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Neymar I understand and agree with you entirely. Thank you for the continued discourse. My major prof my second time at Atlanta University was English and from London University. I use to tell him that "you don't know how liberal you will be in Briton until you have a large population of blacks. You may know that the top honors student at Morehouse in 2013 was Ethiopian. His valedictory address almost upstaged President Obama.

Neymar I can agree with you about the UK up to a point. I have been telling people for years that I did not want my Congress acting like the UK parliament.
And that there is a real difference in being a parliamentary democracy and having a representative government. It has its ills, but I still like our system better, but of most importance, I think it better for the US. But we will get our democratically elected people that will make you wonder.

I remember a black World War II vet who serve with the 92nd in Italy saying
that many Italians believed that the only thing Mussolini did wrong was siding with Hitler.

Another question. Why should "immigration Reform" be an issue? They have the southern border of Mexico tightly sealed against illegals who might want just to pass through to get to the United States. Why would it be wrong for the United States to do that? You can't just walk into any other country in the world including Russia. So what is the real issue here? I do not think it is votes for the Democratic Party. I think it is the need for cheap labor and people to do the jobs that unskilled blacks will no longer do.

I do not know how true it is, but I was told that whites are moving back into my home town of Atlanta.  About ten years ago, I met a white female vendor at a conference and when told me that she was from Atlanta, she added "I really do live in the city limits".

Please correct me if I am wrong. On yesterday my youngest child and only daughter (19) expressed the opinion that the US was no longer majority white.
I told her that she was incorrect, that the racial makeup of the United States had not changed from the first census in 1790 through 2010. It was English, German, Irish, and Black (enslaved or free) in that order. German later replaced English as the ranking group.  The next census will have Hispanic in fourth place followed by African-American and that will be the most significant shift in the history of this country. I told her that we don't look like Brazil yet, but by the middle of the century, we might. She was asking this in the context of jobs and employment and what she sees as inadequate representation of all minority groups in films and TV.

Strike79, a very good response. The last thing that we want is a military face off with Russia over Ukraine. I think that "the people" in effect said to President Obama to stand down over Syria. But we probably are aiding the opposition. Over 800,000 ethnic Ukrainians joined the German army after Germany invaded the Soviet Union. They considered the Germans to be liberators. Had Hitler treated them humanely, Germany may have knocked the USSR out of the war and there is no telling what kind of world we would be living in today.
They are independent today, and I will hope that they will not step on Russia's toes. I think that the end result of all this is that Senator McCain and those like him are going to make President Obama look like a statemen.


General Discussion Forum / Re: So Sad......My Alma Mater SCSU
« on: February 06, 2014, 12:05:54 PM »
I am so sorry to see the Senate Pro Tempore trash SC State like that. Colleges and universities all over the United States are having the same kind of problems. Are they somehow worse at SCState?

Bison 4 Life and Softrattler thanks for the correction of me. It is really great to know that the Chairman of the Board is a FAMU graduate and a black man.  I knew of Mr. Thompson. I just goofed.


General Discussion Forum / Satya Nadella-New Microsoft Chairman
« on: February 05, 2014, 01:54:52 PM »
Satya Nadella, the new Microsoft Chairman is Indian with a BA from a Indian university and MA from the University of Chicago.

Cee dog and west coast aggie have said it all. spaghetti junction the I-85, I-75 interchange, and Cobb County's refusal to join Marta has left the metropolitan area without a rapid transit system. Add to that the senseless decisions of all of the local administrators.
Atlanta was recently named for the forth year in a row as the city that rated number one for people moving to. The northerners in the northern suburbs had better wake up or that will not be true in the future. Metro Atlanta's loss will be another city's gain

Well done again Brother Afiba. This chancellor once worked for Bill Harvey. Hampton is a great school, but a different type. This lady has her sights on making NCCU the "new Howard".

On yesterday, I walked in on a Senior High Sunday school class just in time to hear the speaker on a video say "the Negro races". I cringed. I thought that his terminology and context in which he was using it were both inappropriate and incorrect.

Politics / Re: Dinesh D'souza indicted on campaign finance charge
« on: January 24, 2014, 11:48:11 AM »
That's what happens when you try to operate beyond your pay grade. He should have stayed with his ethnic and racial stereotyping like Tiger Mom and that economist (black teen age unemployment plan--name slips me) and he would still be a darling of the right wing. I refuse to call them conservatives, as not all conservatives are racists.

Sports Forum / Re: US/CA/MX National Soccer Teams News
« on: January 24, 2014, 12:39:27 AM »
I am truthfully not certain what the 1994 World Cup did for the US. I enjoyed it, It is a money maker but a friend from Central Africa told me, "you don't need it".
"We do". He was very much opposed to us having it.

I agree with Bison66. These students are fighting a past battle. I remember after one threat to close the University by the Black Action Student leaders, our dean had a very nice dinner for all of the black students where he told us what he and our department were doing to increase black enrollment. We were very appreciative, but had little to say. Little did he know that not three of 14 students in the room had ever seen each of other before. We could not wait until he left so that we could meet and talk with each other. There is no way that The University of Michigan has gone backwards. My worse racial incident and the one that I resent to this day is the attempt at intimidation by Black Muslims for not buying their newspaper when I did not have any money. I was definitely targeted. Being from Atlanta, Morehouse, and still believing in the teachings of Martin Luther King, it really shook me. These were black people. If it had happended later, I would have confronted them.  It happened right next to the campus police station and I belonged there, they did not.

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