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Sports Forum / Re: Penny Hardaway and Memphis to host four HBCUs
« on: August 11, 2021, 02:30:50 PM »
What's so special about hosting hbcu's? If he wants to do something unique schedule an hbcu with Memphis as the road team. 🤔

That's four checks  :shrug: You know how this goes.  :lmao:

Sports Forum / Preview: SC State wearing bulls-eye in new look MEAC
« on: August 08, 2021, 11:51:03 PM »
SC State head football coach Buddy Pough is the dean of Mid Eastern Athletic Conference coaches beginning his 20th year leading the Bulldogs. He knows the 2021 fall season will be different.

With two-time defending champion North Carolina A&T, Bethune-Cookman and Florida A&M leaving the conference after the spring season, Pough’s team is picked by head coaches and SIDs to win the league title.

Sports Forum / Preview: NSU has tools to make Celebration Bowl run
« on: August 08, 2021, 11:45:41 PM »
It has been a decade since Norfolk State won a conference championship. Three-and-a-half since it won one that still counts. But the 2021 NSU squad has a chance to end those streaks.

NSU was picked to finish second in the MEAC, despite losing its head coach less than six months before the start of its first season since 2019.

Sports Forum / Re: Massive admin change at Bethune-Cookman
« on: July 18, 2021, 10:44:37 PM »
Once again, can we not copy and paste the entire article?

Quanera Hayes lined up for her 400m final of the US Olympic Trials lined up against women who went to some of the most prestigious track and field schools in the world. UCLA. Florida.

But when the dust settled, the Livingstone College-product crossed the finish line first, booking her spot to Tokyo. Her 49.78 was a season best, and it made her the USA national champion.

It was a triumphant moment for the Hope Mills, NC native.

“This moment is so unreal right now,” Hayes said following her win. “I’m actually in disbelief.”

But the race was only part of the story.

Allyson Felix was the big story of the 400m Olympic Trials. Her story is well-documented, and she finished just behind Hayes at 50.02, securing a spot in her fifth Olympic Games. After giving it their all in the race, the two mothers met on the track to share a moment with their young children. Allyson Felix brought her three-year-old daughter Camryn and Hayes brought her son in a made-for-TV moment.

It was a sweet moment as both women proved to be on top of their game just a few years after giving birth. The 29-year-old Hayes spoke on Saturday night about what it meant having her son to keep her calm during the trials.

‘He’s my everything. It’s something that you can’t explain, because, it’s just like, you know you’ve given somebody life. And he’s my reason,” Hayes said. “So having him here is — like I cannot explain it. I have so much pride and so much joy knowing that I bounced back from giving birth to him and having him see me and not give up and continue to fight for what God has blessed me to do.”

In addition to motherhood, Hayes made it clear she was running for not only her family, but so much more. She became a Division II champion at Livingstone College, a small, private, historically black college located in Salisbury, NC. She said she wasn’t just running for her alma mater, or even just HBCUs.

“For me, it would be representing the CIAA and all Division II schools. A lot of people out here — they’re from HBCUs — but I’m literally the only one from a Division II school. So it’s much bigger than me representing HBCUs, it’s me representing Division II as well,” she said. “And letting them know ‘hey, just because we’re in Division II, people don’t look at us as being one of the best or top-tier athletes. But, look where I am. Look how far I’ve gotten, coming from a Division II school. So it’s much bigger than the HBCU thing. That’s just a bonus.

And now Quanera Hayes will be representing all of that in Tokyo. With her son.

Hey thanks but can you please not post the entire story? Appreciate it!

After 13 pages, I need a drank   :nod:

I just want to know what the KEY stakeholders and the VSU BOT think about this potential move? If admins listened to Alumni, the MEAC would've never formulated in the first place.

Imagine a CIAA with 24 teams?


There wouldn't be 24 teams lol. But alumni by-in is important since you're going to need them to raise money. Unless you've got several with really deep pockets.

Division I membership, especially among the HBCU community, generally indicates transformative vision from leadership.  Not only are there increases in athletic funding, but it often includes better branding, better caliber students, more diverse degree offerings, a more diverse student body, more graduate level programs, and other factors.  These things tend to go hand-in-hand.  Universities looking to position themselves for the next thirty years should examine all options.

