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There is still time to file in key battleground states. This appears to be a move to help his friend in the white house. Let's not forget the difference Ralph Nader made in the 2000 elections.

Not calling out any schools but I can't see everyone in the conference making that leap?

Preferred walk on at Cincy. Looks like he did the sensible thing.

Sports Forum / Re: Big South Future Football Conference
« on: June 29, 2020, 07:09:39 AM »
The criticisms of the MEAC are so subjective it's sickening. The one criticism that is based on data is travel cost. The rest are juvenile. What is everyone complaining about?

I have been trying to figure this out for weeks.  The main issue I saw was travel.  Now that our Fl teams are leaving, that may solve some of the problems.  However, two schools in NC and Va are already gone before the problem will be solved.  Oh if we can have them back.  :shrug: 

I really think that travel has very little to do with what is happening in the MEAC. Based on the past, decisions are made slowly by our schools. 
I believe that A&T knew that FL A&M was leaving the MEAC, when it announced they were joining the bs.

Things are going to fast

FAMU had been complaining about travel expenses since 2013 so A&T couldn't count on them leaving. Besides FAMU had twice left the MEAC only to return. There was no indication a move to the SWAC was imminent.

Welp, Bill dome did it again. Not sure how this will play out. I hope he’s healthy and recovered. Can’t see him as Stidham’s backup if he’s healthy.

The Patriots offensive line is going to take real good care of him. Because, he had a average o-line in Charlotte. Outside of Rohan Davey, he is like the second black qb for the Patriots.

Average? He had piss poor offensive line in Charlotte.

Couldn't watch more than four minutes of that foolishness. Anyways I suspect the call for Trump to drop out may pick up steam in the coming weeks. Republicans have to be getting worried about down ballot elections if Trumps poll numbers don't improve. 

There is plenty of blame to go around. The Conference leaders (Chancellors and Presidents) and the Conference Leadership (MEAC Conference staff) did not evaluate the landscape and make decisions to address the growing risks and concerns that you aptly pointed out in your post.

The MEACs new reality is that while there are great institutions remaining in the MEAC, we are losing others that have decided to leave for reasons that could have been addressed (Solved with creative solutions).

Yes, plenty of blame to go around. As far as the commish goes I felt like he was chasing wind mills trying to get the presidents to accept divisional play and move to a championship game format. I suspect he thought the success of the Celebration Bowl would eventually wear them down? Deadly mistake!
Creative solutions was definitely the next step....time would have been better invested in contraction once the presidents said no to divisional play in 2011. In fact, I think it was the only viable option. Not an easy sell to push schools out of the conference but there are examples of this happening in collegiate athletics. Either you remove the schools who aren't critical to the continuation of the conference or you watch the ones who are walk away. Looks like the MEAC may have unintentionally chose the latter?   

After five MEAC teams have decided to leave the conference  in the past three years we have to begin to ask ourselves were their points at which something should’ve been done sooner? 

Hampton University
Savannah State University
nc a&t
Bethune Cookman University
Florida A&M University

Is it time to ask the tough questions of the competency of our conference leadership?

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To be honest,,,,,,,what could have been done? How can you battle  geography? FAMU and BCU and SSU aren't exactly walking distances,,,,,,,I'm happy for all the colleges that have decided to move on to another conference. Good luck!
One simple solution would have been to split into a north and south division while Savannah State was still a member.
In fact that was debated at great length on this board.
That would have directly addressed the travel issues that many of the programs cite as reasons for leaving.

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Splitting into divisions and forming a championship game was always the goal of Dennis Thomas. It didn't happen because of the MEAC presidents and AD's. Doing so would have meant giving up AQ and runner up being ineligible for an at large bid.

*2007 - Spring meeting - AD's recommended against splitting into divisions and forming a championship game

*2011 - Proposal of Legacy Bowl was pushed forth by Thomas but it would mean forfeiting AQ to the playoffs.  Presidents said no to splitting into divisions and a championship game for the same reasons. As a take away, Commish Thomas was asked to come up with a way for the MEAC to participate in a post season bowl game vs. the SWAC Champ and keep the MEAC eligible for the playoffs.

