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 :no:........your humble poster commented earlier today^^^on Ken Starr’s presentation, which was a COMPLETE waste of time and added NOTHING to the senate’s deliberations.

Well, one of their presenters after Starr was Pam Bondi, former FL Atty General, and pretty much Trump’s bag lady in Florida. She spent her ENTIRE presentation raising the specter of Joe and Hunter Biden involved in corruption in the Ukraine. It all centered on Hunter serving on the board of directors of Burisma, a Ukraine energy company, for which he was paid a handsome amount of money.

I listened to this gal’s presentation with ASTONISHMENT as I kept waiting for one of the senators to rise to object to her presentation because it was COMPLETELY devoid of relevance on the issue of whether Trump committed an impeachable offense.

But objecting on the grounds of “relevance” is not permitted in these proceedings, so she was allowed to do the same thing her client does on a daily basis - deflect and distract.

You’d have to be a MORON to accept the garbage Trump’s legal team is spewing. And that is likely why he won’t be convicted. The morons control the senate 53-47.

God help us.  :(

 :no:........did any of you peeps see/hear Ken Starr’s presentation today? He was the first of Trump’s defense team to present today. His purpose, presumably, was to give some kind of historical overview of the constitutional impeachment process. The conclusion we were supposed to draw is that the House Dems overreached with those two impeachment articles against Trump.

Starr was long, rambling and, no doubt, of little to zero assistance to the senate in considering whether to throw Trump’s a.z.z out of office. It was a COMPLETE waste of time, and pretty much amounted to more “smoke and mirrors” GOP bullshyt.

  :o..........................she CLEARLY said it.   :lol:

soflo and board................

The fact that Marsha Blackburn represents Rocky Top in the United States is emblematic of the ROT that permeates the GOP right now. She is not very bright and, LITERALLY, worships the ground that Trump trods.

She was pretty much an obscure GOP congresswoman prior to getting elected to the senate in 2018. She hated President Obama guts, for no SANE reason other than he is a brilliant, polished, charming black politician. He defies every stereotype the stupid and bigoted Marsha has conjured up in her mind for black people, especially black men.

She defeated in that ‘18 senate race Phil Bredesen, former 3-term mayor of Nashville, and 2-term governor of Tennessee. The DNC recruited Bredesen to run against this stupid bytch, but what they did not expect was the LOUSY campaign that he ran. He got bad advice that urged him not to get too “close” to traditional Dem Party constituencies, but try to appeal to the Trump deplorables in this state. That strategy backfired spectacularly.

Marsha Blackburn will continue to make a fool of herself and embarrass the people of Tennessee. And when she DOES that, they will have deserved EVERY minute of it.

Politics / Re: Mike Pompeo a REAL POS
« on: January 25, 2020, 09:01:24 AM »
 :nod:.........yep, all the lying, cheating, deception and political ruses are ALL catching up with dude and he can’t handle it. He disgraced himself with the way he treated Mary Louise Kelly who is absolutely one of the BEST in the business. She made a fool out of Pompeo and exposed him for the fat-a.z.z liar that he is, and he couldn’t handle it.

Btw, if, as Pompeo contends, Americans don’t give a “f” about Ukraine, why is he headed over there next week? Still trying to dig up dirt on Joe and Hunter?

These people are BEYOND despicable.   :(

 >:(......I wish Trump and his goons would stop f’ing with that lil girl. But she seems to be holding her own.

Maybe Greta could show those stooges in the GOP senate caucus what it takes to stand up to thugs.  :clap:

 >:(......and these mofos KILL me with all that high minded talk of establishing “standards” and shyt. They’re f’ing with this kid and his family for one reason and one reason only - because they CAN!!

This white supremacy bullshyt is toxic and will likely lead to the ruination of this country,

::) Cubans...
>:(........yep, the reason why Andrew Gilliam is not governor of Florida today.

 :clap:........:I like the play on their last name to name this new bourbon. I hope it does well.

And, no disrespect, but is your humble poster the only one who got the impression after looking at their pic^^^that these boys may have ingested some of their own product before the photo was taken?

Jes ax’ing.  ;D

Politics / Re: Hakeem Jeffries Lit trump Attorneys Up
« on: January 22, 2020, 06:40:58 PM », Hakeem Jeffries is my dude.

« on: January 21, 2020, 06:14:00 PM »
 :no:^^^another shady negro preacher endorsing Trump and trying to hoodwink black folks. spotty has a knack for retrieving these clowns from various woodpiles.

Stay on it, Big Que.

Sports Forum / Re: Congrats to the Chiefs, their fans and Andy Reid
« on: January 20, 2020, 09:54:54 PM »
 :clap:^^^thanks for your comments, Bison.

Mofos act like the Titans fan base is nothing and we were unaffected by this loss. The Titans had an INCREDIBLE, dream-like playoff run through the AFC. Fans showed up for the AFC championship game for outdoor viewing parties on two big screens set up Downtown Nashville. And withstood 35 degree weather to cheer on the Titans.

By WHAT objective criteria are mofos stating the Chiefs have the “best” fan base in the NFL? This mentality sounds like a lot of delusional A&T fans.  ::).............Whatever.

« on: January 20, 2020, 03:15:15 PM »
???......spotty, I’m curious, were these armed militia groups converging on Richmond today some of these “very fine people” that Trump talked about responsible for the violence and death of Heather Hyer in Charlottesville I n 2017?

« on: January 20, 2020, 03:03:48 PM »
 :no:^^^still trying to smear black folks and their leaders.

You are RELENTLESS in being a mouth piece for white supremacists.

Don’t know when, but there WILL be a day of reckoning for these stupid coons and white apologists.  >:(

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