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General Discussion Forum / Re: "Black Folks Don't Swim"....
« on: April 13, 2012, 08:39:16 AM »
They were swimming in my hometown and we had our own pool.  I thought most could swim until I got to college and found out different.   People from Raleigh, Fayetteville, Greensboro, Kinston, Charlotte, Winston had no problems.  Many kids, even those living on the coast couldn't swim.  You assume every town had a pool, even if segregated, in which you had the opportunity.

From Bartcop This is what they mean when they say, "We want our country back!"

I will be watching you watching them - God

Alright now!!!
This is the conservative's creed.  Been hearing this for years.  Young african americans know none of this.  They would swear this is a hoax.     :shrug:

Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!!!  Please, Please, don't assume they all know better.  Many don't.

General Discussion Forum / Re: Prettiest/beautiful HBCU campuses
« on: April 03, 2012, 09:50:08 AM »
I have been on many and they all have areas of beauty, but with the limited funding of past history taken into account, I will speak of appearance and  campus tidiness and neatness.  North Carolina Central University is clean, neat and the buildings fit and are well maintained.   There are not large green areas as was 25 years ago on a campus that is growing but utilizing every inch it can.   But the campus is neat with grass maintained (the founders creed) and we didn't walk on the grass in the old days and students today still maintain that tradition.  "don't walk on Dr Shepards grass". 

 You appear to be ranting without a clear and concise reasoning, but to spread your disdain for FAMU.
So transparent.
This guy want everybody in jail.  Maybe if they close the university, hang all the students and let Jackson State band play requiem, then he will leave it to the authorities involved.

Drumma, you need to let this go.  You are on every page and post about FAMU.  This goes beyond caring to obsessive fixation on this incident.  The authorities will handle this matter. Your wanting everyone associated with FAMU fired and dismissed probably wouldn't satisfy your inner turmoil relative to anything associated with that school.   Your comments seem to have a deeper personal agenda.  I had a friend that I met after college, who hated NCCU.  Anything  happening within 5 blocks of the campus was her verbal gate to dump her bucket.  Why??   She was a very attractive female who  went to NCCU as a freshman and tried out for the cheering squad, didn't make it, transferred to WSSU and made the squad but kept that long simmering boiling scar on her soul of being rejected, which went deeper in her past of a more personal rejection and NCCU reopened that long festering scar.   It was so bad she would avoid the two main drags passing the campus.  I rolled in laughter when she told me and she looked in dead silence and seriousness without the slightest facial expressions.  I got it!.   You don't have issue similarly with FAMU do you?   Bro, this is over the edge and there has to be ulterior motives within your post since everyone here cares about the Champion incident and tremendous personal loss of his parents hoping this will eliminate the stupidity of hazing.

Recently some bad press and penalties from the NCAA hit your school.  Should they clean house starting with Meyers and every administrator who touched anything leading up to the penalties.  I think not. 

General Discussion Forum / Re: FAMU Investigation Now Complete...
« on: March 29, 2012, 07:31:10 AM »
:clap: FOR THE #1 FAMU REPORTER  :nod:

Forgive me.  I am a supporter of Robert Champion and the Champion Family.
We all feel the pain of the Champion family in the ridiculous rituals  leading up to the tragedy on the bus.  Your concerns seem not to be for Champion but a platform to expouse dirt on anything associated with FAMU. 

This is if you live in a perfect world.  You don't.   You can get fired if an employer doesn't like your looks. Period.   Employers will notice breaks in employment too. ex. worked from 02-2002 to 05-2005 and the next employ is 08-2009 to 03-2011. was he unemployed, in jail, in military hiding a bad employment situation or what? Its a big gap and a red flag. Persons think they have all these rights and employers can't do this or that but ,,,,,  BULL! You can get fired while working at the best of your ability if your best isn't the norm of your co-workers. You may get unemployment checks, but you are still fired. Questions you state are ILLEGAL are not on the applications. They do ask are you bilingual. Whether one has been arrested is relevant and if so, for what? (yes, they said I molested some children but I didn't because I always enjoyed watching them and would love to work here at Wee Wisdom Day Care). duh?   :shrug:      If it is a job, one thing, if a position another. All these questions can be gathered with "tell me about yourself" which most perspective employees would willingly answer, unless, they have a lot to hide. Then you weed them out.   Folk are so ignorant as to what facebook etc will reveal about you and you are asked do you have a web site, facebook?   I couldn't help but notice how twisted the information was in the article in regards to "They can't ask this or that BUT,,,,,,,,,,, If you want the JOB or POSITION I would answer, since I have a family to feed and nothing to hide. Many questions are required by an employers insurers in reference to workers compensation and liability coverage. The best advice here is answer all questions truthfully. They check.  I have witness and been a part of ex-offenders finding employment and most have done a very good job. 

