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Cee dog, there was one raving beauty that I use to look for right in that area. Wheather that was your mom or not, I am certain that I would recognize her if I saw her.

I went to church across the street at Warren Methodist Church. From age seven on, I lived on Fountain Drive on the hill overlooking the Booker T. Washington High football field. I could walk to church and school. I must have passed your house hundreds of times a year.

At age three, I attended the Spelman College nursery school. At about the time that I was four years old, my mom would walk me and my sister up the street to Spelman College to the annual Atlanta Spelman Morehouse Christmas concert. This was before the Atlanta University merger with Clark College. At that time, it was the only integrated event in Atlanta. I knew then that I wanted to go to Morehouse so that I could sing in the Christmas Carol concert.

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In India they were very proud of her having been elected Vice President of the US. That says a lot and especially with President Chee cozying up to Vladimir Putin.

Ninety nine percent of millionaires of any race are not Phi Beta Kappas. But Ken is correct. We should not give our brothers and sisters who try to achieve academically a hard time. I once had a black female staffer who would say or do something smart when I asked her to do something. She would take out her position description and look at it for a few minutes and then say, "ok I will do it." I finally told her to stop it. I told her that I had created the job, I had written the position description and I would change it if I wanted to".  One of my friends was in a middle management training program at Ford Motor Company and by chance worked with her husband. He said that he always had something smart to say but he was a good worker. As long as he did his job, they would leave him right where he was. He would never advance and not know why. Then I remembered that his wife was aways saying something negative about the plant manager. I have forgotten his name. He was a black who had been a classmate of Henry Ford II at Yale.

You tube recently had a segment on black billionaires in the US. I am glad that number one was a stock broker and not a athlete.

I don't know where you got that idea. The question was why don't more HBCUs have Phi Beta Kappa Chapters. As far as I know, it is the number one scholarly society in the world. Getting a Phi Beta Kappa chapter is far more difficult than passing the required accreditation. It is also a great honor for the students selected. Just being A straight A book worm will not get you in. Obtaining a Phi Beta Chapter is a challenge. I would be very proud of any HBCU that did so.

Engineering is a great degree, but that is something that we don't know. It is like being a 'Skull and Bones' from Yale. When junior decided that he was not going to join, papa Bush  showed up and said "I know that you will do the right thing". We always know what happened. What we don't is what might have happened. I suppose that you can ask the same questions of the masons, elks, Shriners and other fraternal orders.

It opens doors in both academia, industry and business. As one poster has mentioned, there is no Phi Beta Kappa who will not let you know it on his or her resume. It begins with graduation. Not all high honors graduates are Phi Beta Kappa. At Morehouse if you are, when they call your name, they say High Honors - Phi Beta Kappa.

 Go online with PBK-Phi Beta Kappa chapters..

I do not think that it that it is racist. There is a numerical qualification for faculty who are members. I am not certain of what it is, but I think that it is based on size of faculty.
Schools can apply. Then you have a visitation committee. I will never forget how proud I was when our three-member visitation committee at then 30,000 student Western Michigan University,
without prior notice stepped into our faculty meeting. One of the three was a professor from then 1,500 student Morehouse. We embraced. After they left, one of my colleagues said "you know him"? My reply was "yes, he is from Morehouse".

My son once lived in a town house in East Point, Georgia. He moved directly across the street into apartments in College Park, Georgia. The Georgia International Convention Center was down the street on what was and is a major artery to the Atlanta airport. Taking advantage of their location near the busiest airport in the world, they have greatly expanded their operations since then. The Gateway Center Arena @ College Park is a result of that expansion. The Skytrain to the airport ends there.

The SIAC has lost Birmingham to the SWAC. Nothing else would make sense but to return the SIAC
basketball tournament to the city in the geographical center of the conference. With all the amenities surrounding the Gateway Center, if that does not help grow attendance, nothing ever will.

I will correct myself this time. Egar Guest was the Pip who grew up around the corner from me.
Gladys and the Pips were family. Their cousin James Woods and I were friends. We used to sit next to each other on the graveyard shift as night clerks at the Atlanta post office. When they were just starting out, he used to drive them around to their gigs. We never called him anything but 'Pip'. As I have related before on this forum, when they needed a name, they said "Pip takes us everywhere, let' call ourselves 'the Pips'.

I remember one of the Pips Edgar Patton who grew around the street from me. Thanks for all the corrections from you Atlanta area people. Now the location would be excellent for the SIAC tournament. I think that it would do what nothing has been able to do....grow the attendance.

Agreed. My son had suggested the same thing to me.  That is the one way that I would like to see them back in the Atlanta area. For those of you who don't know College Park, Georgia. it is the location of the Tyler Perry Studios, which was formerly Fort McPherson, the headquarter of the US 3rd Army. Supposedly the Rev. Dollar is going to build a mega church on what had formerly been army property. The AU center is nearby. There are places where you cross the street and you are in Atlanta. The airport is actually in College Park. There would be hard to find a better location.

I well deserved honor for a great lady.

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