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Sports Forum / Re: LSU, Ed Orgeron Out
« on: Today at 11:52:12 AM »
Hearing rumblings about a series of sexual assaults by players that went unreported by coaches as they found out.
???......Alum, are you talking about LSU or Tennessee?  Well, I guess it doesn't matter because the "field hands" are pretty much allowed to run buck wild on BOTH yards. And do so mostly with impunity.  :shrug:

Sorry Strike, @ LSU. Trying hard to fathom they would pay that huge of a buyout if he indeed suppressed this type of info. It’s not adding up clearly to me…but then again, when has any of this stuff made perfect sense

Sure they made most of that in beer sales at the game Saturday. Drop in the freaking bucket.

Sports Forum / Re: LSU, Ed Orgeron Out
« on: Today at 10:34:08 AM »
Hearing rumblings about a series of sexual assaults by players that went unreported by coaches as they found out.

Sports Forum / Re: AAC to expand by six
« on: Yesterday at 10:21:33 PM »
Interesting….they selected a wide array of CUSA schools to join the revamped AAC and left out Marshall….

Most definitely need more research as my wife suffered with them and still deal with mild flare ups.

Ohhhhh weeeeeee! He funked that whole cake up…and like ain’t none of y’all mofos gonna enjoy it either….

I still would have tore his lil arse up….that was a whole sheet cake.

2021 SIAC Football Predictions / Re: Week #9: October 23
« on: Yesterday at 04:05:20 PM »
Albany St

Sports Forum / Re: LSU, Ed Orgeron Out
« on: Yesterday at 02:47:49 PM »
Lame Kiffen

Bro, did you see the scene at Neyland Saturday? Them rednecked Vols fans went the fugg off! The thing of mustard cracked me up…them fools literally trashed their own field….literally….

Damn, I’ve been disgusted….but I ain’t throwing trash down at the team and coaches….
Man if that had happen at one of our games.  Whew!

What happened?

Bruh, full effect ya gotta Google it for the pics and all.

Yes and glad they are doing it. I got to see him in college when they hosted Clemson. This was the year after his Heisman win. Dude got pummeled by the Tigers def and never quit.

Strike, this is the funniest of em all tho…Teddy Bridgewater trolling UC in Nippert when he was at Louisville…

:lol:........I think I played the clip about five times before I got the humor.  But where was the Cincy cheer?   :shrug:

But that's not the REAL reason you posted this.  You just wanted everyone to know that your Bearcats are now Number 2 after Iowa got embarrassed this past Saturday at home.  I guess you're claiming them now.  Any other time, you would take great pains to let mofos know you reside in suburban Cincinnati in Warren County.  ::)

Btw, who have the Bearcats played thus far to get that lofty ranking?  They are about as legitimate at No. 2 as Iowa was last week.  Alum, do the Bearcats have ANYBODY on their remaining schedule that they can beat and be taken seriously?  :shrug:

This is straightup bullschitt, no more credible than these IDIOTIC black college football polls that mofos keep posting on this site.  ::)

Strike, my brother, you never ever let me down!!!!

The Cats haven’t played anyone bruh. Beat two over ranked teams in Indiana and Notre Dame on the road in front of hostile fans. Their remaining schedule is what me and my brother refer to as “Tish”, akin to Charmin toilet tissue…very soft….

Sports Forum / Strike 79,,,U of Cincy Barstool Trolled Central Florida
« on: October 18, 2021, 01:11:38 PM »
This is epic….well done by whoever is in control of that site…


I know how much you love hearing the U of Cincy cheer….

The only school I knew of that did it religiously was Ohio State. As it’s actually written that was in the constitution as The Ohio State University.

:lol:^^^^JT, stop laughing, this is serious business.  :lol:

Apparently, someone. OTHER THAN His Eminence, granted permission to have this vid shot in the cathedral. Whoever was responsible for this will likely be “disengaged” from the church because a STEAMY sex video filmed inside a cathedral is the LAST THING the Vatican wants to deal with right now.    :o

Shhhiiiiiidddddd,,,,them Monsignors were drooling and salivating….. and I betcha they all had to tend to a lil bizness afterwards….

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