*2013 - FAMU asks the MEAC to address travel expenses. An independent study suggests FAMU should move to the SWAC.

*2015(Feb) - MEAC Council of CEO'S approve espn sponsored Celebration Bowl meaning they would give up AQ to the playoffs. At the same meeting Thomas once again proposed splitting into divisions and forming a championship game like the SWAC. Presidents once again voted no citing this would remove the conference runner-up from receiving an at-large playoff bid.

*2015(April) - AAF annual meeting, A&T athletic director, Earl Hilton announces that due to rising travel expenditures A&T had begun exploring  different conference affiliations. He also added there was a strong possibility A&T would remain in the MEAC if this issue was resolved.

In summary Commissioner Thomas can't be blamed for failure to split into divisions. Presidents have to eat that one.

Sports Forum / Re: With the MEAC losing members thoughts on this
« on: June 27, 2020, 06:39:30 AM »
Coppin and UMES should try to get into patriot league. Howard, Morgan and Del St  should go to the Colonial or Atlantic 10?

It would be great to see UMES and Coppin State return to the grid iron as a MEAC football member.

I know they currently have a club team.

At one point Maryland State [ie UMES] had a really great football team.

yeah yeah, I know.. $$$$$$ ....but I'm just saying. It would be a great time if they COULD/DID.... das all  :popcorn:

Supposedly UMES is going to the CIAA

I didn't think the CIAA was looking to add any non-football schools? Have they changed their stance?

So frustrating! Hundreds of people there (lots with no mask on) and only one witness comes forward? No one wants to be a snitch...unless the murder is committed by the police. :brickwall:

Sports Forum / Re: DSU Leaving the MEAC?
« on: June 24, 2020, 07:13:26 AM »
I suspect we will be having some interesting conversations in a few years about the destruction of the MEAC.

Lack of vision has put the MEAC in this position. I recall a conversation  I had with former CIAA commissioner Kerry around 2004 and he pretty much predicted this would eventually happen to the MEAC. He pointed out the footprint of the conference was to big and folks would start bailing on them if it wasn't addressed.
Also said he had two inquiries from MEAC schools at that time. He wouldn't reveal which two but I always thought one of em was Norfolk St.from the way he hinted around.

Sports Forum / Re: DSU Leaving the MEAC?
« on: June 24, 2020, 07:02:58 AM »
Everyone in the MEAC is researching their options right now. Hopefully that's all it amounts to.

Sports Forum / Re: R. I. P.
« on: June 22, 2020, 10:41:38 PM »
If the MEAC can make it to July with no more defections they might survive.

Sports Forum / Re: Is Return to D2 MEAC's Best Option for Survival
« on: June 20, 2020, 06:51:05 AM »
Bethune-Cookman, NC Central, SC State and Howard will all possibly be leaving.

That will leave MEAC with only 5 schools in VA, MD and DE.

Is the best option for MEAC survival to return to D2 and pick up CIAA North schools such as Bowie State, Virginia State, Virginia Union, Elizabeth City State or Lincoln?

Why would the MEAC schools leave?

Maybe this is rhetorical question. :shrug:
Bethune is obvious, geographically isolated and travel.
NC Central will likely go with A&T to Big South.
SC State will be geographically isolated if NC Central goes.
Howard will be big fish in shrinking pond but may stay and be MEAC's D1 savior.

NC Central athletics is not built around what A&T does. I don't see NCCU abandoning the MEAC now.

It's  not about what A&T has done. Nccu has already had discussions with the BSC. Hey, were you aware that an nccu alum is associate commish in the Big South Conference?

Disingenuous  and dishonest! He owes Kapernik an apology.

President Trump was instrumental in having Kapernik blackballed from the NFL as he implored the commish and owners to fire him for kneeling. In addition he took aim at Nike when they ran ads featuring Kapernik. Called him an SOB and said he needed to leave the country!

All this man has done to him and yet Kap will not register to vote?   :brickwall:

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