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Politics / Trump Is Expected to Sign Border-Security Deal
« on: February 13, 2019, 09:17:22 AM »
Trump Is Expected to Sign Border-Security Deal
The bill, which would keep government open past Friday, allocates $1.38 billion for 55 miles of physical barriers, falling short of Trump’s demands

By Rebecca Ballhaus and Peter Nicholas
Updated Feb. 13, 2019 8:45 a.m. ET

WASHINGTON—President Trump is likely to sign the border-security deal lawmakers reached this week that would keep the government open past Friday, according to people familiar with his plans, marking a potential concession by the president on his demands for border-wall funding.

Mr. Trump is expected to sign the deal unless there are any late additions, the people familiar with his plans said. A day earlier, in a cabinet meeting, Mr. Trump said the bill was “not doing the trick” and that he planned to try to amend it. “It’s always nice to negotiate a little bit, right?” he said.

Senior Republican lawmakers said it wasn’t realistic to reopen negotiations at this point, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) urged the president to sign the bill, calling it a “pretty good deal.”

Administration officials cautioned that no final decisions had been made, saying the White House was still reviewing the plan but that Mr. Trump was likely to sign the deal.

Politics / Re: Word on the street is that John McCain...
« on: February 12, 2019, 09:56:06 AM »
As I watched today's ceremony of Senator McCain, I'm reminded of my time in August 1966, while serving my country in the jungles of Vietnam and the sacrifices all those that SERVED made to our country.

Yes, there were things I didn't like while servicing but it wasn't that I didn't think I needed to be there. My dislikes were the rich and connected didn't have to serve and able-bodied Vietnamese riding scooters with their ladies and the Americans were dying.

Much has been written about the bombing of North Vietnam and the killing of kids. If all possible I wished that hadn't happened. But also I wish I had not witnessed innocent kids, moms, daddies and friendly Vietnamese being slaughtered by the VC's. Witnessed little kids with explosive attached to their bodies walking up to Americans in an attempt to kill and injury.

I wished I hadn't witnessed entering a village of friendly and seeing where the VCs bleed out the bodies of women, kids, and men in an effort to persuade them not to help the South. And to this day, this moment, I wished I has not witnessed seeing my fellow Americans die in front of me. I wish, oh I wish!

 So when I would look up into the heavens and see out aircrafts headed north, I would pray they all would return safely after a successful mission.

This I often share with others. I remembered looking up at the moon when it could be seen through the thickening, thinking that can't' be the same moon I saw in Georgia.

Today, I watched this nation honor a man, who I didn't always agree with, but a man who gave and endured what so many refused to do. For his service I'm thankful!!!


Politics / Re: Tax code changes leaves Trumpanzees stupified
« on: February 08, 2019, 05:52:45 PM »

This is what happens when you are so far up agent oranges arse, they can’t see pass the sh*t around them.

They should send a vat of vaseline to 100% of American households, and tell everyone to grab their ankles and bendover... 

The only true winners from the Tax Overhaul passed in December 2017 (followed by the largest exodus of incumbent GOPers in the history of the US CONGRESS) are business owners... 

The general public will find out they got screwed, just like Farmers in the Midwest and American based manufacturers (due to tariffs imposed by Agent Orange-Cadet Bone Spurs-Pathological Liar)...

"All Americans whether GOP or DEM Supporters Are Gonna Learn 2day!!!

all this shows how a imbecile squandered $400M, and went bankrupt 4-6 times but managed to hoodwink 60M voters (including y04185 and oldsh!t) for the CON of a lifetime.

And if we were truly a nation of laws, #45 would be headed for the prison 'gen pop' once the investigation shows he's compromised.

Politics / Re: "Whatever Kamala is goes to my sister and noone else"
« on: February 06, 2019, 06:32:29 AM »
How do you define suitable black man wild?