I agree Fayetteville State isn't ready to move up currently.  Had they made a decision back in 2005 to move, they would be larger, probably bigger than NCCU and have more doctoral programs.  In the span since 2005, UNC-Pembroke has grown by almost 3000 students; and FSU has pretty much been stagnant.  A move to D1 likely would have allowed them to grow.

Albany State has political obstacles, that's true.  But the MEAC brass should have been recruiting them as soon as they were forced to merge.  Who knows, maybe they were already recruiting them.   :shrug:

You do know that Fayetteville State has nearly 7k students...not too far off from NCCU.

Sports Forum / Re: Norfolk State and Old Dominion are reluctant rivals
« on: December 02, 2020, 10:51:50 AM »
The question isn't for those who know the answer.

:lmao:    How many schools pick a non conference team in a fund raising effort.? Are they your yardstick?   We are what we strive to be.  Lately :shrug: :shrug:

What in the world does conference affiliation have to do with fundraising, especially amongst HBCUs in the same state. Good Lord, congrats on being D1 but some folks are brand new out here.

Sports Forum / Re: Expansion is the talk with CIAA and MEAC....
« on: July 01, 2020, 10:00:47 PM »
I wish the northern MEAC schools would drop to D2 and team up with the northern CIAA schools.

Let's hope Dr. Fredrick doesn't see it the same way.

I already made it known I do not see Howard going D2. Dr. Fredrick has no say in Del. State, Morgan, UMES, and Coppin. Norfolk St. should also be in the MEAC core considering the D2 option. By the way, I wouldn't be surprised if NEC ultimately did not see Del. State as a fit, which is why they stayed. I do not see MEAC expanding into the northeastern region of FCS any time soon, whether the conference or individual schools.

All the chatter about the MEAC's history. MEAC started as a D2 conference that moved up. Let's get back to these roots (although I still see NC Central, SC State and maybe Howard as a better fit in FCS / Big South).

The MEAC is thinking who can move up or move over in FCS to get members. Instead MEAC should be thinking maybe we should drop to D2 to expand and grow the conference. Get out of the box.

Do you think Funding would stay the same if a move to D2 happened

I do not know, but I am certain expenses would decrease with this kind of footprint.

Delaware St.
Morgan St.
Bowie St.
Coppin St.
Virginia Union
Virginia St.
Norfolk St.
Elizabeth City St.

The CIAA (the Tournament to be exact) holds a lot of weight, and the tournament still brings in significant scholarship money. I don't see the current schools leaving for another D2 league to start over, but I could be wrong.

Sports Forum / Re: MEAC Presser addressing recent departures
« on: June 28, 2020, 12:32:36 AM »
All the meac has to do is hold pat

I'm sure that was said back in February too. And then earlier this month.

One of the reasons WSSU and SSU were invited to the MEAC were due to travel costs. The goal was to create divisions to reduce travel for most teams and to create a MEAC championship game for additional revenue.

Savannah state and Winston Salem not sticking around hurt those chances, with the additional inability to attract regional PWIS, led to multiple studies to be completed by multiple schools that determined leaving the meac would help save money.

Just speak to your admins about this. Just about all members have studies that say the same thing. Gameday didn’t pull this out of their a**es. Even Dr. Cavill agrees.

Trees are hiding the forest. The issues are consistent (location/travel/student-fees/big budget deficits) even if the resolutions have been different.

Look down on the MEAC all you want, but it made Hampton, FAMU and A&T.  Those programs will not be where they are now if it were not for the MEAC.  Move on, move up or whatever you want to call it, but respect your roots. :nono2:

Didn't they all start in the CIAA? NCCU is running MEAC hoops now, but they went 60 plus years without a conference basketball title, including two stints in the CIAA. (Yeah, I know they won it all in 1989, but so have WSSU and VUU.)

It's great that they've been able to expand their brands in the last couple of decades, but who is looking down on who? All three programs have their roots in the CIAA. And you can look down on the CIAA schools, but since you moved to the MEAC, the only time you have a full house in football is when you play A&T.

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