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Loyal Trump supporters love Neck.

:no:.........Wow!  :o

I guess an LSU home football game is not exactly “family entertainment.”

I’ve been following FAMU, Tn State, and other HBCU football for some 45+ years. I have NEVER heard a student section at one of OUR schools chant something so crude, disrespectful, sexist and hideous.

I see now why they have such tremendous admiration for that sexual predator in the White House.   :(

Well I’m not calling anyone a coon or a spineless ninja simply for choosing to attend the Whitehouse in celebration of winning a National Championship.

While your humble poster too thinks it may be a tad excessive to label those black boys with these pejoratives^^^, it is STILL disconcerting to see them in the audience being addressed by that Trump dude.

What is “celebratory” about being addressed by such a MANIFESTLY despicable man?  :no:

...or maybe they thought it was an honor to be invited to the Whitehouse notwithstanding the current occupant.  :shrug:
???...,,what you state here may in fact be true. But do black folks and other people of color in this country really have the LUXURY of thinking it is an “honor” to go to THIS White House where the person presiding poses an existential THREAT to people of color in this country?

Even if you’re 18-22 yrs old, not fully developed in your political views, if you’re black, it HAS to give you pause to be received by a racist and moral reprobate.   :no:

^^^well, at least it’s more often than the GOP who are NEVER interested in the plight of black folks and our institutions.

But spotty’s comment DOES raise an interesting question for me. Is Joe just finding out that HBCU’s have been underfunded virtually since our collective inception, for many well over 100 years ago???

Joe represented Delaware in the US Senate for, what, 35+ years? During his tenure, did he ever walk around on Delaware State’s yard and compare/contrast their facilities with what he observed on Univ of Delaware’s yard?

Three days before the official federal holiday commemorating his birth, MLK would be likely stunned to discover that almost 52 years after his death, negroes in this country still have not adopted a national agenda. Instead, pausing, as we do every election cycle, to see what white folks gonna do for us.  :shrug:

But, hey....We shall overcome SOMEDAY.    :(

General Discussion Forum / Re: Carlisle, Pennsylvania.
« on: Today at 09:53:31 AM »
???......::well, this is quite a revelation as I have never heard of this town in Pennsylvania.

Quite frankly, outside of Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and, perhaps Erie, I didn’t think there were any other areas of the Keystone state safe for negro travel.


[There are now three separate threads on this page about Ayanna Pressley and her struggles with hair loss. But THIS thread begun by soflo was posted first. Would the board’s moderators and/or the author of the other two threads please delete them for clarity in perusing this page. Thanks.]

 :no:^^^naaah, these are NOT the Sam Cunningham Trojans.

If these Trojans were being coached by Pete Carroll, John Robinson, or any of the other SoCal coaching legends, I’d say get ready for, arguably, one of the signature games of the ‘20 season. But we are faaaar removed from any of the legends.

I’m afraid for the Trojan faithful, Saban will use the opener to make a statement. Any season ending for him that does NOT include participation in the CFP is a down year for him. And, trust, Ole Nick is PISSED about how things turned out this past season.

But you know what, if I’m a Trojan fan, I like the “timing” of this game. Because at least you’ll know from the JUMP what kind of season it’ll be. Oh, well...........

soflo and board:

I have been singing the praises of Ms. Pressley ever since she was elected to Congress. She is an absolute BOSS, speaks truth to power, and I am a strong admirer.

But make no mistake, talking about her struggles with alopecia and then ultimately revealing her baldness was deeply moving and brave. You could see in her voice and demeanor how difficult it was for her at times. Your humble poster was damn near in tears as I realized what a deeply personal and momentous event that was for her.

God bless you, sistah Congresswoman Pressley. And I hope your story inspires women THROUGHOUT the Diaspora.

 :no:^^^EXACTLY, Alum.

Really can’t understand why the good, fine Christian white folks in the Bluegrass continue to put up with this clown.  :shrug:

???^^^uhhh, forgive me boss, but AP is persona non grata to WHOM about WHAT? It would be helpful if you might elaborate about what you’re talking about.

As for your comment about the Mason family, bruh, they are ALREADY “superstars”. Sounds a tad chauvinistic to suggest they can only attain that status until they first perform in the US.

Please explain.

Sports Forum / Re: LSU Golden Tiger Marching Band Playing "Neck"
« on: Yesterday at 07:56:15 AM »
Those same LSU fans seek to undo every political, social, educational and financial gain African Americans have made and yet black folks praise them for singing a song those dumbs Hicks don't even know is that is basically telling them to sit their dumb arse down somewhere. We are a lost bunch of people. Sad!
BOOM!! Explosion number 2.

Continue the “detonations” boss. Sorry, but negroes have a greater responsibility than rote cheering and hollering amidst a bunch of drunk Cajuns.   :no:

Await cee dog’s ongoing fusillade;D

Sports Forum / Re: LSU Golden Tiger Marching Band Playing "Neck"
« on: Yesterday at 05:41:38 AM »
Arian Nation members listen to rap music. Does that make them Kool... :shrug:

End of discussion.

klg^^^Mrs. Strike and I saw Awadagin Pratt perform in concert with the Nashville Symphony some 20 years or so ago. Don’t remember the details, but there was quite a bit of pre-performances buzz about his unconventional looks with the dreadlocks and all. And I believe he had family in the Nashville area at the time.

I don’t even remember the program he played. But what I DO remember is the ovation he got received from the audience at the end of his program.  When homeboy ripped those keys playing all that classical stuff, Mrs. Strike and I were mesmerized.

I mean you’re talking two proud negroes after we saw the brutha throw down before that overwhelmingly white audience  playing music endemic to European culture.   ;D

Politics / Re: Impeachment trial managers named
« on: January 15, 2020, 02:27:35 PM »
soflo and CIAA^^^cant WAIT to see our sistah congresswoman Val Demmings in action. Homegirl is former police chief in Orlando, and she is NOT to be f’ed with.

She’s the type of sistah who would get in Trump’s face, wag her right index finger, and tell dude he’s a fraud and he KNOWS it,

Sorry, but “loves” me some Val Demmings.  ;D

 :clap:.....,.man, Skip Gates does a TREMENDOUS job on this program.

And, thank you, Ms. klg, for posting a link to this particular episode^^^.  :clap:

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