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 Hello all I am Anthony and have been doing the ielts test for the past 3 years without any success in obtaining the required band score to get my pr  and really this have made me miss at least 6 good opportunities. I know they doing this to block people like us to achieve their goal and frustrate us after all we paying to write the test each time so it's money for someone out there. This ielts certificate have really been a barrier in my life at a point where I started looking for other options and took the Toefl and pte test which was not good also so i finally one day stumbled upon a consultant agency online offering Ielts certificate online without taking the exam and with online validation. So after some research online I found out that they are genuine so I ordered the certificate  it took some few days but they provided me with the certificate and I was finally granted visa, after I did some research more on the agency who gave  the original Ielts certificate in just 6 days was a group of chief examiners at the British council and idp center and it was easy for them to do this since they work there so if anyone on same situation or some similar and need shortcuts to this issue email me and I will be happy to connect you with the group so you can get the help
Email : don't hesitate

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