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Sports Forum / Living the Dream: From Camilla to the NFL
« on: Yesterday at 09:25:56 PM »
       Hundreds of young athletes around southwest Georgia dream of being where Grover Stewart is. According to statistics, less than one tenth of one percent of the high school football players in America fulfill their dream of making it to the NFL. That means Stewart was one out of 10,000 that made it. He made it to the NFL in the fourth round of the NFL draft in 2017 and now he is in the middle of the defense each Sunday.

The former Albany State and Mitchell County star is the starting nose guard for the Indianapolis Colts of the National Football League and will be lined up to stop the Houston Texans next Sunday in Indianapolis, on his 26th birthday. Stewart came back for homecoming at Albany State this weekend and also spent time trying to inspire some young football players at Pelham and Mitchell County High Schools.
Stewart, who played for Pelham coach Dondrial Pinkins while Pinkins coached at Mitchell County, roamed the sidelines and talked to Pelham players Friday night while the Hornets blew out Stewart County 83-6. Saturday night, he was on the sideline with players from his alma mater, Mitchell County, as the Eagles routed Calhoun County 61-0.

“Grover is really in a position to inspire a lot of young men,” Pinkins said. “It was my first coaching job when I met Grover and he didn’t want to play football. He was a real challenge. He didn’t even play in the 10th grade. I basically had to beg him to play to start with. And now, here he is.”
Where he is – the starting nose tackle for one of the NFL’s leading teams. How do more of southwest Georgia’s dreamers get there?
“I was told a long time ago, ‘To be able to make a withdrawal, you have to make a deposit’,” Stewart said sitting on the sidelines at Centennial Stadium in Camilla. “I talk to a lot of these guys and they get it, they understand. But, for some reason, it doesn’t stick.”
Stewart said during his high school playing days, once he committed to football, he didn’t have time for the things most high schoolers do.
“I didn’t have time to go out and hang out playing games and stuff like that,” Stewart said. “While they were going out, I was working out. I was studying. I was studying myself and how I could make myself better. You know it’s great to have a dream, but to make it come true you have to work harder than anybody else.”

It helps that Stewart has the necessary size. At 6’4, 330 pounds, Stewart fits the mold needed for an NFL defensive lineman. Pinkins also said Stewart had a natural ability.
“He has a God-gifted ability,” Pinkins said. “He works hard, and he has talent.”

It is rare for players at Albany State to get drafted as well, so Stewart beat the odds from Mitchell County High School and from Albany State.
“One of the big reasons some of these guys don’t make it is lack of exposure,” Stewart said. “They just don’t get seen. Another reason,” he said, “the competition in Division II just doesn’t prepare you for the NFL like Division I. Now Coach White had us ready when I was at Albany State,” he said as he showed his Albany State SIAC championship ring.
Stewart said he doesn’t come home often, but when he gets the opportunity, he enjoys meeting the players and talking with them. He said he was fortunate that homecoming weekend turned out to be a bye week for Indianapolis and he was able to get to three games.
For small class A schools like Pelham and Mitchell County and a small division II college like Albany State, the teams are loaded with talent and desire. Maybe that visit home will help another one of these young men understand what it takes to be where Grover Stewart is.

New Birth Missionary Baptist Church plans to redirect a donation it received from rap artist Kanye West to Atlanta’s Morris Brown College, officials said.

Rev. Jamal Harrison Bryant on Sunday announced a financial contribution to the HBCU’s general scholarship fund, according to a New Birth spokesman.
The announcement came during the 9:30 a.m.  church service. Bryant, senior pastor of New Birth in Stonecrest, said the funds  will be used to make a financial contribution in honor of the Grammy Award-winning artist’s late mother Donda West, who previously served on the faculty at Morris Brown.

2019 SiAC Predictions / Re: Week #8 - October 19, 2019
« on: October 13, 2019, 06:59:44 PM »

Fort Valley
Albany State University G-Rams!!!

2019 SiAC Predictions / Re: Week #7 - October 12, 2019
« on: October 09, 2019, 05:02:53 PM »

1. Morehouse
2. Fort Valley
3. Kentucky 
4. Alcorn 
5. Albany State University G-Rams!!!
6. Miles

She should first exhaust all legitimate means of  persuasion her job allows immediately. If her job doesn’t have an appeal process she needs to put all of her attention and energy in an EEO complaint.

Sports Forum / Re: The Orange Blossom Classic is back?
« on: October 02, 2019, 09:31:40 PM »
I really don't see the advantage of us playing FAMU. I don't know why people are so fixed on it. Besides, If we did I would much rather it be at a neutral site.

2019 SiAC Predictions / Re: Week #6 - October 5, 2019
« on: October 01, 2019, 07:47:10 PM »

Kentucky State
Albany State University G-Rams
Central State
Arkansas Pine Bluff
Charleston Southern
Florida Tech

General Discussion Forum / The most famous person from your state
« on: September 30, 2019, 05:01:23 PM »
Every state has its own special something that sets it apart, whether it be the food, the drinks or the landmarks. But every so often, we're reminded that a star we’ve only read about or seen on the big screen once walked the very same streets as us. Sure, plenty of influential figures make their way to Hollywood and New York City, but big dreams often have humble beginnings. Here are the most famous people born in all 50 states, as well as Washington, D.C.

Sports Forum / Albany State to face familiar foe at Clark Atlanta
« on: September 25, 2019, 07:05:15 PM »
Coach Gabe Giardina and the Golden Rams of Albany State will face some familiar foes this Saturday afternoon when Albany State plays Clark Atlanta University in an SIAC East division matchup in Atlanta. Giardina was a graduate assistant at Alabama at the same time as Clark Atlanta’s head coach Tim Bowens and Giardina also played college football with another of the Panther assistants. Add to that former ASU assistant Darius Buck left the Golden Rams earlier this year to take the Defensive Coordinator position at Clark Atlanta.

