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Sports Forum / Re: T.U.
« on: Yesterday at 08:16:24 PM »
Not participating in homecoming festivities will definitely get alumni attention along with the administration.  Is a housecleaning needed?
Were the alumni allowed at homecoming this year????  I thought I read it was closed to just students.

Just students.

History was made in Alabama on Saturday. The Lane College football team had faced Tuskegee 25 times in program history, losing every contest. This time, the Dragons return home with a victory, spoiling the Golden Tigers' homecoming 21-17...

Sports Forum / Re: T.U.
« on: Yesterday at 05:21:41 PM »
klg^^^might you or someone else kindly post links to stories that detail what is currently happening on TU’s yard? I have NO IDEA what this controversy is all about.   :shrug: Thanks.

TU's band didn't perform at the homecoming game.

Sports Forum / Re: I Believe Arizona owes JSU a check
« on: Yesterday at 04:56:09 PM »
::)  "everybody wanna be one,
but don't nobody wanna be one"

 :lol: :nod:

Sports Forum / Re: T.U.
« on: Yesterday at 04:43:37 PM »
Details please.

Morris Brown College: I watched throughout the 1990s how the door to the president’s office became increasingly a revolving door, along with the financial mismanagement. By 2002, MBC was brought to its knees. It has taken nearly 20 years to get back on track:

Fisk University: Before the current administration, the previous 20 years was a hard time. 1.) Multiple changes at the helm. The latest change followed a scandal: 2.) Financial instability: 3.)Accreditation issues (see Page 6): 4.) Rising cost of attendance. The result: Drop in enrollment: 600+. Enrollment in the early 1990s: 800+

Sports Forum / Re: T.U.
« on: Yesterday at 04:06:42 PM »
That's what the lack of stability in leadership, plus making bad choices in the choosing of leadership will do for an institution!!!

Fisk and Morris Brown both have experienced this.  :no:

Sports Forum / Re: I Believe Arizona owes JSU a check
« on: Yesterday at 04:03:50 PM »
 :shrug: :no:

There's no telling when the nasty smell in Carson (Calif.) will be gone, county officials say

Sports Forum / Re: Morehouse sinks Benedict's Homecoming, 20--5
« on: Yesterday at 02:07:50 PM »
Good teams don't take anyone for granted.

I hope FAMU learned that lesson yesterday.

Langston  44
OUAZ     41


LU is 7-0.


Langston  44
OUAZ     41



Langston  44
OUAZ     41

2:09 4Q.

Langston  44
OUAZ     34

3:50 4Q.

Langston  37
OUAZ     34

1:03 3Q.

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