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^^^attended a four day conference in Austin about three years ago. I’ve also been in Dallas and Houston, but too long ago to remember much to compare or contrast.

But what Neymar mentioned^^^about “lots of homeless” is the truth. The level of homelessness I observed in Austin was stunning and nothing prepared me for it.

But STILL not as bad as the homeless problem I saw in Los Angeles around four years ago. That was HORRIFYING. I thought I was in Calcutta, India or something…………………YIKES!!  :o

General Discussion Forum / Re: TJ Holmes SAGA
« on: Today at 04:53:13 PM »
It's really none of her business. As long as he is not her superior. They are both adults who consented to the relationship.

???....a sistah is president of ABC News.  Gal was asked if she knew that TJ and this white girl were kicking it.  She claims to have no knowledge.  Not sure if that's a satisfactory answer.

Oh, well.......................................
???…….sir, forgive me, but must respectfully disagree. The principals are two high-profile members of her on-air broadcast team. As their BOSS, she would be cognizant of anything in the company’s business that might adversely impact the bottomline.  Additionally, there may be provisions in their contracts which either forbid or strongly discourage romantic relationships between certain employees.

My “gut” instincts tell me there will be some fall out as a consequence of the disclosure of this affair.

General Discussion Forum / Re: TJ Holmes SAGA
« on: Today at 04:13:33 PM »
???....a sistah is president of ABC News.  Gal was asked if she knew that TJ and this white girl were kicking it.  She claims to have no knowledge.  Not sure if that's a satisfactory answer.

Oh, well.......................................

Politics / Re: House Democrats Have Trump's Tax Returns
« on: Today at 04:10:58 PM »
 :(^^^yeah, kinda agree with Wildman.  Additionally, the House Dems only have the majority until 1/3 when the new congress is sworn in.  So, WHATEVER they're planning to do with dude's tax returns, factoring in the holidays and all, they've got less than 30 days to act.  :shrug:

Have the Dems won the battle, but lost the war?  This is phucked up.  :no:

 :(.......yeah, I agree with YOGI.  I actually thought the ENTIRE Dem House leadership team was stepping down - Pelosi, Hoyer and Clyburn.  Why is Clyburn remaining on the stage?  We don't need him standing around looking over Jeffries" shoulder.

Jim, its time to call it a day.  :no:

 :clap:......Wildman, that was a GREAT clip from one of the greatest television series EVER!! Man, during the height of Covid back in spring of '20, I binge watched ALL 5+ series of the show. And at the end, felt like I needed "counseling" for withdrawal after I watched the last episode. 

Bruh, I was really bummed for a day or so after watching the series.  :lol:

General Discussion Forum / Re: TJ Holmes SAGA
« on: Today at 01:46:06 PM »
As soon as I saw the name Neymar pop up on this thread, I knew you'd be championing the old European-American waif with little to no curves, and beat up blotchy legs.

Ay, that's what you like, I get it.

I'd put them blotchy legs on my shoulders and curl them toes :nod:, LITERALLY, are not gonna bust a grape.  The best thing for you is to start a Go fund me page to raise monies for blow up dolls and batteries and call it a day.

Dude, you're a trip.  :lol:

atleast 4 SEC teams getting in every year or more smh
:nod:......yep, pretty much.  The first and second place finishers in both divisions.  Probably the top three teams in the Big 10.  The Big 12, Pac 12 and ACC champions.  And Notre Dame assuming they have AT LEAST 9 wins.

So under my scenario, you have a total of 11, leaving ONE SPOT from some conference OTHER THAN Power 5.

The bottomline is that all this means is more revenue for those who already control, what, 90%+ of the revenue.  :shrug:

General Discussion Forum / Re: TJ Holmes SAGA
« on: Today at 01:27:41 PM »
TJ Holmes' wife is gorgeous.  But as a good friend told me once, 'show me a beautiful woman, and I'll show you a man who is tired of her s**t.'

:lol:.....c'mon, bruh, this is AWFULLY sexist..............but true.  ;D

 :lol:.......this is a DISASTER in the making and everybody KNOWS it.  But, hey, this is what the white boys who run Auburn football wanted. And this is what they got. 

Oh, well, unless there are "public" dollars involved, as black folks used to say back in the day:  This is white folks business, so we need to stay out of it.  :lol:

General Discussion Forum / Re: TJ Holmes SAGA
« on: Today at 01:04:07 PM »
Cap^^^I don't think your last post countered ANYTHING I stated, and that is this is an opinion board and you just offered up another opinion on this topic. And I actually agree with you, mofos probably should not get too "hung up" on what the media is reporting about those two.  But, hey, TJ and this white gal are in the "journalism/entertainment" business, considered media celebrities, and therefore people are talking about all of this.

But, respectfully, gotta push back on your Will&Jada conclusion.  You indicated that people were commenting on these folks marriage and then found out "the joke was on us".  I have NO idea what you're alluding to there.  The Smiths VOLUNTARILY shared with the public, presumably for monetary gain, what was going on their marriage.  In the long run, it really isn't all that interesting.  But what IS disturbing is for peeps to suggest that it was perfectly acceptable for Mr. Smith to walk on the stage and publicly ASSAULT Chris Rock.  Naaah, that's bullshyt, and Chris Rock should have filed a complaint against dude.  Smith's action showed TOTAL disrespect from one black man toward another, and why mofos want to justify that bullschitt is outrageous.

But, again, this IS an opinion board.  And this humble negro grandfather has done just that.......offered an OPINION.  :shrug:

General Discussion Forum / Re: TJ Holmes SAGA
« on: Today at 12:31:27 PM »
So what if he is in a open marriage? I mean this is Hollywood and it's very common. Maybe they are swinging. Also very Hollywood. That list to Jeffrey Epstein island isn't been hide from the public for nothing. Folks are wide open in 2022.

BINGO, we like to get all up in people's relationships and don't have a clue. Didn't we learn anything from Will & Jada?
???........well, I think ONE thing we learned and CONTINUE to learn is that on an opinion board, such as Onnidan, mofos will do just that, post an opinion.  If it is a topic about which someone is purportedly uninterested, then they will presumably remain silent and NOT post an opinion.

What OTHER lesson might be salient here, I confused?  :shrug:

 :nod:^^^yeah, generally agree with Big Wildman.  Once Barack Obama was elected POTUS, ANYTHING is possible.  As a matter of fact, my prediction is that the MAGGATS will implode because they're incapable of governing, and, from overreaching with all of these stupid investigations they're planning. And the Dems will retake control of the House in '25. 

Joe and Kamala will "likely" be re-elected, and under that scenario, we WILL have BOTH a black Speaker and VP.  ;)

The formerly enslaved are rising up.   ;D

General Discussion Forum / Re: TJ Holmes SAGA
« on: Today at 10:16:44 AM »
I’m so disappointed in TJ.
:lol:......why you say that, Ms. j.  Dude likes what he likes.  :lol:

Btw, Ms. j, did you know that Ms. Amy and her old man published a children's book earlier this year about "blended" families?  Apparently, gal has children by a previous marriage (relationship?) and so does her old man.  The book was designed to show how families can work these things out when they all come together.

I guess now they'll have to blend ALL of those chilluns with TJ's chilluns.  He and wife have a 10 yr old daughter, and homeboy's got two children from a previous marriage (relationship?).   

Man, you damn near need to draw an algebraic equation to keep all of this shyt straight.  This is The Brady Bunch times 3.  :lol:

Sports Forum / Re: Florida QB arrested in child porn case
« on: Today at 10:02:29 AM »
He’s white. Carry on.
:nod:........EXACTLY, j.

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