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MAJ J, I gotta ask you do do some professional analysis.

WHY would otherwise INTELLEGENT black men think that trump would do SH!T for HBCU's after running a RACIST campaign and anointing the Keebler elf KLANSMAN Attorney General?

I mean... people KEEP crowing about this SO-CALLED initiative to "help" HBCU's while COMPLETELY ignoring all the other racist bullschit this motherflucker is slinging.

PLEASE explain the psychology behind the reasoning black folk with conservative tendencies use to inform their thought process.... I REALLY want to understand. ::)

I'm still trying to process.

Ok, this is how I would play it if I was Trump and the Republicans, and this has nothing to do with love but political strategy. Knowing the Dems are in a weakened state, and knowing the bond between African Americans and Dems is almost unbreakable, a shrewd person would smell blood in the water and try to exploit it. This is the perfect opportunity to possibly erode some of the Dem's, African American support.
Polls show black folk feel neglected by democrats. Many black folk also felt Obama did little to help black people and also implemented policies that actually hurt HBCUs.  

Have you noticed that since being elected, Trump has signed EOs that attacked, Muslims, Mexicans, and a pleather of foreign entities? Strangely, he has not targeted African Americans, yet. Perhaps this is political strategy. He needs to peel off a small part of the support for Clinton. He's not going to get Hispanic and Muslims because of the policies that are important to the Trump conservative base, namely border security and immigration. He's likely not going to make inroads with the extreme left.  That leaves African Americans as sitting ducks, ripe for the taking. Basically if you give many of us something, we're sold, -hook, line and sinker.

What better way to start the process than to call in HBCU presidents and throw them a bone? If smart Republicans minds in congress know the plan, they will provide funding. The conservative base will not reject this special funding because they don't think they are racist, and don't like being labeled as such.

Now here is the problem for democrats. Knowing this is an attempt to win African American votes, some may be inclined to reject the funding. But will they? Absolutely not. Doing so would alienate African Americans and increase their support for the

I honestly hope this is the plan. It would be a win win situation. HBCUs would get some needed funding and the Dem's monopoly with African American will finally be broken. Both parties need to work for out vote, and they can start by funned all the thing that are important to us.

Now let me put on my radiation suit and sit back and wait for the Cholly atomic bomb to drop.

I actually think this is exactly their plan....I read a gop study once that bascially said that if the GOP could get just 10% of aftican americans to consistently vote GOP both nationall and locally, it would swing so many close races that it was worth almost any amount of money spent to attain it.  I think at the time I read that (during W Bush years) they were getting like 5% consistently...they mess around and get in good with HBCUs, who know what could happen.....

I dont care eithe way....whther he likes HBCus or its political, if HBCUs benefit then thats the win....just be careful of hidden strings....

Elizabeth Mosely-Hawkins,
Director of Public Relations
(803) 533-3681

Feb. 28, 2017
Seeding a New Generation of Journalism Professionals

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Armstrong Williams, chairman of Howard Stirk Holdings (HSH) Journalism Foundation, Inc. and SC State University have entered into a definitive gift agreement under which Howard Stirk Holdings Journalism Foundation will create the Armstrong Williams Broadcast Scholarship Program via a commitment of $250,000 to SC State’s communications and journalism program.

President James E. Clark, center, expresses appreciation to alumnus Armstrong Williams, ’81, 2nd from right, for his contribution to the university. The two are joined by, l to r, Associate Vice President for Institutional Advancement and executive director of the SC State Foundation A.L. Fleming; Attorney Benjamin Crump; alumni and foundation board of directors, Terrance Head, ’99, and Ogunna Njoku, ‘99.
Howard Stirk Holdings Journalism Foundation, Inc., Scholarship Program provides an optimal platform for introducing college students from underserved backgrounds to careers in journalism and broadcast media, which has traditionally failed to expose a broad cross-section of America’s young people to opportunities in the field.
In its first year, the program will allow undergraduate students to receive scholarships in support of their education as they pursue a degree in communications.
“South Carolina State University is pleased to partner with Armstrong Williams and the Howard Stirk Holdings Journalism Foundation in support of the next generation of journalists,” said SC State President James E. Clark.
“Investments such as Williams’ contribution to SC State advance the academic stature of the university, further promoting its value proposition to other potential high net worth donors,” continued Clark.
As the largest black-owned television broadcaster in the United States, Williams is in a unique position to provide substantial opportunities for minorities in the media industry. The Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) approval of Howard Stirk Holdings (the stations’ parent company) license applications in March 2015 paved the way for this historic partnership. Armstrong Williams HSH Scholarship program will help advance the FCC’s goals of increasing minority ownership and viewpoint diversity in broadcast media.
“This partnership with South Carolina State University represents a major commitment to strengthen and expand opportunities for young people that are so critical to our nation’s future,” said Armstrong Williams, CEO of Howard Stirk Holdings.  “It will enable us to continue in the great tradition of South Carolina State Senator Clementa Pinkney, who used his position of influence to create countless opportunities for young people in our state. We want to pick up where he left off and do our part to cement a legacy of progress by creating opportunities for young people who have traditionally been excluded from the media industry.”
Williams earned a Bachelor of Science degree in political science from SC State. He has reached the pinnacle of success as an entrepreneur in the media industry and political commentator. By giving back to the university, his contribution demonstrates his appreciation for SC State and his commitment to making a difference through philanthropy. His donation to the university will help make possible opportunities to develop more leaders in media.
 “We are honored by Williams’ commitment to the SC State University Foundation, and we appreciate this significant contribution to SC State,” said Kenneth G. Claxton, ’97, foundation board chair.
“We are always excited to receive donations such as this, but we are more than thrilled when alumni demonstrate their Bulldog pride through such significant financial contributions,” said A.L. Fleming, associate vice president for Institutional Advancement and executive director of the SC State University Foundation.
“This gift is particularly noteworthy, as it is the largest individual alumni gift this year,” Fleming further noted.
HSH Journalism Foundation board of directors is compromised C. Boyden Gray, famed journalist Juan Williams, former NBA superstar and Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, Benjamin Crump, Esquire and media lawyer Colby May.
The scholarship will be awarded beginning fall 2017. For more information on the Armstrong Williams Broadcast Scholarship, contact the SC State University Foundation at (803) 536-7190.
Founded in 1896 as a land grant institution with a mission of providing service to the citizens of the state, South Carolina State University has evolved from a small teachers’ college into a major University center of learning and research. Located in Orangeburg, S.C., with a student population of some 2,600, South Carolina State offers more than 50 different fields of study on the undergraduate and graduate levels. South Carolina State University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and is a member of the Council of Graduate Schools.

