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Cee dog has nothing to add.  He's resorted to name calling.

BTW, it's obvious he hasn't read The United States Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas' opinions.  He's going by what someone Booker Taliaferro Washington warned us about.

What has Clarence Thomas done for black people since he has been on the Supreme Court?  He consistently rules against black people in cases such as the challenge to the Voting Rights Act which essentially weakened the law.

And she voted for trump judges even though some had a bigger rap and deemed unqualified by the American association of lawyers.


I wonder what does Y have to say about that. 

A look at Alabama's Black Belt

The new law allocates $11.7 billion for wastewater and storm-water projects. Will it get to the impoverished communities who need it most?

This was on 60 Minutes a few weeks ago.

White privilege strikes again...

Maybe Johnson C Smith can hire Matt Rhule.  I think he will be available in a week or two.

Willie Slater would be a better choice if he were to apply.

By waiting this long to hire a new coach, they are putting him way behind on trying to assemble a staff and on the recruiting trail. There has to be a group of college assistants that are ready to make the jump or a successful HS coach you want to bring in

This is typically the way HBCUs hire their coaches. I wish JCSU much luck and success.


Kermit Blount should have been fired on Black Monday and they would probably have a coach in place by now.

Ain't no words for this chocolate woodchuck. :no:

You can fit her brains into a Monopoly thimble. :no:


General Discussion Forum / Re: So black people fighting in church now
« on: December 27, 2021, 01:32:03 PM »
Yes, we have been fighting in church all the time...Tik Tok came about and it is now captured live.  There was an incident in a church in Prince George, Virginia a few years ago where a church meeting was called to fire the Pastor.  The meeting got so heated that a woman got slapped in the meeting and the cops were called.  In a church in Dinwiddie, Virginia several years ago, a Deacon slapped a woman and left his hand print on her face...the cops were called then too right after the benediction.

WSSU alumni and booster members shouldn't give one penny to the school because of this poor decision.  I know it would be a tough thing to do but they should boycott the football games too.

Sports Forum / WSSU Hires Massey
« on: December 17, 2021, 03:37:49 PM »

Chancellor Robinson is a fool.  Why would they do a national search?  That was a waste of everyone's time.

The overall coaching record of Massey should have prevented him from being interviewed.  When will our schools learn?

WSSU will keep Coach Massey as there Head Coach.

If this is true, Chancellor Robinson is a fool.  Why would he hire a known loser?

The AD should quit because Massey probably isn't her choice and this will set the precedent for future vacancies.

Why would they give Massey (a consistent loser) an interview?  I don't believe in courtesy interviews because it gives the applicant false hope and wastes the interview panel's time because they know they are not going to hire the applicant.

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