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Trump said after we shot down the drone we also landed on Mars.

Cocaine is a helluva drug... :no:

Has anyone seen anything yet?   :popcorn:

Be patient. Give them time. They're at the prop shop working as hard as they can. They had to figure out just what their own drone looks like. :snicker

How the Daughters and Granddaughters of Former Slaves Secured Voting Rights for All

Historian Martha S. Jones takes a look at the question of race versus gender in the quest for universal suffrage

Any thoughts on the candidates for President?

If thats too sensitive , who's going to Vegas?

National politics or Alpha Phi Alpha?

Y'all have laughed/clowned him right off the forum. He'll lurk, but won't respond.

I understand what B66 is referring to. The GOP is usually the hardasses where crime is concerned. This doesn't quite fit their modus operandi. They are not known for being fair.

Politics / US removes Turkey from F-35 fighter jet programme
« on: Yesterday at 12:45:20 PM »
Watch Turkey threaten to kick U.S. military bases out of its country.

 :shrug: People in hell want ice water, too.

..that dumbass prolly did order us to shoot down a drone and it most likely was ours....

In a failed attempt to create a provocation to start some isht with Iran. They excel in creating crisis where there is none to further their corrupt agenda.

LOCK HER UP!   :clap:

Court docs show Hope Hicks in contact with Michael Cohen during hush-money discussions

 New court filings show Hope Hicks, then press secretary of the 2016 Trump presidential campaign, might have been present for discussions about hush-money payments to Stormy Daniels, the adult-film actress who had claimed to have had an affair with Trump – potentially contradicting Hicks’ June 2019 testimony to the House Judiciary Committee.

In the filings, authorities laid out a timeline of emails, text messages and phone calls – some involving Trump himself – that "concerned the need to prevent" Daniels from going public with her claims.

The FBI agent investigating the case had concluded, “based on the timing of these calls, and the content of the text messages and emails, I believe that at least some of these communications concerned the need to prevent Clifford from going public, particularly in the wake of the Access Hollywood story.”

Doesn't all of this current administrations machinations reek of a "cover up"?

Definitely reeks of an ongoing criminal enterprise.  :nod:


Busted again trying to create isht!


You K----s really hate this country too. It's no use. I signing off this F..'d s**t for good. I will do everything in my power to see what you K----s hope for as far as this country never happens. This includes .......
:nono2:No. I hate liars like you and your leaders who you're following straight to hell.

And cease lying about leaving and never coming back. Your whole life is one lie after another.  :no:

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