General Discussion Forum / Re: Alpha Phi Alpha: A Legacy of Campus Activism
« on: February 09, 2017, 05:13:04 PM »
'06 to the good bruhs

I heard that he may propose five percent of all government research grants or contracts go to HBCU's. Thats alot more than Obama  did.

Only 5%?  If ya gonna do something, then do something historic. Folks kill me settling for some damn crumbs and these other folks throwing away Châteaubriand and whole lobsters.

what percentage is set aside for hbcus currently?

charge that b*tch with perjruy....and my apologies to the women of this board...but in this case, the word applies......

And there is a horse in Kentucky that wants Kellyanne to release his face back to him.

its wrong I know....but this comment just caght me off guard....Im still

Why the need for the F-35?  What does it do better then the F-18 and F-22?

cant go into details...but a lot...

they were not created for the same purpose...they are similar in many ways, but the F-35 is much more advanced. 

and also, the F-22 is no longer being produced...


that money comes with strings attached---their board dictates how the money is spent-- they almost took control of Florida State with their donations--so we could be making a deal with the devil.

Every major donor will have stipulations with their money. 

agree....if folk dont like this, dont tell the school dont take the money...give your own money...anyone who gives that kind of money gonna have stipulations...

Sports Forum / Re: Howard Bison New Head Coach
« on: January 07, 2017, 07:57:02 AM »
Excellent hire howard

Sports Forum / Re: MEAC Football Coordinator Fired
« on: January 04, 2017, 05:01:55 PM »
Dont know if this story is true, but I hope so.  But even IF so, thomas will hire someone even worse.  This is the man who oversaw the creation of Meackie.  even if he made a good fire, he wont make a good hire.....hes an idiot

And that pesky little thing that brings in $2,000,000 each year  :popcorn:

dude, let it go.....

This dude bring up something over a decade ago and he fixed his mouth to say the words "let it go"  :lol: :lol: :lol:

That's like confederate flag supporters telling confederate flag protesters to let it go. The sheer insanity of that statement is mind numbing.  :lol: :lol: :lol:

then ignore my insanity and dont respond. 

Sports Forum / Re: MEAC Football Coordinator Fired
« on: January 04, 2017, 04:13:05 PM »
Dont know if this story is true, but I hope so.  But even IF so, thomas will hire someone even worse.  This is the man who oversaw the creation of Meackie.  even if he made a good fire, he wont make a good hire.....hes an idiot

And that pesky little thing that brings in $2,000,000 each year  :popcorn:

dude, let it go.....

Sports Forum / Re: MEAC Football Coordinator Fired
« on: January 04, 2017, 03:32:05 PM »
Dont know if this story is true, but I hope so.  But even IF so, thomas will hire someone even worse.  This is the man who oversaw the creation of Meackie.  even if he made a good fire, he wont make a good hire.....hes an idiot

Sports Forum / Re: Delaware State Football 2017
« on: December 30, 2016, 12:23:09 PM »
None don those schools will join the meac.  Dennis Thomas doesn't want it.  That's why he never pushes that issuehewantsthemto be black only conferences Thomas has no vision. Nonethe confeences won't grow or addmembers other than a siac or ciaa school if one decides to
Move up.  Or Tennessee state if they move. That's the only options for expansion stupid Thomas wil entertain.  He is a 60s era leader and that's all he can see.  He is a loser who depends on conference schools inability or fear to leave to keep him in place. He is a joke 

Politics / Re: Guess who is under consideration for VA secretary?
« on: December 01, 2016, 10:53:11 AM »
Trump won.....he can appoint who he wants......everyone who doesnt like who he appoints better work to get more people to vote.   I think Palin is an idiot...but its Trumps choice to make...he won......

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