found in the link to this story^^^but it looks like homeboy might have been getting his a.z.z kicked. He was on his back.  :(

Not a mf’ing thang.....

That dude prolly swallowed all of trumps lil seed....prescription pill popping mofo.....
:lol:........boy, you off the chain with this comment^^^.

How do y’all expect a brutha to get any work done today if y’all keep posting shyt like this?   :lol:

I see it this way, the cancer was awarded the medal for the job its doing.
:lol: :o :lol:..........Que, I’m just seeing this^^^. That’s PHUCKED up bruh.  :lol:

Politics / Re: Jim Jordan served notice by OSU wrestler
« on: Yesterday at 01:07:41 PM »
CIAA^^^it May very well be that Jim likes to put his hands on boys. But, so we’re clear, that is NOT what’s being alleged with Jim. What IS being alleged, however, is that during the time he was an OSU assistant wrestling coach, Jim was informed this notorious team male doctor was sexually abusing the athletes during routine “checkups”. And when armed with this knowledge, Jim and others turned away and covered up the doctor’s activities.

Jim has consistently asserted the Butterfly McQueen from Gone With the Wind defense: Lordy, y’all, ain’t no nobody told me nothin’ bout dat doctor sexually abusing my wrestlers? The big problem with Jim’s defense is that more and more folks are coming forward to call Jim a bald-faced lie!

 :no:......these clowns are BREATHTAKINGLY stupid. Nothing but IDIOTS and MORONS.

You could not make this shyt up if you tried.  :(

Politics / Re: Jim Jordan served notice by OSU wrestler
« on: February 16, 2020, 10:30:41 AM »
 :nod:......yeah, saw video clips of DiSabato’s testimony about this before the Ohio Legislature.

This clown Jim Jordan always seemed a tad strange to me with his style of not wearing his suit jacket while doing official business. And being Trump’s lapdog/bulldog during the Impeachment proceedings. The House GOP leadership just moved him to the very powerful House Judiciary Committee where, presumably, he would be a thorn in the side to Jerry Nadler and the other Dems on that committee.

Well, “thorn” no more. This lil freak has been called out and will now have to answer for helping to coverup these boys on the Ohio State wrestling team being sexually abused.

The GOP is a cesspool of freaks, louts, and sundry list of scum!!  >:(

^^^and there is ALSO this.......apparently, Lil Mike did not endorse Pres. Obama in his first presidential run in 2008. It’s unclear who, if anyone, he endorsed in that run. And he was “late” to endorse President Obama in his re-election run.

Lil Mike has been running tv campaign ads that suggest he and Obama were “cool”. There is reporting that states their relationship was “fraught,” and nowhere NEARLY as cozy as Lil Mike suggests in those ads,

Mofos better pause before they all try to fall on the Bloomberg bandwagon.     :(

Politics / Re: White House defends Trump after AP report on homeless vet
« on: February 15, 2020, 02:04:15 PM »
???^^^Alum, what “whole thing in Nashville” are you alluding to?  :shrug:

Politics / Re: Widespread Non-Citizen Voting in Virginia
« on: February 15, 2020, 01:41:16 PM »
 :lol:^^^@CU’s choice of pronouns when referring to y. I guess it’s acceptable to use whatever pronoun you wish now without respect to gender. Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne Wade’s recent announcement that their 12 yr old previously publicized homosexual son now wishes to be referred to by traditional female pronouns was WELL received. So I guess it’s all good now.   :shrug:

As for the authenticity of this report^^^well, I knew it was “suspect” as soon as I read the author of the thread along with the source of the report.

End of discussion.

 :nod:^^^yeah, could not agree more with my good bruthas, CU and Sierra.

In addition to what you bruhs have mentioned, has this clown John Kelly EVER apologized for flat-out LYING on sistah congresswoman Fredericka Wilson? Dude ripped that sistah a new one with vicious lies, and when confronted with the truth, simply REFUSED to apologized.

That muthaf’er is GARBAGE to me.   >:(

 :lol:^^^not gonna front, this “imaginary” exchange IS funny.

bluedog, on this thread and elsewhere in the Politics forum, you have been RELENTLESS in your criticism of Mike Bloomberg. I often wondered what exactly was animating you in your critique of dude. And why, for example, did you seemingly find his past racial history more odious, say, than other Dem presidential candidates.

But, Lord, have mercy, just watched a discussion on Mike’s presidential candidacy on Joy-Ann Reid’s show on MSNBC. And, I gotta tell ya, it was MORE than revealing. I have often wondered how Mike is securing so many endorsements from negro politicians, especially mayors. It may very well be that Mike is spending some of his incredible wealth on more than just campaign ads.......................WOW!!  :o


Great way to counter-balance the recent HORRIBLE news involving the former president.

Get that PR department off their a.z.zes and start publishing more positive/great news like this.

???.....uhhhh, soflo and the rest of you boys^^^, have y’all been at attention this morning - ooops, I forgot this is Valentines Day, “at attention” connotes something else  ;D - have y’all been PAYING attention this morning?

Despite Mr. Barr’s entreaties to his boss conveyed thru an interview that was broadcast on ABC yesterday, old dude in the WH STILL tweeting. Saying, among other things, that he has not YET requested AG Barr to intervene in any matter before the Justice Department, but certainly had a “legal right” to do so if he so chose.

In other words, Trump said to Barr this morning: Phuck you, you fat a.z.z shifty-looking mf’er.

Has anyone yet informed Susan Collins of Trump’s tweeting this morning? No doubt she would respond that it’s “disappointing”.     ::)

And so it goes............

Wow!! Awesome!!    :clap:

 :nod:..........yeah, could not agree more with soflo and Decks^^^. And what these bruthas stated was discussed at length this morning on Morning Joe on MSNBC.

Barr was sending a signal thru that ABC interview to that buffoon in the White House. When he stated the tweets were making it impossible to do his “job”. That job, as he perceives it, is to assist Trump in his quest to undermine the rule of law in this country and move it closer toward authoritarianism.

These people are thugs and fascists and the REST of us better get WOKE and understand what’s going on here.

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