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I'm afraid you are the only person who watched that.  :nod:

I'm not even talking about Madea. I'm talking about the soapiest of soaps he writes, produces, directs and airs on OWN.

If Loving You is Wrong & The Haves and The Have Nots.

They aren't going to win any Emmy's but they are entertaining.

And I can watch & enjoy 'complex' drama. You're the one stuck on Madea.

You can give the baby candy to get their attention, but one you have it, it have to slip in an occasional fruit and vegetable. Have and Have Nots is fine, but counter that with a Queen Sugar. Basically that is what Oprah has done with her network.  Yes Tyler save her, but she knew  depending on his slapstick would make her the laughing stock of the industry. 

What exactly turned you off about a college eduction for your kids? Clearly it was the vehicle you used to achieve success. I find it a bit puzzling  college is not the primary path you have for them.  Is it strictly the cost? Meaning, if there is no college, there will be less money out of your pocket. You are pushing them down the cheapest path that absolves you from spending much money.

(CHICAGO) — Two brothers who say they helped Jussie Smollett stage a racist and homophobic attack against himself sued the “Empire” actor’s attorneys on Tuesday, accusing them of defamation by continuing to insist publicly that the brothers carried out a real, bigoted attack on Smollett despite knowing that was untrue.

Abimbola “Abel” Osundairo and Olabinjo “Ola” Osundairo said in a joint statement issued after their lawsuit was filed in federal court in Chicago that Smollett’s legal team has spread false accusations that have hurt their reputations and undermined their career prospects.

“We have sat back and watched lie after lie being fabricated about us in the media only so one big lie can continue to have life,” they said. “These lies are destroying our character and reputation in our personal and professional lives.”

In their lawsuit, the Osundairos contend that even after prosecutors dropped the charges against Smollett despite saying they believed they could prove the attack was a hoax, Smollett’s attorneys kept saying in interviews that the Chicago-born brothers “led a criminally homophobic, racist and violent attack against Mr. Smollett.”

No, I'm saying they'll have to earn a four year degree through hard work.  They can say they want to go to college but their actions will speak louder than their words.  If they actually want to go they will do the work that will allow it to happen.

That makes me think of Barkley supposedly seeing 90% of Black students raising their hands wanting to be pro athletes.  That's just ridiculous on another level, because that means 90% of the student bodies he's talking to are on their school's sports teams.  Sigh.  Likewise he's saying that 90% of the white kids he's spoken to are on track to attend college, which also ain't true unless he only speaks at Black sports academies and elite white segregation academies.  Chuck just be making up stuff.

But wouldn't that be the same as black folk saying 'white folk have all the money, have all the advantages, get preferential treatment....."  Saying all is saying 100% vs Charles 90%. You see where I'm going with this?

Back to your kids, suppose your kids put the hard work in k-12 to qualify for college, but could not get enough scholarships to cover all the expenses, and your family income is too high for financial assistance.  Would you still refuse to help then bridge that amount? I know you mentioned a relative, but wouldn't you feel a tad bit obligated to help as well?  Remember you said you would not allow a loan either. You would actually place ego over your kid's success? If you can't afford it, the conversation ends right now.

So you are saying you feel your kids don't deserve your assistance with a four year degree, because you have already given them so much? My parents use to say, 'I feed you' when we questioned why we got nothing for christmas.  :'(

this is off topic but how can you keep posting this nonsense on Wendy but throw Tyler Perry under the bus for his soap opera TV shows?

My only complain about Tyler is the fact that I don't see the growth. Madea brought him to the party, now it's time to leave her in the corner and pick up a better date. But on the flip side I understand Tyler's dilemma as well. Black audiences tend to resist complex works. My friends sit around and talk about how good those soap operas  and TV series are. If I recommend something a little bit more complex, they get mad and call it boring or too complex to follow. I really get where they are coming from. Some folk grew up reading classics, while others read dime store novels.  Can't change what you start a baby off with.  :no:

I'm not paying for college, period.

If they want to go it's up to them to earn it whether it be through sports or academics or whatever.  If they don't want to go that's fine too.  Just be out of my house by the age of maturity.

Once they get older I have zero expectation that they'll actually try to be professional athletes though.  I wouldn't want that to be their primary goal but I wouldn't dissuade them if that's what they wanted.  I'd just want them to be realistic.

One thing I thought about while watching Barkley talk was "I wonder if somebody came to his high school and asked who wanted to be a professional athlete would he have raised his hand.  You know he would have.  And I wonder who his role models were.  He's probably wallowing in hypocritical adulthood.

Interesting, why don't you feel any obligation to pay for or help your kids with college? I understand that is what many of our parents did, and I feel it was wrong for them to do that.  We put our kids at a disadvantage by sending them into that situation with nothing. You can say it builds character and work ethic all you want, but it also hinders their academic growth when they  are in school and juggling mupliple jobs trying survive. There were many nights I had to work until 1:00am and then get off  and study for a few hours.

