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« on: Today at 01:43:48 AM »


Bowie State Football Releases 2020 Schedule
BOWIE, Md. – The Bowie State University Department of Athletics has released its 10-game football schedule for the 2020 season. Bowie State concluded last season with an overall record of 11-1, 7-0 in the CIAA and the Bulldogs repeated as conference champions.
"We're glad to have finalized our 2020 schedule and feel we've been able to schedule a very competitive non-conference schedule to go along with our conference schedule" said Head Coach Damon Wilson. "The non-conference portion of our schedule will afford us the opportunity to play three teams that represent three different D2 conferences and are excited about the opportunities to compete against some very good programs."
The Bulldogs will kick off its season on the road against the Chargers of New Haven University on Saturday, September 5th with game time set for 1 pm. Next on the schedule for Bowie State will be a first-time meeting against the Saginaw Valley State University Cardinals on Saturday, September 12th in Bulldogs Stadium with kickoff is slated for at 1:00 p.m.
BSU will make its longest trip of the regular season on Saturday, September 19th, traveling to Texas A&M University – Commerce to conclude the non-conference portion of their schedule. This will mark the first meeting between the Bulldogs and Lions and the contest will get underway at 6 p.m. (Central Time).
The Bulldogs will open conference play in week four and will face the Blue Bears of Livingstone College in Salisbury, N.C. on Saturday, September 26th with game time to be announced. 
The first game in the month of October will feature Homecoming for Bowie State as the Bulldogs play host to Johnson C. Smith University. This cross-divisional matchup is scheduled to take place on Saturday, October 3rd with kickoff set for 2 p.m.
Bowie State divisional play will begin on the road against the Hawks of Chowan University on Saturday, October 10th. Game time between to be determined. Bowie State returns home Saturday, October 17th to face the Trojans of Virginia State University in Bulldogs Stadium at 1 p.m.
The Bulldogs will load the iron horses in week eight and nine, making trips to Virginia Union University (Saturday, October 24th) and Lincoln University of Pennsylvania (Saturday, October 31st). Game time for both games are 1 p.m.
The regular season will conclude Saturday, November 7th as Bowie State hosts its final regular season contest against the Vikings of Elizabeth City State University at 1 p.m. This game has been designated as Senior Day.

@ New Haven U  :o
Saginaw Valley State U  :o
@ Texas A&M U Commerce  :o

Why would Bowie State schedule all these powerhouse teams in one season?  :shrug:
And does New Haven and TexA&M-Commerce return the games in the future?
None of the schools are powerhouses. Texas A&M University-Commerce has one NCAA title. Texas and New Haven are solid programs though. Saginaw has been struggling as of late. Anyway, everybody should play a tough non-conference schedule to prepare them for the playoffs and that's what BSU did!

WSSU has played New Haven and Texas A&M Commerce in the playoffs. They are national powers and far better than the CIAA. Not saying BSU can't beat these schools, because we did, but Bowie will have to come to play. Playing too hard of a schedule increase the chance of losing, which in tern keep you out of the playoffs. They could make the playoffs, IN MOST YEARS, by simple winning the CIAA. After making the National Championship game WSSU tried to do the same thing Bowie is doing by playing Valdosta State the next two seasons. They beat us both times, reducing our chances of making the playoffs. Those WSSU teams were better than where Bowie is right now.

Well,,,,,,I gotta be honest,,,,,,,I would LOVE to have Bowie in the MEAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :nod: :clap: :nod: :clap: :nod: And I hope they go 10-0 this fall! :nod: :popcorn:

I too hope they go 10-0. They also would be good for the MEAC if they had more fans and better facilities. I think before schools move up, they need to consider weather they have developed a winning program or have they have been winning simply by having a great coach. Some coaches can make a school look better than they really are. And when that coach leaves, a school finds themselves trying to compete on a lever they should not be on. In fact, most HBCUs are only as good as their coach ability to manage doing with less.

Man look. Things are what they are. If Wilson were to leave, we would find someone who could keep it going. We did it in basketball...

Unfortunately, we are located in a market where there is so much to do over the weekends, especially the really nice weekends we have here in the DMV. Everyone is all over the place doing all kinds of things across the region, and the only time we get a mob of fans is homecomings, a playoff game or a rivalry game. It is what it is, and I don't lose too much sleep over it.

The long and short of it is this, we have become somewhat of a football school, but in our heart of hearts, we are still a basketball school in a basketball area. I have come to live with the fact that a lot of alumni are just too jaded, don't care enough, have too much going on, too cool, too cosmopolitan (or wanna be cosmopolitan), don't wanna get riled up and lathered up and cheer too hard (overall, there are exceptions like myself), and just aren't as ravenous as the down south folks are about football. It's reality.

It is what it is. I have given up on a better atmosphere years ago. I just enjoy things for what they are. To be honest, we actually have been getting more fans than we used to, and even some die-hards who actually like to do the weekly pre- and post game tailgates and what have you are slowly popping up more and more as the years go by.

Are we like Va St. and WSSU with all of that? No, but as I said a million times already, I ain't trippin. The folks who show up like myself enjoy the wins, and our lil' ol' atmosphere that we have. Maybe one day it will change and we'll get to that upper level one day, and maybe not.

And Punchy, as much as I would like to say from your lips to God's ears as far as the MEAC, I don't see it. For the exact reasons Ram 55 continues to beat us up and down for on the sly tip (don't think I don't peep it, you know I do  :)I think you just mad a school with "less" football pedigree has been wreckin' shop recently. I know it hurts. :)), we ain't going to the MEAC bro. That would be pretty cool, but there would have to be hella changes, and I don't think (at least not to my knowledge) that the admin, alumni etc. etc. are even really hyped to take that on.