General Discussion Forum / Re: Aryan Outfitters
« on: March 25, 2012, 07:52:34 AM »
Did you get her autograph?
y How much did your robe cost and did you get one for OS and unchi?
Y, what size robe did you purchase? Did Rush Limbaugh tell you the color he'd like to see you wear?                                        :lmao:

Many on this board have not been in the position to interview and hire. Things not do.   1 Never bring a friend with you to your interview 2 Dress appropriately (many have no clue what that means) 3 Know about the history or company and agency in which you are applying. 4 Be on time for interview.  5 Don't bring your children to the interview 6 Don't slouch in chair while waiting nor while being interviewed  (we us to watch via camera prior to calling you in) 7 I don't care what you were told about that micro mini or those slack sagging pants, they don't look good.  8. Be Clean. 9. Do not speak negatively about past employers nor gossip about former coworkers. But the larger issue is what I was taught in class at an all black high school. In addition to academics, deportment and social graces was preached and appropriate attire for differing social and business functions.  Most kids only needed a nudge to comply.    We interviewed a young lady for a receptionist job in halter top and beach slippers and rings on every finger, tattoes on arm and neck with an orange streak in her hair.    I know there will be those who say, 'self expression'   Right. One has that right to express at some other job, not with us.   Yes we did take her through the entire interview process without comments in reference to her attire.  We couldn't mention it, but we knew within 10 seconds she was a no go.  Many HBCU do better than others including PWC of prompting in this area. I can think of one in particular that is excellent.

The school that fits the students particular need is best.

That's it. End of story  :nod:
You are right, because I'm still trying to wrap myself around his motives for this post. If one doesn't know, they probably don't have a need, nor want to know. There is so much out there, you wonder why?

My only concern across the board with our institutions do they want to make these improvements or have to make them??

Also new buildings are fine but type of professors are we attracting and giving tenure? What type of scholarship is being done?

You rarely read about studies, papers, scientific breakthroughs occurring at our schools.

There is outstanding research being performed at HBCUs though they are not research one institutions.  I personally know of some professors who have been involved in those projects.

The big problem is that our schools have faculty who teach four to five courses.  This does not leave a lot of time for research and writing.  It is possible but not as possible at the big schools.

However, I will still say that the smaller classes are a huge benefit to students and faculty at the HBCUs.  Very large classes can lack the personal touch that exist at a smaller school.  Students can have a better learning environment at a small school than a large one.

Examples please?
You asked, we oblige:  North Carolina Central University has the Biomedical/Biotechnology Research Institute(BBRI). [/b] The Institute conducts research focused on health issues that disproportionately affect African-Americans and other minority groups and trains NCCU students for careers in the biomedical sciences.  The other is : the Biomanufacturing Research Institute and Technology Enterprise(BRITE) specialize in research and training the next generation of biotechnology scientist in conjunction with North Carolina's booming biotechnology industry with a faculty of nationally selected and recognized researchers, scientist and educators partnering with the leading biotechnology companies in the USA.  BRITE is becoming one of the leading biotechnology educational institutions in America.  Both can be googled for advance information other than my novice attempt.

What was your intent in starting this one.   :shrug: :shrug: :shrug: OK, My first choice was Hampton but with two other siblings attending college at that time it was out of the question for my parents financially. I was told to pick between A&T,Fayetteville, North Carolina Central. Parents felt they were good schools for the money.  I didn't want to teach, so out went FSTC and left A&T - NCCU . Upon visitation my senior year to both campus, It was NCCU. Parents can see more than young 17 yr old kids. Had we the wherewithall in the mid 1960's it could have been a different experience being out of state etc.  However, I can't imagine the total experience being better in hindsight.  I fell in love with NCCU on my first visit and blinded by a  neat campus replete with bipedal eye candy.  I went home and told my parents they were right! As grandma said:   theres a persimmon on the tree for everybody- pick yours.  I did, and loved it.  ;D

Those are all excellent institutions to attend since some very intellectually sharp individual have attended and these are giants in our community.  They are all good.    They are ours.

General Discussion Forum / Re: Army and Air Force Blew it Again
« on: March 21, 2012, 09:07:46 AM »
 An error was commit ed.  Who cares which branch of service was in error.  His wife is in pain and you  two are acting like 7 yr old.  Enough already.    Que, this does not sound like you.   You are too intelligent for this.  Never get in a wrestling match with a pig because you both will get dirty but  the pig likes it.

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