For a woman that looks like Kamala? I bet there was. Women just have to lower their standards. Barack was a superstar when he met michelle, but he was still below her. He was a student interning at her firm, she was a full attorney. But she took a chance and lowered her standards for a second and look what happened. The man became leader of the free world. How many of those single women you know would have humbled themselves like that for a man who might not have been on their level yet? :)

1. I disagree. I personally know several attractive, professional, intelligent, Black women comparable to Kamala Harris who have not found a suitable mates. Do you deny that there are thousands of intelligent attractive Black women who have not found suitable Black mates and complain about the scarcity of Black men who would make suitable mates, yes or no.  :shrug:

2. I would define a suitable mate for Kamala Harris as someone who is college educated, making no less than 75% of her salary, and his able to converse with her on her intellectual level. However, it is not my definition of suitable mate that is relevant here. It is how Kamala and women who are/were similarly situated would define "suitable mate" that is relevant here. Therefore, the definition of "suitable mate" could vary greatly depending upon the woman that is seeking.

3. You keep bringing up Michelle and Barack. I don't find that argument persuasive. (a) are you seriously arguing that because Michelle was able to marry Barack, every other similarly situated Black woman should be able to find a suitable mate.  ::) (b) Michelle didn't take a great risk on Barack , he was editor Harvard Law Review. It didn't take much of a gamble to know he would be successful. (c) Michelle and Barack were just plain lucky that both of them were in the right place at the right time, with respect to both physical proximity and the stages in their life.

4. I take issue with you saying that Black women should lower their standards for the sole purpose of marrying a Black man. That is ridiculous.

5. You assert without providing any proof that many suitable Black men would have jumped at the chance to be Kamala's husband. Can you name one who proposed, and she rejected the proposal?  :shrug: 

6.  She didn't get married to the White guy, Douglas Emhoff, until she was 49 years old, in 2014. Dayum, couldn't one reasonably assume that she just got tired of waiting for the right brother to come along. :shrug: Seriously, if she was jsut set on marrying a white guy, she could have married one before she turned 49. I'm just saying.  :tiptoe:

I agree With Wildman and his perspective on this one!!!


“Mueller is not going to indict Trump, because he’s going to follow the DOJ employee handbook, but he has leverage over the president in terms of Donald Trump, Jr.,” Butler explained. “We’ve seen Mueller use people’s kids to get to folks in the past. He could do this with Donald Trump, Jr.”

Someone is about to find out, it does not pay to LIE - to the Senate Intelligence Committee - after taking an oath to tell the truth.

White Privilege and having the POTUS as your dad, will not prevent your indictment "LIAR" - You may not serve time, but you will know going forward, you are not above the law "LIAR"...


Politics / Re: People disagreeing with me != Russians
« on: February 03, 2019, 11:17:58 AM »
What Iceman said!


With the "brain washing" of Americans and "other peoples across the globe" being so thorough, I believe people like Neymar may need a list of authors (in his and other's case that are European) that wrote and told the truth about world history, specifically as it relates to the creation of civilization...

Being naive about true world history can be quite consequential, especially as it relates to the "birth of civilization" and the history of  Egypt (Kemet, Kamit), Canaan (Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Syria), Sumer (Babylonia or Southern Iraq), Ethiopia (Kush), and the Indus Valley (Mohenjo Daro & Harappa), their "racial origin" and the fact that these advanced societies had running water, functional sewage systems, religion, metallurgy, agriculture, domesticated animals, language scripts, writing implements/paper like materials, built cities, had formal governments, master the arts, create mathematics, understood astronomy and astrology, etc and so on, several millennium before Greece and Rome came upon the world scene - as proven by anthropological and archaeology digs, studies and recorded by "none other than" Europeans)...

Even the Greeks acknowledge having gone to the Egyptians for studies "upon the ways of life" (philosophy) as Egypt was the educational capital of the ancient world

Politics / Re: People disagreeing with me != Russians
« on: February 02, 2019, 12:56:47 AM »
Just a quick reminder of what Neymar said about his fellow Italians:

Its funny because it is typical Italian behavior. Lose and then cheat.

