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I can see lots and lots of mail from getting lost, stolen or changed with no accountability. I don't even trust absentee voting.

Georgians stranded in China describe the scene as apocalyptic as a coronavirus outbreak sweeps through that country.

At the grocery story “there was nobody there. It gives you zombie-like vibes,” said DaVina Jackson. Elsewhere in her downtown Nanjing neighborhood the streets are empty.
“Nothing is open,” she said.
This poses a problem. The groceries are dwindling in the Jackson kitchen and DaVina is now too nervous to go outside. She and the children are mostly living off of a 50-pound bag of rice she bought earlier and local eggs.
The Fort Valley, Ga., native traveled to China last summer...

Albany State football begins spring practice, opens ticket sales for Orange Blossom Classic

Believe it or not, spring football practice at Albany State University is underway as the Golden Rams begin working toward the 2020 football season. The season will open Labor Day Weekend with a Sunday game in Miami Lakes, Fla against Florida A&M at the Orange Blossom Classic. The game will be played at Hard Rock Stadium where the Super Bowl was recently held.
“I think it is awesome,” said Albany State head coach Gabe Giardina. “It will be an awesome environment for our team in probably the nicest football stadium in the country today. It has sort of ‘bowl’ feel about it. We are going to Miami and stay in a hotel for a couple of days. It will be a great experience.”
Tickets for the game are already available and begin with prices at $25.Giardina is urging Golden Ram fans to get their tickets now and purchase those tickets through Albany State.
“We have an allotment of tickets to sell,” the coach said. “If we don’t sell them, the university has to purchase them, so we are asking fans to purchase those tickets here.”
To purchase tickets, call the athletic department at 229-500-2863.
The Rams will have some serious competition in Florida A&M on September 6th. The Rattlers finished 9-2 and were considered the HBCU national champions for 2019. FAMU’s only losses last season were to UCF and Bethune-Cookman. Albany State and FAMU had a series of meetings against each other during the 1990s and Albany State did win some against the bigger school. FAMU is also a rival of Albany State’s when it comes to recruiting players in southwest Georgia.

With spring practice opening, one of the positions that will be watched closely will be the starting quarterback position. Last year’s starting quarterback Kelias Williams is moving to running back to fill the void left by the graduation of McKinley Habersham and Tracy Scott, so there will be competition for the starting quarterback position. The Golden Rams picked up transfer Oliver Svirsky from California during the early signing period and the Rams still have Dionte Bonneau who played a great deal last season after Williams was injured. Edward Walker is also in the mix and the Rams also have true freshman arriving during the summer.
“It will be interesting watch the quarterback competition,” said Giardina. “They are both talented young men and we are fortunate to have them both on our team.”
Giardina said some of the experienced players went to a retreat in Tennessee recently to build their bonds and are now looking forward to working against each other. He said he has been very pleased with the work the players have done in the weight room in the offseason and said he has seen more progress in the weight room during this time than at any time since he has been at Albany State.
The Rams will have 15 spring practices before the annual Blue-Gold spring game set for March 28 at 2 p.m. in the ASU Coliseum.
"There's something about going out into the ASU Coliseum and playing the game," said Giardina. "We are excited for our spring game especially since these young men have been working hard on and off the field. This spring will be used to see what our veteran players have retained from last year and what our younger players can add to our team." "Our coaches have done a good job of keeping our young men focused. This spring game will be fun while seeing our guys compete in a game like situation. I would love to see our great fans at 2:00 p.m. in the ASU Coliseum."
The Rams are still adding players. ASU is holding a try-out Saturday at 1 p.m. for high school seniors who have not signed letters of intent to play college football. Players should report to Sanford Hall which is near the ASU track on East Campus. For mire information on the tryous visit the website:

Albany State’s Golden Rams football team began spring practice Tuesday in Albany, but the Rams are still looking to add players to the 2020 roster. The Golden Rams will host a try-out this Saturday at 1 p.m. for any unsigned players who are interested in playing for the Golden Rams. Click the link to register and get more information.

Players will meet at Sanford Hall which is on the lower campus down near the track. An information packet is available a the link.

