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"This could be a make or break season for Hampton football so they appear to be going for the long ball, in typical Maynor fashion.

Those plays usually result in a score or a turnover. We’ll have to see the result come fall."

"The CIAA has approved a new bylaw that would allow the conference to add a program without football, the conference announced in a release on Friday."

I didn't know the conference had implement a new bylaw, I know Shaw and St. Aug had football in the yesteryear, but didn't football for quite some time before renewing heir programs. 

They added it in 1979 when your Eagles decided to return. They granfather'd in Shaw and St. Aug but declared that any new school would have to have basketball, football and track. It's in the link in the story.

"This plan would hurt the NCAA enormously while empowering institutions (HBCUs) that it initially denied and only later grudgingly accepted. Without black athletes playing football and basketball for the SEC and ACC, there will be no SEC and ACC because there will be a complete lack of product to exploit.

The goal here is to bring our athletes back to HBCUs. Regain them and make HBCUs respectable again, by any means necessary."

Sports Forum / Kyle O'Quinn giving back to NSU, kids
« on: June 20, 2017, 03:54:03 PM »
Story and video from NSU inside

What is the end game for opening up all this expansion?

I just don't get what they are attempting to accomplish .

It's a subtle opening for the CIAA to lure Coppin, UMES or UDC in the not too distant future.

They're going to make a run for those teams in the not too distant future.

If that is the case, then I can see why the MEAC is inquiring expansion. I thought at one time
Eastern Shore was working on bringing back football. The last time I recall Eastern Shore having
a football team was in the fall of '79.

1979: MEAC makes move for D1. NCCU, UMES and Morgan aren't having it. NCCU applies and gets re-instated in CIAA, UMES gets denied because of football.

UMES has explored restarting it a few times, but too expensive at the FCS level...maybe D2, though. =

Sports Forum / Re: SWAC title game to end in 2017
« on: June 19, 2017, 11:01:25 PM »
A deeper look inside the numbers  :tiptoe:

The largest non-homecoming, non-A&T crowd in NCCU since 2010 is when WSSU came to town. WSSU, like A&T and NCCU, draws a lot of its students from Charlotte and the Triangle. They don't always show up in BG, but they usually have just as many fans  and many times more than the home team NC. NCCU/WSSU will be more packed than any game outside of A&T and homecoming.

CIAA is being proactive for once. It's lost three of its biggest schools to D1 in the last 25 years and almost lost WSSU. It had another close (St. Pauls).

Who knows how long Chowan sticks around and how long ECSU will still be around or even playing sports?

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