Italians are cheaters by nature.
Good self-descriptors, boy!!


I told these ignorant people years ago, that we all have the option to not hit that "POST" push button, when thinking and typing "out loud"...   

But once you hit that "POST" push button you can't take what you wrote back - someone can get a "snap shot" of it and remind you about it "into infinity"...

Some are just slow learners, while others just never learn... 

Politics / Re: People disagreeing with me != Russians
« on: February 02, 2019, 12:48:05 AM »
Wow!!!!  :o^^^^^

B66’s last retort to Neymar is a perfect example why you should approach an “academic” discussion with him with considerable trepidation.

My man B66 just carved up that mofo’s position with the deftness and skill employed by a great medical surgeon.

Neymar, in the interest of saving yourself from further embarrassment, an old maxim should be considered: Quit while you’re behind.

End of discussion.

I'm not surprised that you cover for a democrat in blackface in your title.

I'm not surprised that the usual suspects have nothing to say.  They don't condemn white democrats.

Fkcu that Racist Governor U, y04185, did nothing to prevent from winning in Virginia...

Fkcu the POTUS Agent Orange-Cadet Bone Spur and any other Racist...

Whether they are a so called reformed Racist, a Closet Racist, an Old-Boy Network Racist, a Red-Lining Banking Racist, All Y-ite Employee Corporate Suite Racist or any other secret organization racist or public organization racist known, unknown, avowed, or disavowed... 

Political Party or Affiliation has no bearing on this - I am a registered Independent Any Dayyum Way!!!!

FKCU Em All, They Can All Go To Heyal!!!

« on: February 01, 2019, 05:32:30 PM »
The Russian troll/bot is back...  :no:

Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice was said 3 times...


Where are you Wh(y) and Oldsport?

Yeah Iceman. 3/5ths Peaced us OUT! I am hoping so for good. Don't keep repeating his name. It's sorta like if you say 'CandyMan' 3 times in a row, he might show back up... :tongue2: :lol:
Or Beattlejuice.

FunCkMaster and 81alphaeagle you guys messed up, you posted his name - adding up to a total of 3 times - that his name has been placed in this Onnidan Forum post...  He has been conjured back up, like "CandyMan" and/or "Beetle Juice"... 

January 2019 - two years in - and #Loser45 is already a LAME DUCK.

Pelosi and Schumer exposed his weakness and ego-driven political incompetence.

Then Repubs began abandoning him on the shutdown.

Yesterday, McConnell introduced legislation to reverse #Loser45's position on Syria.

Another kiss and tell book, Team of Vipers demonstrates how a fish rots from the head.

Yesterday, ALL of the #ErraticTrump-appointed intel chiefs contradicted him on MAJOR national security issues:  China, Russia, ISIL, NoKo, Iran, climate change, southern border, etc.


The people spoke loud and clear in the 2018 mid-term elections... 

Now his own party is tired of the nonsensical daily ignorance emanating from the White House and that across Agent Orange-Cadet Bone Spurs periphery... 

Of course, those of us that put character before other things, knew a compulsive and/or pathological liar and person definitively lacking the sympathy-empathy gene should never have been on the ballot, much less elected to the presidency...  But I Digress...

Where are you Wh(y) and Oldsport?

Yeah Iceman. 3/5ths Peaced us OUT! I am hoping so for good. Don't keep repeating his name. It's sorta like if you say 'CandyMan' 3 times in a row, he might show back up... :tongue2: :lol:
Or Beattlejuice.

FunCkMaster and 81alphaeagle you guys messed up, you posted his name - adding up to a total of 3 times - that his name has been placed in this Onnidan Forum post...  He has been conjured back up, like "CandyMan" and/or "Beetle Juice"... 


People are retiring in Latin America due to low cost and that includes health care.

Healthcare that is as good or better than here in the states.  :nod:

I honestly didn't know about healthcare "south of the border"...  Thanks for sharing...


So Y04185 can respond...

And to hear, any other comments as to why Trump Capitulated...

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