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If this
Can be proven to be true then the president will resign or be fired very soon

General Discussion Forum / SC State & Clemson Partnership
« on: June 28, 2018, 04:39:41 PM »
Clemson, SC State to offer five-year dual-degree program in physics | Clemson University News and Stories, South Carolina -

Sports Forum / Re: CIAA going with Under Armour
« on: February 06, 2018, 12:54:39 AM »
I see why this is good for the smaller schools. I don’t see why it’s good for the larger ones.

Sports Forum / Re: Duer Sharp is resigning as SWAC commissioner
« on: November 30, 2017, 11:33:11 AM »
I wonder what the presidents want moving forward
Dennis Thomas

I would applaud this move. Send him back home

interested to see what happens here

I am not going to lie.  I am very disappointed in the move.  I guess they have to do what they have to do for their own purposes.  I only wish there was some way to work this out. They are leaving now...then SSU next year.  Wheew...these are two hard blows to the chin.

Hampton leaving the MEAC MAY or may NOT be a blow to the conference but certainly not a surprise.  SSU leaving the MEAC is hardly a blow to the MEAC's chin considering they never REALLY wanted SSU anyway. Heyal, their admittance went something like "Ok...well... I guess...but under these conditions...and then well..I guess"   :tongue2:

Is this the beginning of the end of the MEAC as we now know it? 

ElJay, I seriously doubt it. It will be interesting to see what other changes happen in the MEAC after the Pirates vacate the premises. Remember the MEAC was just fine before the addition of Hampton, SSU and briefly WSSU.

I truly hope no D2 school starts that FCS transition process.  That same $1M fee off the rip could go toward improving those same D2 facilities, which is one of the main factors in a number of our schools not getting the top student-athletes. 

I wonder if the MEAC would like to have Tuskegee...maybe?  :shrug: Albany State...maybe? But that probably won't happen either. Well, maybe Albany State?  :shrug:

just my 2 cents...based 2 cents

why would either one of those teams (Tuskegee or Albany) want to join the MEAC.  Why wouldn't they want to join the SWAC, if  they wanted to move up at all? 

^^That's cute an all, but when she said Health Care was a privilege  :-X

I feel you...but she is entitled to her opinion.....

She is also a former miss South Carolina state university.

And also, a former miss black and gold for the beta delta chapter of alpha phi alpha located there. 

She knew she owed that money.

Come of folks, stop giving Allen a free pass. It is their job to manage these things.

So what should they have done?  Run around and beg her to pay her bill?  Jokers know how to work the emotions of folks in the Business Office...crying...all the sad stories...the come up.  So blame the school for giving you the opportunity to be in school knowing you have a bill?  

If anything Mc_____ came in there and said this has got to stop and put that hammer down.  LOL

If your money aignt right....go to a cheaper school...or take out more loans...get a part time something.  Don't wait until it's all due NOW it's an issue and say the school didn't do something to fix it.

I like Allen...I have family who went there.  but she shouldnt have been able to enroll with a balance.  and I know that enrollment would drop.  but people gotta pay.  and I dont think she should be able to graduate with teh debt.  now allen should have let her know she had the debt sooner, but I do agree that she knew she wasnt paying the full amount so she owed something.  there is fault on both sides....but she shouldhave to pay before she graduates....

this is the same issue SCSU had.  students carry balances...some drop out and never pay them.  the school pays for teachers, services, food etc, for students, some of which who have not paid.  so teh school absorbs that that sacs can puniosh you for carrying to much debt, schools are less likely to let a student carry a debt......

1. We know "the state taking over" would mean the doors would close and the campus would be turned into re-purposed high end condos and park space. I really hate hearing alums say stuff like that Cap. And yes, I know it was very bad then.

2. If Allen were to demand their money up front prior to classes starting, they'd have a woefully low enrollment. Then we'd be talking firing everyone in enrollment management for not recruiting.

3. Our people have a misguided idea about financial aid. This young lady knew she didn't have enough aid to cover her entire bill each semester. $33k does not accumulate in one year. When is she going to be held responsible for the CHOICE to continue to enroll at Allen? Especially when in the piece she admitted to receiving a bill in August.

private school....the state wont step in...

beter make sure its chicken and not some flamingos from the zoo that died or something....

my thoughts?  do it as often as necessary.....

The Sixth Congressional District includes parts of Cobb and DeKalb Counties.  DeKalb is majority Black, and Cobb went democratic in the presidential race for the first time in 40 years.  It also includes parts of Fulton, where most of Atlanta is located.

Georgia should not be a red state or as red if democrats in the state had their act together, and yes, it will take a lot of work in campaigning.  The DCCC apparently was going to take a half-hearted attitude to the race.  The attitude of the DNC and their related groups can be pitiful.

I live in Tom Price's district, squarely in Downtown Roswell. No Democrat will take this seat. This District is GOP Country.

The vast majority of the district is the older White, Christian crowd who strongly supported Trump in November. 


the buckhead coalition will make sure that seat stays GOP

SCSU president was there.....

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