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Well I guess that everyone knew that I meant:

"the Affordable Health Care Act is the Law of the Land".

I will add that I agree that sometimes we do it to ourselves. I understand  that at Fort Valley State University every high ranking official below President is non-black. In the division that I headed eight years ago, there have been seven new hires and the only black of the seven was  hired this year. I get the impression that some administrators have the idea that hiring a non black will somehow insulate them in their positions.

I mentioned this in another forum. I thought that it was deliberate. Nothing wrong with poor whites in a poor state saying "we  can get a education now. We can commute to Bluefield and West Virginia State". When the President closed the dorms, he knew that he was putting the blacks out of school. But the legislature and the media went along with him. All of the "agitators" live in the dormitories. Bobby Jindhal's policies are the cause of Grambling problems and those of other  institutions in a poor state which can hide behind oil revenues. Not accepting federal funds can be a winning conservative argument and he won.  If enrollment falls, we may see Grambling closed, downsized, or merged to save state funds. And the legislator and media will go along with it. "This has nothing to do with race". Well Barack Obama won and the Affordable Ahealth Care act is the law of the law. "This has nothing to do with race either".

Politics / Re: Ben Carson: Obamacare worst thing ‘since slavery’
« on: October 17, 2013, 05:34:10 PM »
Ben Carson's statements at the national prayer breakfast pointedly directed at a sitting president were just as inappropriate as the criticism directed at President Bush at the funeral of Dr. Martin Luther King's widow. If he got the Republican nomination, he would destroy the Republican party. Nor are there enough minority whites to elect him.

Politics / Liu Chang(Xinhua net) "Its time for a de American World
« on: October 17, 2013, 05:03:17 PM »
"It time for a deAmerican World. Because of its political chaos, America is unfit to lead".

There would be truth in this, but these articles always have an element glee...out way is better than yours. Nor do I believe that no one including the Chinese don't know what is behind all of this. Forty five years ago, Europeans could not understand why President Nixon had to resign. That was the difference in being a representative democracy and not a parliamentary democracy. Nor can "the Party" leadership dictate to the entire nation in the US as they can in China. What President Obama upheld was the Constitution. Appropriations bills must originate in the U.S. House of Representatives.
If the House acting like the British Parliament had been able to use the budget to defund "Obama Care"
it would have been legal but against precedence and the beginning of things to come...none of which would have been good. But unlike China, we are not a one party nation. And that party cannot make directives that will be followed.


Sports Forum / Re: US/CA/MX National Soccer Teams News
« on: October 15, 2013, 11:01:09 AM »
Until very recently the origins of Americans not changed significantly since 1790.
England, Germany, Ireland and the African continent were the top four in terms of origins. In the 20th century, the largest number in the European group was Germany and not England as many including you may have assumed. There have always been people of Spanish origins in large numbers in the southwest. What has changed recently is the rapid growth of the Hispanic population largely from Mexico. They have supplanted blacks as the largest American minority group.

I am aware of Turkish guest workers in Germany. And to their children, Germany is home.
I do not think that they dominate the German national team, whether from Germany or Turkey. I also know that there were two half brothers born in Berlin of German mothers and a Ghanaian father who were on German and Ghanaian national teams at the last world cup.

Sports Forum / Re: US/CA/MX National Soccer Teams News
« on: October 15, 2013, 10:06:14 AM »
It might not be right bro, but you ever heard of "hit me and I will hit you back"? You do not deserve any love for being a third world country when playing on the big stage. Maybe that is why the team that I pull for after the United States is Germany...the ancestral  home of the largest number of European Americans. They believe in coming after you also and we got some of the same attitudes.


Sports Forum / Re: US/CA/MX National Soccer Teams News
« on: October 15, 2013, 01:11:31 AM »
As a former soccer coach and licensed referee, I love the game and disagree with anyone who says the World Cup was not well managed when it was in the United States. I also remember Ghana getting away with some well placed anti-American kicks, a key off side being ignored and a gift penalty in the box in our last two encounters. I don't believe that this team will take that.  What can I say but the truth. We were not their colonial masters. England was.


