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 :nod:^^^could not agree more with what BOTH Bison and M&G posted.

Heard on NPR this morning that the job losses in the last 2-3 weeks have WIPED OUT all of the job gains over the last 5 years.  :o

God help us.   :(

Politics / Re: Kentucky governor vetoes voter ID bill,
« on: Yesterday at 09:02:12 PM »
 :nod:.......your humble poster is VERY impressed with Ky Governor Beshear. Dude is awfully impressive.  :clap: It’s hard to believe that, while he’s the governor, the commonwealth’s two US senators are such STERLING examples of ethics and integrity in politics as Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul.

How did THAT happen?  :shrug:

Okay. The Obama administration did not replenish the stockpile of N-95 masks. What has prevented the Trump administration from replenishing then since the beginning of March 2020?
???......uhhh, pardon me, boss, but why do you mention March 2020 in your post. This clown was sworn into office in January, 2017. If, as is alleged, President Obama left the stockpile of N95 masks depleted, what has prevented this clown currently in office from replenishIng that stockpile. He’s had over 3 freaking years to do so.

How much longer are these people who support this MORON gonna continue to accept his passing the blame to his predecessor for his abject INCOMPETENCE?!?!   :no:

On a hill far away, stood an old rugged cross, the emblem of suffering and shame.   :(

« on: Yesterday at 01:44:42 PM »
 :nod:^^^yeah, Merkel is respected all over the world. I like her attitude about Germany’s racist/Nazi past. She understands that it is a blight on German history and culture that will probably NEVER be completely eradicated.

But instead of being “defensive” about the country’s past, her attitude is to face it head on, and do all she can to make sure it NEVER repeats itself, at least under her watch.

Merkel is a brilliant woman. I believe she is a physicist or something similar by training. I also believe she was born and raised in the old East Germany. She speaks fluent Russian. I believe it was taught in schools when East Germany was subject to the edicts of the old USSR. She is able to relate to Putin because of the language skills, and because dude recognizes that she is a strong, exceptional woman.

In other words, she is EVERYTHING that fool in the White House is not!!

« on: Yesterday at 12:24:55 PM »
Cats^^^I agree with you about Chancellor Merkel. She is a strong woman and, although she has had to fend off a lot of sexism since becoming Chancellor, she enjoys the trust and admiration of the German people.

Man, gal was REALLY crazy about President Obama. She seemingly had a crush on dude.  :lol: Conversely, she was repelled when this current clown defeated HRC. She really regards dude as a classless, uncouth buffoon.  :no:

  :no:.............this clown has been pumping his chest for MONTHS, bragging about the greatest economy in the last 50 years and other such nonsense. And all the while TOTALLY dismissing what President Obama did to save the economy from a depression when he succeeded Bush I in 2009.

So now this fool is saddled with a national economic calamity, caused in no small part by his own ineptness and inertia at the onset of this virus crisis. And ALL he has done is thrash about, proving what HRC and MANY others have been saying for years now. And that is dude is MANIFESTLY unfit to be POTUS.

So here we are.   :(

^^^yep, also remember, M&G, America First.

Screw the rest of the world, we don’t need them.  :no:

 :no:......this lil dude is making a complete FOOL of himself. He acts like a 5th grade schoolgirl sending a note to some boy in her class she likes: I like you, why don’t you like me back?

It’s just simply beyond pathetic.

Why would ANY sane voter in Alabama want to vote for someone who debases himself so much?   :shrug:

Politics / Re: I Have To Agree With This....
« on: April 02, 2020, 10:12:52 AM »
 :lol:........yeah, that was pretty damn humorous, but true. The brutha who called in is correct. My suspicion is that the governor and his top medical officer did NOT think through about the intersection of race and gender when they suggested folks wear bandanas and scarves when they go out shopping.

Appreciate the humor, Alum.

 :nod:........Mrs. Strike and I have been blessed to see the troupe several times over the years, the most recent here in Nashville back on 2/28. The dancing and execution were as sharp and crisp as ever.

Mucho thanks, Bison, for posting this link^^^so ALL can enjoy.  :clap:


Take my word for it......
:lol:.........FINALLY, this coon elicits chuckles from me.  :lol:

I agree with the request but don’t like it was shared with the public. Our enemies know now that weakness exist.
???........uhhh, forgive me, bossman, but when you state “our enemies,” I assume you mean enemies of the American people.

From where your humble poster sits in Music City, USA, the biggest “enemy” of the American people is that dude sitting in the Oval Office.

And I am NOT trying to be facetious.  :(

 :nod:^^^yep, gotta agree with EVERYTHING B4L just posted.  :clap:

And Trump’s behavior has not deviated ONE BIT since he descended the escalator at Trump Tower in the summer of 2015 to announce his presidential candidacy. If you were honestly UNAWARE who this creep was BEFORE that speech, you were certainly put on notice then........but people voted for him ANYWAY!?!?!?  :(

So now right in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, we have as POTUS one of the most reprehensible and loathsome creatures EVER to preside in the Oval Office.

Make America Great Again? No, DESTROY America, I don’t give a phuck cuz the ONLY thing that matters is my personal aggrandizement.......THAT, boys and girls, is what DJT is REALLY all about.  >:(

 :nod:.............yep, no more lying and subterfuge. This creep is FLAT OUT telling folks right now that he will do EVERYTHING in his power to keep mofos from voting, MOST ESPECIALLY non-whites.

Let’s see how Joe, Nancy, Chucky and all the REST of the Dem leadership respond.

 >:(^^^say, Alum, did you see where this CREEP Trump wants his signature affixed to every relief check?

There just seems to be no depth to what a disgusting human being this clown is.  :no:

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