It seems like we are good with being a solid D-II athletic program with our "lil' old facilities". We are throwing a LOT into the expansion of our academic facilities and buildings and what have you. I just don't see that same effort with the athletic program as of yet (although we did add an athletic field house for the football team at the Bulldog Stadium  in the past couple of years along with lights, oh yeah, and the turf field). Again I will repeat, it is what it is. I'm just happy we are whuppin' arse on a halfway decent basis. Don't worry about us kid.

We aight. :)

« on: Today at 01:11:13 AM »
As my Dean of Pledges would have said over 31 years ago...

If If was a spliff, we'd all be high
If If was a Fifth we'd all be drunk
If your aunt had b*lls she'd be your uncle...

I'm pretty sure BSU is well aware of what is about to go down in the first half of the season. And last season, we had some close brushes. So whut? chicken butt. We won.

If we can go 2-1 during the 1st three weeks, we'll be good. Shoot even if we stub our toes and drop 2 out of 3, I can see us getting pissed and coming back into the CIAA ready to whup arse and take a third straight league crown.

After this string of playoff appearances, if we somehow fall out of the running for the postseason, but can still recover and win the CI, I can still talk maaaaaaad shiggidy, and I'd be fine with that. ;D (I usually don't talk crap, unless provoked, but y'all already knew that). ;)

I ain't even worried. Shoot, if we can find another halfway decent RB, we'll be good, because it will take a lot of pressure off of Johnson at QB, who still has good receivers and will be even more of a threat on the ground than he already is. The defense is gonna be there as always,ready to lay the wood to any and everybody. :dedhorse:

Y'all got me halfway amped now,and we ain't even certain that there is even gonna BE a season. :nod: :shrug:  :nod: :shrug:

That bimbo set him up with that dummy-move.

Now is not the time for his brand of bull-ish.


Part me  thinks you post clear women to get a rise out of other posters on this board. Young man, this is not the time to be capping for a clear woman.

Any woman with good financial sense can manage a budget.

Thank you. :clap:

X's 2.

A troll in every sense of the world.

Go play in traffic man.

On I-75 at rush hour


Part me  thinks you post clear women to get a rise out of other posters on this board. Young man, this is not the time to be capping for a clear woman.

Any woman with good financial sense can manage a budget.

Thank you. :clap:

X's 2.

A troll in every sense of the word.

Go play in traffic man.

Sports Forum / Re: What happens to BCU and South Carolina State?
« on: Yesterday at 10:55:28 AM »
 :lmao: :lmao: @Jay T

Sports Forum / Re: FAMU to the SWAC....
« on: June 02, 2020, 03:34:39 PM »
I'm just saying, football or non-football school, UMES nor CSU are going D-II unless something really drastic happens.
I hear ya. Just don't see the relevance as it pertains to re-alignment of football conferences

True...I gotcha. Well, Del St. is a football school, and I don't see them going D-II either. I could see them bolting for a PWI Conference or becoming Independent before that would happen.

Sports Forum / Re: FAMU to the SWAC....
« on: June 02, 2020, 03:25:20 PM »
I'm just saying, football or non-football school, UMES nor CSU are going D-II unless something really drastic happens.

Sports Forum / Re: NBA HOF Wes Unsled died
« on: June 02, 2020, 03:17:18 PM »
My uncle used to take me and my brother to Bullets games back in the day (mid-late 70's). That joint used to ROCK!

I remember meeting Wes in Annapolis at an in-store appearance at a local athletic shoe/apparel shop. I was 9-10 years old. He asked my if I played ball and I was like "oh yeah, I wish I had somebody like you to get rebounds and feed me on the break." He laughed, play thumped me on the head and told me to keep playing, but make sure you do well in school.

I never forgot that. He seemed like a real cool cat.

RIP Wes! :angel:

Sports Forum / Re: FAMU to the SWAC....
« on: June 02, 2020, 02:52:41 PM »
I am not against a quaint MEAC line up - it could be what doctor ordered. It may be much more manageable travel wise and room for more out of conference play. I hope NCCU stays in the MEAC and that the MEAC survives after all the moves.


Then Basketball

This sounds great in theory. But there’s no way that the MEAC schools stay in a conference with on six football playing schools with no options of generating revenue in the postseason.

IMO, I makes sense that BCU and SCSU will move down to the SIAC which they will be extremely competitive across the board.

UMES, Coppin and Del State will move down to the CIAA with Del State. The CIAA would add those schools to the northern division with on Del State playing football while expanding the fan base in the region the basketball tournament just moved to.

For the other schools it will be every institution for themselves to make the best decision their programs. A lot of feelings will be hurt and all deals will not be the same. The only school that may have several options on the table may be NCCU

Not trying to be a knucklehead or anything, but I've heard this Coppin and UMES to D-II thing for the past decade. I don't see them moving....And Del St. moving to D-II? Ain't happenin' either. Time to put these delusions of grandeur to rest, IMHO.

I betcha them bone spurs didn’t flare up when he was hauling arse to the bunker retreat.

 :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao:

« on: June 01, 2020, 05:05:28 PM »
All that can be said is Wow! Most of their schedule is against playoff caliber schools. BSU could have a great team and still finish about .500. Most of those teams are looking at BSU as a serious challenge. However, scheduling all those great teams was, in my opinion, not a good idea. Somebody is probably going to beat them... maybe three or four will beat them. But good luck Champs!


However, I will add, we could have been beaten 2-3 times last year when you looked at the pre-season schedule. We lost once.

I'm just sayin...

A fictional character from a Baltimore-based series put it another way...

"When you come at the king....You best not miss."

« on: May 31, 2020, 04:17:35 PM »
Thank you.

But of course, I am sure you already know the answer to your own question.

I hear the folks up in Milwaukee call Wisconsin "Wississippi".

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