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why hasn't the SIAC office came out and refuted these claims by SSU?

Did you really think the SIAC cares enough to dispute these claims?   :lmao: :lmao:

Chile them folks don’t give a damn how you feel - or how most of us feel for that matter. 

Probably read this, said “chile bye”, and left the office early for
The Holidays :lol:

Suck it up buttercup - and welcome home.  Your room is just the way you left it.

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Your room is just the way you left it. Welcome home.😂🤩🤣

Exactly. On to next year.

Sports Forum / Re: SIAC Champs, Miles
« on: November 19, 2019, 08:36:32 AM »
Best of luck Miles!

Sports Forum / Re: SIAC Champs, Miles
« on: November 16, 2019, 08:40:24 PM »
Congrats Bears! Can't wait to see  y'all again and that purple beast marching machine.

White enrollment at SSU

The Athletics comment was just a theory

But let's look at it
2011 - 229
2012 - 247
2013 - 277
2014 - 238
2015 - 228
2016 - 212
2017 - 195
2018 - 173
2019 - 140

Yeah I agree, white flight is a stretch here.  But I still believe (just personally) the 2017 (the year announcement was made) to 2019 reduction in white enrollment is tied to Athletics (55 students - and we had quite a few white athletes). 

This is just my theory.  Doesn't mean it wasn't tied to the bad administration.

I think what might be helpful is looking at the white enrollment by major. Traditionally most whites go through the College of business administration. Late in the spring semester madam pres ran off the long term successful Dean after he informed her that she might risk accreditation if she made her planned moves. There was a huge backlash to this. Potentially this may have caused some to transfer.

I have my point of view on moving the HBCU's to a new system, but I get the counter point. For many people they think try something else since the old system has been in place with weak results.

The data does not support the claim that white enrollment is down due to a move to d2.

Several facts to refute this.

1) White enrollment has been declining since 2013. This includes several years when moving to D2 was not on the table.

2) From 2013 to 2014 SSU saw a significant % drop inthe   white enrollment. In the spring of 2013 SSU baseball won the MEAC title. With this thinking the positive exposure from that should have helped grow enrollment, but if my check of the data is correct it still dropped.

3) The published system enrollment report does not give data by race that show how many white student athletes and non student athletes are in the final number.

4) There has been no documented/reported mass exedus of of white student athletes. There is no reported data on why student athletes chose not to return or if they chose to attend D1 schools. Same for white non student athletes.

5) Before the move to D1 was announced we had athletes of diverse backgrounds leave SSU for d2 schools.

6) The sports with a high percentage of white athletes, mainly baseball and men's golf, still retain that dynamic today. The current roster for men's golf is all white.

Additionally other factors like crime and perception of academic instability might be huge factors influencing a white students desire to return to SSU. On the flip side this perception could also impact the amount of white entering freshman. This could affect the numbers.

The enrollment data over time just does not support the white enrollment decline.

All of the above contribute. Location can be a factor, but nearly every HBCU in other state can point to a nearby pwi to contend with.

A big part is black folks sick mentality of not being good enough.

This last one is something folks don't want to talk about, but our schools have to stay out of the media for self inflicted foolishness. We have to care more about how presidents run the schools as opposed to trying to cover for their foolishness.

I don’t see the point of the merger.  I just think the State should follow through on  proper funding and programs. 

I think a separate entity would only make it worse.


The debate regarding how HBCU's in the state are governed is a worthy one. I am skeptical that a change would improve things based on several factors. This governor would appoint most of the board. They would still control the money and new program creation. Lastly looking at the types of alum that run the official SSU support groups many would be as bad or worse than what we have seen from other trustee boards. Many of them would probably be trustees.

SSU 49
EWC 19

Great season Tigers!

Just a half teaspoon of reality and humidity would be nice. Many of the ones bashing the SIAC as short as 2 months ago are now acting all new.

This coach may be gone after another year like this. Culturally and structurally some things must change. If this coach leaves for bad reasons so will many of the players.

I think picking SSU to finish last may be a sign of incompetence administratively as opposed to an actual evaluation of SSU. We should not have been picked to finish 1st or 2nd, but definitely nothing close to last. We did not leave D1 with a high level of D1 talent like WSSU did. And we DID NOT have any major erosion of high level talent leave due to stepping down. It's not like we had a bunch of MEAC 1st, second or 3rd team players....who then decided to leave. We did have a good defense. As someone said with nearly everyone returning with the same staff there will be a good reason to pick SSU to finish high with solid recruiting.

Props to the good number of Wildcats that came to Savannah.

Big props to the Blue Machine for giving us a sincere welcome back HOME with no shade, despite how nasty some people were when we departed.....

Props to FV for hosting the marshcats during hurricane evacuations. Y'all have been doing that for years.

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