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General Discussion Forum / Re: What is the end game?
« on: June 01, 2020, 01:39:28 PM »
I know my views will be in a minority here, so I’ll just say what I have to say and let the chips fall however they fall.

I find it amazing that we have bought into the narrative that rioting and looting don’t work when that’s exactly how our enemy conquered the damn world. They burned down villages, bombed countries into the Stone Age and looted them for their resources.  Think about that.

With that said, I do not and will never condone black people burning down black businesses or the businesses of our allies.  That’s stupid!  Our enemy is White Supremacy and the system and people who support it. That is who should be targeted.  Example: burning down the police precinct is fair game, so is any other structure that symbolizes the system we are raging against.  A war is being prosecuted against us.  Marching is not a good strategy when a war is being waged against you.  Kneeling, well, that amounts to nothing more than surrendering... conceding defeat.

You cannot protest a war that is being waged against you.  The people you are trying to reach with a protest are unreachable.  Not all white people subscribe to the ideology of White Supremacy, the enemy of world peace, and there are people of all races who subscribe to this stupid ideology.  Old Spook is a prime example. 
Protest is what you do before a war, it’s not supposed to be a tactic of defense. Martin L King was murdered by these animals, and he never burned or looted one business.  In my opinion, Marching and kneeling is akin to begging massa to stop being mean to us.  Stand up, fight your enemy and stop being scared of the consequences for standing up for ourselves.  They’re killing us regardless.  When are we finally going to say enough and stop responding in our usual way thinking the result will be different?  These people are at war with us.  Act like it.

Those cowards aren't going to fire those guns. It's tough white boy talk. When bullets start flying they will run.
These are the most vicious beings on the planet.  They are certainly capable of doing this. Question is, are we game?

So we ask black people to come back to our community and invest and employ people. Then we get mad at white people and burn the black people businesses down who come back to the community and employ our people. Seriously? How is that justice?
That’s not Justice.  I have a problem with destroying black owned businesses. No excuse for that.  Change targets, like the police station that was burned to the ground.  In addition, it wasn’t just black people rioting, it was the citizens of Minneapolis/Minnesota doing that. 

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I’m tired of seeing us march, kneel, sit while holding signs begging massa to stop treating us inhumanly. This type of thinking is the reason why we’re still marching, kneeling and sitting in protest about the same issues our parents and grandparents were protesting.  It’s time for some new tactics.

Boo-hoo!  Who gives a phuck? Not me.

I say burn it all down.  An eye for an eye. This is a f*****g war! And in war, there are two options:  advance or retreat.

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Burn down your own community is advancing.  ::)

This is war against racial injustice not a conventional war. And burning and looting is not an eye for an eye. An eye for an eye would be exacting punishment on Officer Chauvin.

Thank you Doomsday for your very wise words.
I’m not advocating burning down our communities. I’m saying it’s time to treat this for what it is: a war.    Fight or flight.  All options should be on the table.  Rioting doesn’t go far enough in my opinion. 

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I say burn it all down.  An eye for an eye. This is a f*****g war! And in war, there are two options:  advance or retreat.

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Some of y’all are bugging.  All is fair in love and war. There is a war being perpetrated against black people... black men in particular. What are they supposed to do? March? kneel? Sit? Beg massa to stop abusing us?  We’ve been doing that since the 1960’s.  It’s time for new tactics.

The is war being perpetrated against black and brown people. Only only response since this war has begun has been marching and kneeling in protest.  For over 60 years this has been our response. And yet, here we are taking more and more casualties. I kind of like the protest I saw in Brunswick.  Perhaps we should see more of that and less of begging massa to stop mistreating us. 

Biden is right.  No self respected black person would ever support someone like Trump.  Have no problem with what he said.
Exactly! This website will prove to be counterproductive to Trumps campaign. Then again, maybe I shouldn't have said that.  Let his dumb a-- continue to contribute to his own ouster.

He can’t help but contribute to his own demise.  It’s who he is.

Biden is right.  No self respecting black person would ever support someone like Trump.  Have no problem with what he said.

A civil war is on the horizon. Hopefully, it can be avoided, but I don’t see how.

« on: May 25, 2020, 08:10:06 PM »
The GOPers did this to themselves.  They embraced Trailer Trash Trump. Can’t run away from him now.

« on: May 21, 2020, 07:56:30 AM »
They are making some killer ads for sure. 

« on: May 21, 2020, 07:53:21 AM »
What’s crazy is the baby looks like Trump in the face. Poor child.

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