“It’s a first-year staff at Clark Atlanta, and some people I know really well,” Coach Gabe said. “Some of them are good friends so that makes it even more interesting.”

This will be Albany State’s first SIAC game of the season and Clark Atlanta is in the same division as Albany State, so winning this game is vital to reach the goals the Rams have set for themselves.

“One of our goals is to win the Eastern Division of the SIAC,” the coach said. “To do that you have to beat the teams in that division, so this is an important game for us. We have to be resolute. We have to be unwavering in our focus. We are getting a lot of pats on the back and people telling us how great we are after beating West Georgia, but we have to stay focused on what is next and not let that get in the way.”

What is next is a Clark Atlanta team whose offense is very pass oriented. And that offense also has an Albany connection. The Panther’s starting quarterback is Monroe graduate Charles Stafford. Stafford originally went to Albany State out of high school, but later transferred to Clark Atlanta where he now leads a strong passing attack for the Panthers.

“We just need to play our best game,” Giardina said. “They have an aggressive mentality on offense and defense so we will need to be focused.”

“He didn’t miss a beat,” Giardina said of Bonneau. “He made some nice plays running the ball and threw some nice passes. It was very satisfying to see that from him. Everybody in every area stepped up where we needed.”
Williams went down in the first half of the game, but the Rams were already missing six starters before the game started because of injuries. Linebacker Antonio Leroy is gone for the season with an ACL tear and there were five others banged up and unavailable for the West Georgia game. Giardina said he thinks one of the offensive linemen will be back this week, but the others will probably still need more time. Giardina was especially pleased with the performance of true freshman Trevor Arrington who took one of the spots for the injured offensive linemen.
“Here is an 18-year old kid fresh out of high school, and he steps in when he is called and did an excellent job,” the coach said.
Giardina said his players are confident in their abilities to step in when needed.
“It’s not normal to say it’s a good thing to have people banged up,” the coach said, “but we have good competition going on all over the field. These guys are confident, and it is really exciting to see these guys stepping up.”
The Rams will take that confidence into Atlanta for Saturday’s 2 p.m. kick-off. The Rams will return for a home game next week in Albany when Tuskegee University comes to town for another SIAC contest.

Lot's of companies stopped offering retirement. Only 401K.

2019 SiAC Predictions / Re: Week #5 - September 28, 2019
« on: September 25, 2019, 05:26:42 PM »

Savannah State
Fort Valley State
Jackson State
Alabama A & M
Miles College
West Alabama

Sports Forum / Re: Sports Polls
« on: September 23, 2019, 08:04:14 PM »

Sports Forum / Re: Albany State whips #15 West Georgia 26-14
« on: September 22, 2019, 07:31:53 PM »

G-Ram do you wish to retract you "We Suck" statement? :lol:

Good win Rams!! :clap: :bow:

LOL, Nahhh I'mma hold on to it a little while longer. I might have something here.

Sports Forum / Albany State whips #15 West Georgia 26-14
« on: September 21, 2019, 10:36:46 PM »
Carrollton, GA

The Albany State Golden Rams walked into the University of West Georgia Stadium Saturday evening and ran over the #15 hometown Wolves 26-14 to take their first win of the season. The Rams held a 26-7 lead until about a minute left in the game when West Georgia scored late to make the score closer.

The Wolves took an early lead when they took their second possession of the game and drove the length of the field that ended with a two-yard run for the score. The Rams responded, however. With a variety of runs from Tracy Scott and McKinley Habersham, sprinkled with some passes by Kelias Williams the Rams found their rhythm and moved 85 yards down the field against the Wolves. Williams through the ball into the end zone and Albany’s Mike Green jumped above the defenders and brought the ball down into the end zone on a 21-yard touchdown pass. Green had four catches in the first quarter alone for the Rams.
The Rams got scary news in the second quarter. Quarterback Kelias Williams made a big run up the middle of the field down to the Wolves 29-yard line but was knocked to the ground hard after the run. Williams left the game with a collar bone injury and did not return. His status for next week was not immediately available.
Redshirt freshman Dionte Bonneau out of Banneker High School in Atlanta stepped in to replace Williams. A few plays later, kicker Gabriel Ballinas booted a 44-yard field goal that put Albany State ahead for good. The Wolves were driving late in the first half when former Lee County standout Jalen Bush intercepted a pass to end the threat by the Wolves.

Ballinas hit two more field goals in the third quarter, including a 46-yarder to make the score 16-7 with 4:39 remaining in the quarter.
But the Rams weren’t finished. Bonneau broke off a 25-yard run to ignite another drive into Wolves territory and then Bonneau threw the ball into the end zone for Green again and again he jumped above the defenders and brought the ball down for another Golden Ram touchdown.
Just before the end of the third the Rams got into the end zone and pushed the lead to 23-7 when Habersham scored on a two-yard run.
Ballinas nailed another field goal in the fourth quarter, his fourth of the night, to push the lead to 26-7 before the Wolves got their late touchdown at the end of the game.

The Golden Rams will now start their conference schedule with a date in Atlanta Saturday with Clark Atlanta University. The Panthers played Central State Saturday, but a score was not available. Kick off in Atlanta next Saturday is set for 2 p.m.

I would like to be the first to say..... GOOOOOO RAMS!!!  :clap: :clap: :clap: Now see what you can do after a swift Kick in the a--.

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