General Discussion Forum / Re: Fort Valley State Senior Missing
« on: February 20, 2020, 07:09:47 PM »
Man arrested in GA student’s disappearance, death is a Fort Gordon soldier

FORT VALLEY, Ga. (WJBF/AP) – Police have arrested the boyfriend of a university student found dead this week in Georgia.
23-year-old DeMarcus Little is being held on charges of criminal damage to property. Fort Valley police accuse him of smashing the windows of Anitra Gunn’s apartment and slashing her vehicle’s tires on Feb. 5.
Gunn was reported missing 10 days later.
Her body was found partially hidden under leaves and branches on Tuesday.
Police say Little could face more charges. The Peach County Sheriff called him a person of interest in Gunn’s death. It’s unclear whether he has an attorney who could speak for him.

Courtesy of: CNN
Little is confirmed to be a soldier stationed at Fort Gordon in Augusta.
Little entered the service on November 8, 2016. He arrived for duty at Fort Gordon on December 20, 2019.

 - especially  not that dull  behind Benz  stadium.

Stop trying to put that Voodoo that You do on Mercedes Benz Stadium... :tiptoe:

And all this time I've been calling it The Morehouse-Tuskegee Classic... :tiptoe:

Former Terrell Academy star Gavin Sloan smacked three hits and knocked in four runs Tuesday afternoon at Golden Rams Field to help propel Albany State to a 5-0 victory over Columbus State University.
Sloan doubled in the bottom of the second inning to score Will Barry and Kevin Bryant and give the Rams a 2-0 lead. Thanks to strong pitching from Aaron Ginn, the Rams never trailed. Sloan added RBI singles in the fourth and the sixth inning to add to the Albany State lead. TJ Thomas also had two hits and a RBI for the Golden Rams.
Albany State (5-1) used three pitchers on the night, as Ginn went seven innings giving up just one hit while striking out seven. Blake Howell pitched the eighth and Michael Reddick finished the game in the top of the ninth.

After smacking a double in the second at-bat of the game, the Cougars (5-2) would then make 23 consecutive plate appearances before recording their next hit with two outs in the eighth. The Cougars then hit two singles in the eighth with two outs, but ASU reliever Blake Howell struck out Columbus’ Meadows to strand them to preserve the ASU shutout.
The Golden Rams will host a three-day, three-game series against Young Harris in Albany beginning Friday at 6 p.m. Saturday’s game begins at 3 p.m. and first pitch on Sunday will be at noon.

Politics / Re: New Hampshire primary
« on: February 12, 2020, 08:12:00 AM »
Biden thinks Black folks will save his campaign in SC. :shrug:

I think black folks are not as sold on Biden as one would think. Can’t put my finger on it but there are some things about Biden that’s missing. He kind of reminds me of Hillary when she was running.

Just go ahead and admit it. You don’t want to be called the Black National Champions. You want to be called the National Champions.

This better trend like JSU did.

It’s not. If. This was ASU IT would be FRONT  page news and it would stay posted on the Albany Herald and WALB TV sites for the WHOLE year.  The news media would be interviewing students and black students would be giving interviews saying how corrupt the school is and how they want to leave and lots more BS.

Sports Forum / Re: What will be best for the other MEAC schools?
« on: February 11, 2020, 08:13:57 AM »
I think the A&T want’s to diversify to increase their white enrollment as well and save money by decreasing long trips of road games. They figure the best way to appeal is by joining a white conference.  This may work and it may not. I’m not sure if Hampton’s white enrollment increased any.

Sports Forum / Re: List your signees here for 2020
« on: February 03, 2020, 01:35:34 AM »
National Signing Day takes place on the first Wednesday in February. That means NSD will be this Wednesday, Feb 5th for 2020.

Sports Forum / Re: Congrats to the Chiefs, their fans and Andy Reid
« on: January 21, 2020, 11:28:38 AM »
I’m kinda both ways on this one. I like both teams. I just hope Kyle Shanahan doesn’t blow another Lead like he did with the World Famous Falcons.

Tyler Perry's wig just didn't look convincing. Every time I looked at him it made me think about the old man in Madea. That kind of took something away from the movie for me. Even though he acted well in his part. He doesn't have to play in all of his movies. I just hate movies when people do too much stupid stuff throughout the movie and then stupid stuff to end the movie quickly. In other words. The ending just didn't surprise me. But like someone said I did watch it to the end. I really like what Tyler Perry is trying to do. I think he can be even more successful. I hope he expand his horizon. Hire writers and staff to help select good stories and actors(Not saying his actors were bad) blow this thing wide open.

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