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BD, It's about Rich Paul, period. Why only basketball. Why can the white hockey players declare for draft and still change their mind and return to college. There's absolutely an element of race in this. They always change the rules when they feel threatened
Besides a B.S in non-related subject matter is useless.  It would make more sense if Sports Management degree was the requirement. Like, I said it's not there place to protect kids financial decisions. Also a BA don't mean u want take advantage of someone. This is joke
BTW, the haters for Lebron are in full force. Dude can't even enjoy a dam basketball game with his son or comment on anything without negativity. Dam can HE LIVe

Basketball players can declare for the draft, go through the NBA Combine and still return to college. They would only be ineligible if they sign with an agent.

There was a recent story about how kids are introduced  on social media by parents often without their consent and without consideration how they are presented to the public even before they’re are born.

Almost every personal moment is exposed and some kids expressed concerns about that.

I know someone who created an IG page for her four month old daughter.

Are parents doing too much or is it all harmless?

England got robbed.

The US got help against Spain in a match it should have lost, and then that dumbass VAR bailed them out today.

Hope they lose in the Final.


hope he makes the team.  we hbcu's are very "under represented" in the nba nowadays.  to my knowledge, norfolk's kyle o'quinn is the only active nba player that i'm aware of who went to an hbcu...

Robert Covington — Tennessee State — plays in the league.

It’s like when ESPN hired Rush Limbaugh because he was Rush Limbaugh. And then fired him for being Rush Limbaugh.

ESPN booked Lavar because he doesn’t have a filter and then got mad at Lavar for not having a filter.

Apparently the drug kingpin had previously asked Ortiz several times to stop messing with his wife ... but Ortiz kept on creeping. Ortiz had known this guy was after him, too and hired bodyguards and the DR police to protect him. The kingpin, though, didn’t want him dead. He wanted him paralyzed, which is why Ortiz was shot in the back. Dude lucky to be alive despite him placing himself in this position to be shot at. Man has a whole wife and kids and nearly lost his life creepin.  ::)

Four of the seven goal scorers yesterday scored their very first World Cup goal. They should celebrate that achievement.

Go to work tomorrow and score a goal past the woman in HR. That is equivalent to what they did.

None of the thai players are professionals. Most are sales women for companies in Bangkok and Pattaya City. What they did was nothing to be celebrating.

Anytime you step between those white lines there’s a chance you’ll get your a**  kicked. They qualified for the tournament. So spare me.  ::)

Four of the seven goal scorers yesterday scored their very first World Cup goal. They should celebrate that achievement.

1. Why does a system exist where kids have to pay to eat at school?
2. Why is the school taking money from a kid to cover the debt?

This s**t stinks to high heaven all the way around.

Serena is one of the greatest tennis players ever, but nobody is self-made in this life. It’s mystifying and inaccurate that so many lists refer to successful people that way.

Sports Forum / Re: NCAA moving 3-point line back for next season
« on: June 08, 2019, 08:31:12 PM »
This is not the first time the NCAA moved the 3-point line back. The last time was the 2009 season. The last two years college basketball implemented international the 3-point line during the NIT. 

Sports Forum / Re: HBCU Baseball Game
« on: May 25, 2019, 02:19:15 PM »
Southern and FAMU are only playing because of the long layoff between the end of conference tournaments and the start of the NCAA Tournament. And it's more of practice than anything else.

I'm not sure whether schools not participating in a postseason tournament would agree to something like that after the season is over when there would be really nothing to gain. 

I did not take out a loan.  My mom was a beautician and had my tuition.,room a,d board ready every quarter.  She was a single mother with 3 kids. I did not have extra spending,money, but, thank God for a woman with a 5th grade education.

My sister went to Clark Atlanta.  My,brother attended SSU and GA. Southern.,,No student loans.  We were blessed.

What a special mother. Goes to show what you can do if your are determined. Your mother's priority was to make sure her kids tuition was paid. Unfortantly we don't have that sense of priority in many families.

It doesn't have anything to do with a lack of determination. We simply live in a different time where college has become something families just can't save for, especially with stagnating wages.

You know college tuition has risen EIGHT TIMES the rate of inflation with no end in sight? Even if folks try to save, the average family can't save enough to pay for what the ever-changing number will be.

The fundamental right a person should be allowed to have is the ability to have the choice -- the option to choose. Take religion and politics out of it -- choice is the essence. Governments shouldn't be in the business of legislating what folks do with their bodies.

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