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Politics / Re: How White Supremacy Shows Up
« on: Today at 09:20:06 PM »
Excellent Additions!!!!

Those should be added!!

THANKS, Iceman!!!

I just looked again and SEGREGATION is not on there either.

Ima 'bout to withdraw my compliments!!!


I'm reminded today - FOR OBVIOUS REASONS - that another way white so-called supremacy shows up is:



BISON66, That Y-Ite Male Moderator, Told The Focus Group, That Discriminatory Lending And Housing Discrimination Combined Creates Segregation - So We Can Leave That Off...  He Was A Slick Old Devil Wasn't He?!?!?! :snicker :snicker :snicker     

Yes, how could we forget those who look like us, but suffer from the "self-hate" that makes them oreo cookies!!!

Remember Stephen from DJANGO UNCHAINED or our very own OLD SPORT Here at Onnidan - <<<< Click 4 A Reminder

Politics / Re: How White Supremacy Shows Up
« on: Today at 02:52:00 PM »

That pyramid - as good as it was - IMO reflects a lack of ideological clarity and a limited (or distorted) view of history.

Or,.... it is a conscious effort to maintain the "veil of white innocence" for the most dastardly crimes against humanity.

Thanks, Iceman!


We All here on Onnidan, know it was a bit of BOTH BISON66

It's a traditional paternalistic attempt to:
             1. control the narrative,
             2. deflect or distract and
             3. minimize the guilt of the party, having caused the greatest harm 

While appearing/attempting to cover all possible AREAs of White Supremacy, While NOT Mentioning APARTHEID or FASCISM in addition to your aforementioned list:

Mass Rape,
Attempted Genocide

This Focus Group More Than Likely, Had a White Male MODERATOR that Lead the Questions and Discussion Session, IMHO...

I'm not a big fan of megachurches or their preachers but this might have been a good thing.

With millions in his bank account, what is he contributing to the cause besides his presence?


SoFloRattler said, "where is the substance behind the symbolism?"

« on: Today at 01:06:36 AM »

Politics / Re: I appreciate all the supportive statements,,,,but
« on: Yesterday at 05:03:01 PM »
If they wanted to do me a solid. They would've updated those charges to first degree-murder.

You need to premeditation and intent to kill for 1st degree murder. Under the Second Degree, felony murder the State need only prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Floyd died while Chauvin was commmitting a felony, namely third degree assault.

University of Minnesota law professor Susanna Blumenthal agreed.

"Second-degree felony murder does not require proof of intent to kill," she said by email. "What the prosecutor would need to establish is that the officer caused death while committing or attempting to commit a felony offense, which has been charged in this case as assault in the third degree."

Thanks Wildman78

Politics / Re: I appreciate all the supportive statements,,,,but
« on: Yesterday at 04:04:50 PM »
Thank you, '87 Alum!!

Symbolism is important and it has its place, but...

It must represent SUBSTANCE or it is next to meaningless, at best.

At medium, people are lulled into a false sense of complacency and the illusion that something concrete has been accomplished.

At worst, symbolism is deceitfully used by those exercising or protecting power to deceive people pressing for change.


Symbolism has its place, but we desire substance at this time!!!   Well stated Bison66...

Politics / Re: I appreciate all the supportive statements,,,,but
« on: Yesterday at 04:02:41 PM »
If they wanted to do me a solid. They would've updated those charges to first degree-murder.

The history of bringing trumped up charges, against rogue or bad cops in the US is "littered with acquittals"!!!

The "charges" need to be such, that a reasonable jury can conclude, these guys are guilty and deserve to be "locked up"...

This should always be the goal, RedRum187, is "highly untenable", given the need to prove premeditation and planning occurred...

Nope, I want their "wicked arse" to go to prison - I don't want charges that would potentially lead to an acquittal - bring
 charges that will accomplish the goal at hand
, logical ones not emotional ones...

This is another example of why we need "Term Limits" for Congress;

I propose a maximum of 2 terms for a Senator and 6 for a US Representative - with no option of running for the opposite chamber of Congress, if you have served 12 years in the opposing chamber

This would equate to a maximum of 12 years of National Service between both chambers - period and hopefully weaken the influence of Lobbyist ($$$) over time...   

« on: Yesterday at 02:06:22 PM »
White Nationalist State Department Official Still Active in Hate Movement

The show description initially referenced the word “boogaloo,” which is slang white nationalists use to connote a civil war, or a race war. The word was replaced with “Bugout” sometime after its publication.

Some white nationalists, such as former congressional candidate Paul Nehlen, use the term “boogaloo” in the context of terror attacks, like the one that claimed the lives of 22 people in August 2019 in El Paso, Texas. Gebert reposts Nehlen’s content on his Telegram channel and donated money to his campaign in 2018.

General Discussion Forum / Re: MURDER CHARGES FOR ALL 4 OF THEM
« on: Yesterday at 12:43:04 PM »
Admittedly, I don't practice law in Minnesota but I did learn this in law school:

Felony Murder

.......However, under the merger doctrine, if the elements of the underlying felony are a part of the elements of murder, the felony murder rule cannot be applied. For example, a defendant who participated in an assault in which someone was killed could not be charged with felony murder because the elements of assault are also incorporated in the elements of a murder. Thus, the assault “merges” into the murder and is not a distinct crime that can constitute the underlying felony,can%20constitute%20the%20underlying%20felony.

Every time they seek to bring a so called maximum charge to appease the public, the officers tend to "get off" - murder requires planning and premeditation (how do you prove someone left home with the intent to kill a specific subject on a given day), therein is the repeatable flaw of bring murder charges... 

These incidents may be perpetrated by racist or rogue cops - but the calls for a particular incident are random, by the public for police assistance that has "gone bad" and/or random events that occur while an officer is "on their beat" or in the vicinity of an incident when it occurs...

All I need and want is a charge that sticks like "manslaughter", historically speaking, RedRum187 charges against police officers have failed to get jail sentence...  Why, how do you  prove premeditation and planning on these random events without a recorded history or log of PRIOR harassment

Telling the jury they can choose to convict on a lesser charge, doesn't help any either, people are to exhausted from the mental exercise to just automatically downgrade charges - they tend to just say "NOT GUILTY" and go on with their lives...     

Raising money on someone's death.  Why am I not surprised?   Because deep inside, you know this fraud of a president must go... 
You are just afraid to say it in front of the crowd you network with... 

But You Support Trumps, "cancellation of the enrollment for 2020 in the Affordable Care Act Insurance Program" - In the middle of the COVID19 PANDEMIC :no: :no: :no: 


In My Best Fred Sanford Voice, "You Big Dummy!!!"

« on: June 02, 2020, 02:29:37 PM »
United States
Coronavirus Cases:



Unbelievable, how poor the leadership has been, from the White House!!!



Excellent Post CU1994

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