General Discussion Forum / Re: Miles College Save the Date
« on: October 08, 2013, 05:03:21 PM »
It is really great to read something positive about a private HBCU. I am a graduate of both of your Atlanta rivals (AB and MSLS) and I just don't read or hear that coming from the AU center and that includes supposedly well off Spelman. As I said about Miles in another and evidently the wrong forum, you have got to be doing something right. Keep up the good work.


I had one worked out for China. Students asked me to do it. We were going to piggyback with a PWI in Pennsylvania. The NCCU administration was very supportive. It got canned by my immediate superior.
The October 3 article on this forum by Carol J. Parden "Why I am Dropping out of Administration" is me. The difference being she wanted to work only at a Tier one school. NCCU was the only HBCU that made me an offer and I am  quite happy with my choice.  But at least I know that the things that we think are typical of only a HBCU happen everywhere. It will not change things, but CAU graduates might like to know that right now.


General Discussion Forum / Re: Are the Chinese buying up Detroit?
« on: October 06, 2013, 08:59:25 PM »
We almost lost Detroit.

I think the reference might be to the Detroit riots of 1968.


General Discussion Forum / Re: Are the Chinese buying up Detroit?
« on: October 06, 2013, 02:23:19 PM »
I know that they have problems in Russia including a Russian Mafia. I don't know the extent. It is what happens when you try to go from a controlled economy and society to a market economy without controls. China did not allow the latter to happen.


General Discussion Forum / Re: Are the Chinese buying up Detroit?
« on: October 05, 2013, 01:46:11 PM »
Fifteen years ago my wife and baby were in Vancouver, BC, Canada. It had been known as the most British city in North American and in less than ten years had become one fourth Chinese. Hong Kong business men were buying homes there for their families just in case, not knowing what effect the mainland take over was going to have. Well now we know. You are permitted to make money and prosper all over China as long as you don't challenge the government and the new rich on the mainland are investing in America. It is a safe haven. Two years ago, I attended outsourcing meetings
in China and it nearly blew my mind. I had never heard of Chongqing until then but it looked prosperous and like a mega Pittsburg. You know those A&Is, A&Ts, A&Ms, technical schools, and engineering schools? Well they have their equivalents. Everywhere I spoke I said we developed these schools in order to manage out natural resources. We have the traditional European style universities also but Europe does not have these. I told them that they reminded me of America in the 1960's and that resonated big time with them. It was the "we can do it attitude" as opposed to what ever it is that we have now.  So Congress ya'al want to continue to play? Get some baby nipples and suck on them.


Baby Boomers. (1946-1954). I don't mean to jump on anyone, but I always said they acted like it was a entitlement. Daddy came back from the war and times was good. He wanted his kid to have everything that he did not. So there was the G.I. bill and the VA loans for houses which a grateful nation gave to him. It took a time for all to benefit. Then in the 1960s come the welfare regulations which said a man could not be in the house and cut off the head of the black family. Well now white single parent births are what black single parent births were in the 1960s (20+percent) and the black rate is 70 percent. Things will eventually change because "the pox" is now in their house. Senior citizens, welfare moms, pre-school children, baby boomers. I want everybody to have everything....but not on my dime.


I have been telling people for years that the middle class has a bigger debt burden from education loans than they do from credit cards. The method of financing is wrong and the colleges until recently really ate it up. They prospered from it. The economy and the changes in administration of the parents loan have caused enrollments to drop on many campuses and not just HBCUs. The last was under the Obama administration. The revisions began with the Reagan administration.They still have pensions in Europe but many young Americans don't know what the word means. The 401K's started with the Reagan administration also. So now many "baby boomers" are not prepared for retirement.
The biggest drain on the national treasury is the prescription drug benefit for seniors. That will be with us forever. Obama Care (ACA) is a diversion and I don't believe will ever be as expensive as the latter. Agreed, we must hold all of the politicians and both parties accountable.


General Discussion Forum / Re: right to work laws
« on: October 02, 2013, 10:38:17 AM »
CU 1994 you are so correct.  Move this topic to the sports forum if someone thinks it out of place here. Then some one will say that it does not belong there and move it back.


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