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The school is at fault for this matter.

General Discussion Forum / Re: Pet peeve...
« on: Today at 01:24:39 PM »
At what point do people cease using the phrase "you know" in their dialog? Drives me nuts especially when a so-called educated professional use it between seemingly every other sentence.  ::) :no:

'Or how about for-real for-real 

He's been the best Bond since Sean Connery....IMO

Yes. He has been the best one to me, too.

She have  a beautiful skin-tone too.

Sports Forum / Re: RIP The Arena Football League
« on: Today at 09:56:51 AM »
Two leagues in one year. The XFL will soon join these in the cemetery.

The XFL didn't learn from the 2001 failure.

This is why so many women are natural now. Those chemicals are dangerous.

Yes. I told one in Baton Rouge on Sunday that her hair was marvelous, and she was shocked.

At the time of his arrest in the Blanchard case, Yazeed was out on bond on charges of murder and kidnapping in connection with a January 2019 crime. According to court records, two male victims – one of them 77-years-old - were held against their will in a hotel room in January 2019 on the 1200 block of Eastern Boulevard. The older man was beaten until “unconscious, unresponsive, severely injured and near death” and robbed of a Rolex, rifle, handguns, wallet, bank card, clothing and unknown amount of currency. The other man was also beaten and robbed of at least $40.

In July 2017, Yazeed was arrested by Cass County sheriff’s deputies in Missouri on an arrest warrant for aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer.

Yazeed also previously pleaded guilty to felony drug possession in 2015 and received a 13-month suspended sentence. In 2012, he was charged with attempted murder after authorities said he rammed his car into a Montgomery police vehicle. A grand jury declined to indict him on those charges as well.

The previous year – 2011 - Yazeed was charged with two counts of robbery after a man was robbed of more than $2,000, a cell phone and a Gucci watch. A grand jury also declined to indict him on those charges

You really have to love the Montgomery County Judicial System. He should've been under the prison.

::)  *STILL wondering where the DriveBy shooters are*  >:(

You know, their mother taught them to respect the white man, and cherish him. They only shoot up and terrorize their skin tone.


Oh my! There shall come a day when you walk down town and there will be dead black women on every corner.


Didn't take your mother to get a perm on this year?

Sports Forum / Re: Rutgers welcomes back Schiano: 8 years, $32M
« on: Yesterday at 10:09:43 AM »

big ten ain't the old big east, won't be as easy at rutgers this time around for schiano...

He will get them back on track. Trust me. They want be a laughingstock anymore. This is one thing, I can say about white people. They will pay to win at all costs.

See, this is why economics is going have to be our #1 priority. Because, until, we start having a ACTUAL PLAN, and stop thinking "whore games" are our only solutions. HBCUs will continue to be at the bottoms of athletics.

Well,,,,,,what do you suggest? I've been to a Rutgers game when Schiano was the former coach, and NSU was the sacrificial lamb of the day. Of course we got trounced, but it was an interesting day.  If our HBCU games could get the same amount of paying attendance per home game that Rutgers average per home game, maybe we wouldn't have to rely on "whore games" to help sustain our HBCU athletics.
Maybe if EVERY alum of EVERY HBCU would make a monthly contribution to their HBCU in some shape, fashion and form, maybe the "whore games" wouldn't exist, at least, unless they pay a minimum of 400K-500K per game.
Maybe if the area CHURCHES would help their area HBCUs financially, some of these MEGA CHURCHES are filthy rich, our HBCUs wouldn't need those "whore games",,,,,,,
That would be real nice.

Yes. But, we would rather go throw our money on bulls**t. Hell, New Birth took in 10 million dollars in 2010. Man, the white man done a trick on us with Christianity. Now, when the school ask us to donate some money. We gripe and complain. But, we will throw our last to Rev. Pork Chop, and the white man.

Pastor's Anniversary...
First Lady Anniversary...
I'm still looking for this in the bible :tiptoe:

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