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General Discussion Forum / CHANGE MY MIND
« on: Today at 06:56:05 AM »

 :clap: :clap: :clap:


A bill moving through the North Carolina House seeks to eliminate state income taxes on the retirement pay for military veterans.

House Bill 83 would allow for military veterans to deduct their military retirement benefits. The deduction would be effective for taxable years beginning on or after Jan. 1, 2021.

The legislation’s primary sponsors are Reps. John Szoka (R-Cumberland), John Bell (R-Wayne), John Bradford (R-Mecklenburg) and Diane Wheatley (R-Cumberland).

“By eliminating the income tax on military retirement pay, we will also make our state more competitive in attracting and recruiting these highly trained and qualified military retirees,” Szoka said in a statement. “This is an essential component to developing and growing North Carolina’s talented workforce.”

???^^^dude, stop being silly and glib and tell the rest of us what Pat DID say about George Floyd.

There really are ways to be a responsible poster on this board without the never ending desire to post something absurd.  :shrug:


 :shrug: What did I say that isn't true?   ;D

Not a damn thing. 

Now go sip on some Oban.

« on: Yesterday at 01:57:05 PM »

In yet another example of a dramatic mainstream media narrative imploding, the intelligence community has backed off reports that Russia placed bounties on the heads of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan.

A senior Biden administration official said Thursday the intelligence community only had "low to moderate" confidence in the Russian bounty story, meaning it is unproven and possibly untrue, due to a reliance on "detainee reporting." The revelation came as the administration announced a new series of sanctions against Russia for a host of reasons, but the bounty story was not among them.

The boy should have been home.  His parents bare some responsibility for him being out at that hour.  Also, his grown accomplice should be held responsible for his death also.

Was the cop wrong?  Hell yeah. 

:lol:  Y, you didn't prove chit!

Folks been losing it and shooting up their places of employment since forever.

And the majority of time, the shooter does not look like you or I.

Prove it.


Is nothing safe anymore?

You people need to get out more.  You missed what he said about George Floyd.

Biden becomes president and people start having shoot 'em ups.  Not to mention the stabbings.



This is my cousin's place of employment.
I'm just glad he had already left the premises.

I did.  The usual suspects can't disprove it.

Sports Forum / Re: Eddie George to Tennessee State
« on: Yesterday at 08:34:31 AM »
400k a year to a coach with no previous HC Experience. With a benefit package that can get him another 100k

Wow TSU just WOW

Hope it pays off for TSU

Winston-Salem State hired a guy with no head coach experience.  He did turned out pretty good. 

Sports Forum / Re: Interesting Twitter Question...
« on: Yesterday at 08:31:01 AM »
Peter Press Maravich.  He could do it all.  He'd had a much better career if he was healthy. 

Politics / New Hampshire lifts coronavirus mask mandate
« on: Yesterday at 08:13:32 AM »
Read more

New Hampshire’s mask mandate expired Friday after the state’s governor announced in a tweet on Thursday that it would not be renewed. Gov. Chris Sununu said the decision was made as the state’s rate of virus-related hospitalizations remains stable, vaccination efforts increase and COVID-19 deaths continue to decline.

they reaching wayyyyy back on this one:

Looks like he joined the Army late. 

Biden becomes president and people start having shoot 'em ups.  Not to mention the stabbings.

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