For years, I made excuses for my parents by saying they could not afford to support me in college. But as I became older, I now know better. They could have send a few dollars every once in a while for books or something, but they did not.  Now here we are years later and I'm making the sacrifice to support them. Go figure!


It is very sad that the young man felt he had to take his life.  :(

Misleading I understand.

Dangerous?  How so?

Doomsday, I understand your point about his truth. I think you bring up some valid points. This is not directed toward you but working with kids for over 20 years, I have seen older black folks say the same thing to a room full of black kids. The title of the thread is especially egregious because it is implying that our kids are brainwashed.

This one of the reasons that I noticed some black kids don't listen to older folks when they come in to schools and talk to them. They talk at kids and bring up a bunch of stuff that isn't relevant to kids. They often try to tell kids what they are thinking yet the kids aren't even thinking those things. I remember a few years ago, an older brother trying to have a motivational talk with a group of juniors. The brother repeated some of the overused stereotypes about black kids and many of the kids just said "that old head didn't know what he was talking about."

I agree with Dooms in that Barkley was speaking his experience, which is what most of us do. It is impossible to quantify the data here. CU in the same way you say, Barkley can't support his facts with data, you likely can not support your position with much data either. A kid raising their hand to be a doctor on Monday, might want to be a rapper on Friday, when his favorite artist releases a new song.

In terms of the motivational speaker at your school talking to juniors a while back, when did youth ever accept wisdom and knowledge from elders? Adults plant the seed and kids will eventually learn with life  experience.  I don't buy into your notion that adults should come down to the level of kids. You can say what you want about experience, stereotyping, prejudice, bias, or what have you, but those conditions had to rise and evolve from something. I'm not saying all the outcomes are correct, but you have to  understand where they were rooted and how they became relevant.

Let use black men in prison  as an example. In my experience growing up, few black males went to jail. My experience was rural. I went to college, became a professional, where none of those black males went to
jail. I now live and work in the inner city where most black males have some experience with the judicial system.

I know most black males are not in jail, but I'm acutely aware that there is a large portion of our community who has been through the system. I don't mind folk embellishing the facts a bit to make a point to express the urgency of the situation. We live in a society where people won't act unless the house is on fire and the floor is about to collapse. If Barkley's words brings attention to a portion of the community, who's ills don't affect me directly,   I'm willing to fall on the ax for them as a fellow African American.

I get the impression  people like yourself rather ignore such situations and pretend every thing is ok. I understand we don't give the achievers enough attention in our community, but at the same time, we ignore the dark underside and act like things are ok, while accusing folk like Barckley of having a nefarious agenda.  How are you going to help the marginalized among us if you pick through data looking for a refute on every single data point? 

This is what some on Onnidan do. When a story about a black person doing wrong is posted, you look for a white person's actions to counter, and then start applauding and cheering. That is nothing but tic for tac. You are simply attempting to cover-up and not address the issue at hand. Everyone knows white folk do the same. It only serves to make you feel better about a wrong deed when you point to the wrong deeds of others to justify your beliefs.   

y, that story is not newsworthy. But of course it's news to FOX becasue it involves black youth.  This stuff happens at amusement parks all the time. Not only theme parks but at malls, games, concerts..... Unfortunately this is what groups of teens do. This is why amusement parks stopped having teen based events.  Every park has an amphitheater sitting un-used.   There are no youth based night clubs either. Sadly, there is too much risk involved with today's youth.  :(

Actually it is newsworthy. If you had taken the time to read the article without looking for a way to bash Fox you would have noticed nobody got arrested.  They just had them leave.  When was the last time and how often does that happen?

Newsworthy for the hometown newspaper. Even then it should be confined to the police report of calls made in the city on a particular day. The fact that no arrest were made makes the article more egregious.

There is no data th support what Barkley is saying. The sane black folks who spew this nonsense repeated the false narrative about black men, prisons,

Unfortunately, too many of us are quick to believe racist dogma that sends us down a rabbit hole in seRch of a solution that is unnecessary.

i agree. But every thing that we disagree with is not a lie. Unless of course you are Donald Trump. I know that is not a good comparison because not only does Trump lie about the lie but the also lies about the truth. He lies about everything, even when the lie is not needed.  :nod:

y, that story is not newsworthy. But of course it's news to FOX becasue it involves black youth.  This stuff happens at amusement parks all the time. Not only theme parks but at malls, games, concerts..... Unfortunately this is what groups of teens do. This is why amusement parks stopped having teen based events.  Every park has an amphitheater sitting un-used.   There are no youth based night clubs either. Sadly, there is too much risk involved with today's youth.  :(

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« on: April 22, 2019, 05:06:53 PM »
Here is the interesting thing. Neymar finds her attractive only because of her complexion. Those of us who are less constricted by societal brainwashing can see that she looks more like a dark skinned afrocentric girl than anything else. There is nothing eurocentric about her except for her color.

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