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General Discussion Forum / Re: What is the end game?
« on: Yesterday at 10:18:23 AM »
I was reminded this morning we haven't had this many riots since 1968, and in November of that year, Richard Nixon was elected on the law and order platform.

Hey, don't mind me. I'm old.
I'm reminded this morning how people go out of their way to leave out context in an attempt to strengthen their narrative. 

With the latest uprising across the country this poem come to mind:

"Negroes Sweet and docile, Meek humble and kind
Beware the day They change their mind

Wind in the cotton field Gentle breeze:
Beware the hour It uproot trees."

By Langston Hughes
All THIS^^^^^

General Discussion Forum / Re: What is the end game?
« on: Yesterday at 09:09:35 AM »

General Discussion Forum / Re: What is the end game?
« on: Yesterday at 09:05:24 AM »
These young people of all diversity have marched for over two years trying to bring attention to these issues. But they were ignored and even mocked by terms like "All Lives Matter" "Blue Lives Matter" . Nobody wanted to listen to them. In fact their goverment attempt to use the legislature to crimminalize them. Well you're listening to them now aren't you?  IMHO black people fantasizing about how the Civil Rights Movement was. Is the equivalent of white people saying I miss the good old days. What was good about it and for who?

"rioting is the language of the unheard "

Politics / Re: Biden’s best VP choice: Val Demings
« on: Yesterday at 08:17:51 AM »
@Strike79 it look like your girl Val Demings is get a boast up the list.

Jeremiah Ellison, who is a member of the Minneapolis City Council, noted in the tweet that he believes "white power" terrorists are actually the ones engaging in the looting, arson and other riot activities as violent sects hijack some of the protests against racial inequality and police brutality in the wake of the death of George Floyd last Monday.

"I hereby declare, officially, my support for ANTIFA," Ellison said. "Unless someone can prove to me ANTIFA is behind the burning of black and immigrant owned businesses in my ward, I’ll keep focusing on stopping the white power terrorist THE ARE ACTUALLY ATTACKING US!"

US President Donald Trump was reportedly whisked into a secure White House bunker usually used by leaders in terror attacks as protests erupted across Washington DC on Friday night

Politics / Re: Biden’s best VP choice: Val Demings
« on: Yesterday at 12:25:20 AM »

Smart money may be on a dark horse that no one has mention.  Clyburn and folks who have Biden's ear, are now saying Biden's pick for a VP has to be a pick that will do no harm. And Clyburn has signaled that the person does not have to be black.

Keep letting those two old foxes play games with you. None that means nothing

Politics / The evangelical family behind the pro-life movement
« on: May 31, 2020, 11:32:04 PM »

General Discussion Forum / Re: What is the end game?
« on: May 31, 2020, 08:46:28 PM »
The End Game is up to political leaders, business leaders and serious thinking community leaders - who are not grifters.

It is up to them to make the changes in laws and policies that don't keep criminal cops on the force. 

In Maryland, legislators put into law that cops can stay on the force after being convicted of crimes as long as they are misdemeanors.  A Baltimore cop pleaded guilty for planting evidence caught by his own bodycam and he can stay on the police force.

Minneapolis fires cops and they go through arbitration and a good percentage of them are reinstated.

It is about punishing criminals outside the law and who apply the law.

Before the looting the Minneapolis prosecutor was ambiguous about bringing a charge against the fired police officer.

Lawlessness by those who are dutybound to implement and apply the law will soon create chaos in our society and cities.

General Discussion Forum / Re: What is the end game?
« on: May 31, 2020, 08:17:48 PM »
Scenes like this totals debunks and deflates the purpose of the protests.  :no:

Expensive watches, I guess so they will be on time for the next protest. :shrug:

Protester trapped under FEDEX truck they were looting. :no:

I'm sorry maybe I'm old but I don't get it. :shrug:
No you just have this idea of how you would like a protest to go.
I guess so, because none of my ideas include vandalism, arson and stealing. :shrug:


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