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 :lol:@Wiregrass’s comment about Nashville traffic. Yeah, it’s bad boss and getting worse by the day.

I think any day now we’re rapidly approaching GRIDLOCK all across the city.

It’s THAT bad.  :(

Politics / Re: Trump Scurred....
« on: Yesterday at 11:08:29 AM »
Alum^^^what particular tweet did this fool send now?  :(

Why didn't they stop in Tennessee?  :shrug:
???.......:uhhhh, don’t know whether this^^^comment was intended to throw shade, was posted out of sheer ignorance, or both.

Last data I saw, for example, about 30K were moving to Nashville each year, which equates to something around 80 folks DAILY.

And if the consensus of this thread is that black folks are returning to the south in large numbers, that would include Rocky Top, which sits BELOW the Mason-Dixon Line.

If the poster cares to explain himself, I would appreciate it.

FAMU isn't serious about FCS football
???.......have NO IDEA what this^^^is supposed to mean. But DO know something that FAMU IS “serious” about. And that is neutering the Greensboro pups. Done it now for two years in a row. And next year’s “procedure” is coming.......................


j^^^beyond CONTINUED FAMU excellence, who knows?  :shrug:


Sports Forum / Re: Myles Garrett vs the Jets last night
« on: November 15, 2019, 09:36:52 AM »
Alum........when I saw the title to this thread, I clearly thought it related to the events from LAST nite’s game. You commented on what went down last nite, but you started this thread back in September concerning dude’s behavior in a game against the Jets.

I’ve seen a good deal of video of what happened last nite. And thank God this dude did not land a clean blow swinging the Steelers’ QB helmet on the top of his head. Had he done so, he could have done SERIOUS damage to that boy.

Guys, I am VERY FAMILIAR with the Browns/Steelers rivalry. When that game is played in Cleveland, the Steelers fans INVADE Cleveland like the opposing team in an arch college football rivalry. Mofos start fighting on the streets, and that’s BEFORE they enter the stadium for the game.  :o

But given what I saw last nite, and what Alum described in the game against the Jets, this Myles Garrett clown has to go!!!!  >:(

Politics / Re: A Black woman on this administration
« on: November 14, 2019, 09:02:36 AM »

This video may have been posted before, but she just owned him.  It was no contest.

She is even more viscous when she uses those not so nice (by the FCC) four letter words., my girl Tiffany Cross is no joke. She ripped that whiteboy a new one.Those of us who are fans of Joy Reid on MSNBC, who is on the air on weekends, are VERY FAMILIAR with TC because she is a regular on Joy Reid’s weekend shows.

Did y’all notice that cocky, smug look on dude’s face after she EVISCERATED him for holding up Nixon and Dwight Eisenhower as more “moderate” in their racial views than Trump. Whiteboy denied holding those two presidents up for their racial views, and TC was preparing to respond with DIRECT QUOTES from his book. And that’s where the clip ends.

EB, muchas gracias for posting this video clip^^^, but if someone could post a longer version of the clip showing TC’s response to the whiteboy’s denial, I would appreciate it.  :clap:

 :lol: :lol:^^^you too Ms. j?  :lol:

My millenial daughter said to me a few years back that all of dude’s songs all sounded alike, like “slave songs”.   :o

Man, y’all leave dude alone.   :lol:

 :lol:.......aiight, Cap, stop hatin’.

Or do you want me to report what you just stated^^^to Mrs. John Legend? You saw her clap back to that dude in the White House, tweeting that dude was a PAB. I can ONLY imagine what she might respond to you about what you are implying about her babies’ daddy. ;D

klg, M&G and board:

This is a topic that is a particular pet peeve of mine. My homeboy that I’ve known since 6th grade when we were both in his Dad’s class and I discuss this quite a bit.

His father, as I recall, did teach a curriculum that introduced 6th graders to the American system of government. But where we REALLY earned our chops was 9th grade in Mr. Allred’s 9th grade civics class at Palm Beach Public School. Man, AT LEAST 75% of what I know about the American system of government I learned in Mr. Allred’s civics class.

It is MIND BOGGLING how ignorant most American citizens are about the way our system works. And it enables a friggin FRAUD and CON MAN to be elected then remain president because people can be so easily manipulated.

When the overwhelming majority of Anerican citizens are woefully ignorant about civics, then, no way that ignorance can be sustained if we are to continue to be a constitutional republic.  :(

Sports Forum / Re: Buckeyes' Young suspended for one more game
« on: November 13, 2019, 06:19:20 PM »
 :nod:.^^^yeah, I’m like you, Alum. But the NCAA   opined that the “family friend” did not acquire that status until AFTER this boy was recruited by Ohio State. And, therefore, the loan was an “improper benefit”.

Look, I enjoy college football like millions of other people, and don’t get caught up in the personal dealings, especially of college kids. But if they have verified this loan WAS repaid, why did this kid have to sit out two games?  :shrug:

Btw, guys, many college analysts are suggesting this boy may be the 1st “purely” defensive player to win the Heisman Trophy. They are distinguishing him from Charles Woodson, DB from Michigan, who won in (1998?). They said Woodson actually played both ways.

« on: November 13, 2019, 05:03:53 PM »
Barry??? Is that the POTUS who got impeached???

Barry should have been impeached.
???......well, the brutha WAS in office for eight years. What stopped your boys from doing it, spotty?   :shrug:

 :clap:.......arguably, the most decent and moral ex-president in the history of this country. At 95 years old, was just in Nashville a few weeks ago with his wife, Rosalynn, building homes for Habitat for Humanity.

Met him briefly back in 1980 when he was campaigning for re-election in Cleveland, Oh.  Was struck how diminutive he appeared in stature, but has a brilliant mind, and is the antidote to the FILTH and REVULSION represented by this current dude in the Oval Office.

I wish President Carter and his family all the best!

???.....why is this mofo “threatening” to fire folks. Just DO it, clown.  >:(

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