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If Mr. Floyd was killed by another black man - would you really care? Hell no!  Again, one this foolishness goes away. It will be back to business in the inner-cities of America.


But our best athletes can’t get enough of the P5 drug.  :tiptoe:

This, You know Dabo is a MAGA dude.

All of white men think the same. But, you can't tell that to some colorblind black people.

Because, they already know, we are showing up in droves to P5 schools.

Stop it! You are probably another person around those white people.

General Discussion Forum / Re: What is the end game?
« on: May 31, 2020, 11:17:49 PM »
The easiest solution is open a checkbook. Because, they only respect Economics. Why don't they never pick on the Jews, or Homosexuals? Because, they have have money and power behind them.

You can't influence policy by protesting and rioting. You influence by opening a checkbook.

Well, the thought of President Trump picking up the phone to call was good enough in my book.  :clap:

If you ever been to Utah. I could see this happening. The people are so nice that it is scary.

The Minnesota Attorney General says it's more like Mississippi

The sad part, some people really believe that racism is only in the deep south.

When some five-star players stop signing with Power-five schools, and start signing with lesser-known schools. It will wake their a-- up in a heartbeat.

soflo^^^he’s an offensive tackle. They don’t have a history of being particularly bright, which is why this clown should shut his stupid mouth and and TRY to master the team’s playbook.  >:(

You can't group all offensive linemen with this racist.

If you ever been to the outskirts of Minnesota. It's no different than Alabama.  :tiptoe:

George Floyd killing: 17 complaints, an adoring wife: Minneapolis cop’s work, personal background detailed

General Discussion Forum / Re: A message sent to me from a sista
« on: May 30, 2020, 12:51:29 PM »
like I always say.... AFWF...Ambassadors for White Folks.
Negroes so quick to make sure their white friends and mates are comfortable and guilt-free.  GTFOOHWTBS!!!!    ::)

I asked her two questions.

1. Have you been to their home, or vice-versa?

2. Have they invited you out to dinner?

The reply was, "NO."

Well, I rest my case.

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