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Fayetteville State and Bowie State are the only two CIAA schools which have the combination of enrollment and location to be considered for the MEAC. Near a major interstate and/or commercial airport.

Sports Forum / Re: FAMU fought with heart
« on: August 30, 2022, 07:10:50 PM »
I would like to say to the FAMU fans that from the Raleigh newspaper, I think the local people were surprised and impressed with their play. Maybe they thought that down 20 players UNC should have been off to the races at halftime.

How often have you heard "if someone comes to you with problems listen"? This young lady did all that she was supposed to do and got no help. Unemployed, lights turned off, and about to be evicted. A police officer tells her to do what you have to do. As a result, two people are dead. Then a judge tells her "you don't qualify for a public defender, you can afford a lawyer". I find everything about this to be totally disgusting.

General Discussion Forum / Re: THE FISK FUTURE IS HERE
« on: August 23, 2022, 10:30:55 AM »
I am glad to see Fisk back also. They had a difficult time for awhile. You can get too arrogant for your own good and cut your own hand off. I am afraid of this for Morehouse. They have years of rising standardized exam scores and in 2021 have their largest entering class ever. Next they publish the the high average SAT and ACT scores of their entering class. So this year they have half the number of applicants of the year before. I think that what they did was deliberate and the smaller number of applicants was the desired effect. As has been pointed out, higher education is a business. You should not discurage a black male with a 4.0 GPA and 900 SAT from applying to a black male college. I would really like to know how many freshmen are enrolled in this year's entering class.

To give you a frame of reference, I should add that my source was a Greek businessman who needed foreign exchange to do business. The exchange  rate on the streets was six local for one US dollar. If you were going to spend time there, you might also exchange US dollars for Tanzanian shillings. But Malawi, no way. I kept one local denominaton currency for a suvenier which I still have. I unloaded the remainder with the shipping agent who also paid off the customs agent so that I would have no hastle leaving the country.

Neighboring Zambia to the south. I said that I did not think that anything had changed since I lived there. Do you think a Chinese national could do this if the local black Africans did not allow it?
They don't give a damn. Remember, their expression for what we would call tribe was race. An interacial marriage was a marriage between different tribe members. As long as the children were not from their 'race', they would not care. You could not do anything to a child in a local village if their parent did not allow it.The official exchange rate for the local currency and dollar was even. My source gave me three to one. You would not ask about Malawian currency if you went there. I would say that fifty cents in US converted from US currency was a lot to them. The then mayor of the District of Columbia's daughter was living in a local village gaining information for her doctoral dissertation. I admired her, but there was no way I could have spent one night in a local village.

They have changed the names of some of the streets but I know the area well. My dad use to make us go to Sunday school at my mom's home church. The park was not there at the time. The major street was McDaniel Street which was where the church was in what is still known as Mechansville. It passes very close to the park. He would drop us off and go visit with his parents in the next neighborhood which is known as Pittsburg,but spelled without the s I think. My first home was next door to them on Smith Street. My grand aunt lived two blocks away on Garibaldi Street. They comdemned her house and the entire block to build Pittman Park. I hated going to church over there. But I had no fear of walking to my aunts house. The neighborhood was and is poor, but it does not appear to have changed vert much.

I am aware of this. The daughter of the lady accross the street from me has relocated to Atlanta from Los Angeles where she went after graduating from UNC. I think that the newcomers whether they be young professionals or Hispanics makes the city more cosmopolitan. My statement whites moving back certainly did not mean those who left.
The core city is growing again and that certainly cannot be bad.

When I was in the 9th grade, I went to school one day to find out that my good friend who sat behind me in the third period had been shot to death over a argument about who got to third base first, the ball or the runner. The shooter went home and got a gun and came back and killed him while he was still standing on third base. I am just happy that my home town is no longer known as the murder capital of the US. Atlanta is now well back in the middle of major cities. I think that it had a lot to do with black mayors tearing down the public housing projects, something that a white mayor would not dare to do. The result is that after white flight and a decline in population, whites are moving back into the city. The 2020 census showed Atlanta's population to be slightly higher than what it had been at it's height decades ago. I will take the white people over the gang bangers any day.

General Discussion Forum / Re: So this is why
« on: July 21, 2022, 11:35:04 AM »
I was jogging past a house with a unchained German Shepard and another big breed sitting next to each other. I remember distinctly that they looked at each other as if to say "should we get him". Then they leaped up and charged at me. I knew better than to run. I turned towards them and dropped down on my hands with my rear raised. They stopped immediately. I tried that several times with other doges and it allways worked. Sometimes I would just bend over in stride and it would stop the dog chatter.

Sports Forum / Re: SIAC 2022 Football Preseason Forecast
« on: July 14, 2022, 09:43:13 PM »
Did Savannah State's players transfer after their coach left? If so, they will not be third in the East. Otherwise the predictions look reasonable.

Sports Forum / Re: SIAC 2022 Football Preseason Forecast
« on: July 14, 2022, 12:00:18 AM »
With four of the eastern division teams bring south of Atlanta, that would have been a tough decision that no one was willing to make.

Right on JT. I was there three months before my family arrived. On the night that they arrived, my department head had a dinner for us in which he invited some of his friends. One was a Asian Indian MD married to a true colored. Half European and half African. Accross central Africa and old South Africa, they were the people who identified with black Americans. The MD was late arriving.
He said that he had to stay late at the hospital to help calm down a English woman whose daughter had been snatched from her car on the way home from a movie. He said "she will never see her again". That was less likely to happen if you were a native black. We called them tribes. They called them "races". If you want a African tribe/race last name, try Miwila, Luswili, Phiri, Mandela, Kuanda, Azali, Nguema. The first thee were names of students in one of my classes, two of whom later came to NCCU for masters degrees. The last four are curent or past presidents of African countries.

They played Kentucky State in the Ohio State University stadium. I thought that it was supposed to be a anuual event. I think that what the Hall of Fame people are doing is knocking off the other game before it gets established. I do not blame them for proecting their turf. 

This happens a lot more than you may think. In your first week in county when your Zambian neighbor tells you to "watch your children because they will steal them", how would you feel? To become a child servant in another country you may have been lucky. Africans were very kind to children. So how about being maimed to become a child street begger? Worst still killed for your body parts? Also you were what you appeared to be to their way of thinking. I was and my wife were coloreds, one son Asian, what we would call in the US Chinese, Japanese, or Korean Asian. The son with a darker complexion but wavy hair was Indian subcontinent Asian. The latter ranked high on the theft list. I would come home looking for them every day. What were the body parts for? Ritualistic cannabelism mon. When we got back, I could not stand to hear a brother talk against the US or say anything about my 'slave name' I don't want a Arab name. To this day I have kept a stack of newspapers from there because no one will believe what I say. Do I think that it still goes on today? Yes I do. I will also say that compared to the Belgiums and some others, the British, were kind colonial masters.

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