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Was just about to wade into the chix sandwich debate when y fired this broadside^^^, pretty much soliciting YET ANOTHER verbal beat down by my boy soflo.

I’m a huge Chick-Fil-A sandwich fan, and have not yet tasted the Popeyes sandwich. So I’ll withdraw and come back later with my opinion on the Popeyes sandwich.

Perhaps by then the “dust” will have settled.  ;D

Cap^^^the word “couple” is an example of what’s called a “collective” noun because it suggests/denotes more than one person, place or thing. It’s not actually a “singular” noun.

However, I think most grammarians would agree with you that the singular form of the verb should be used with the collective noun. So in your example^^^it is more appropriate/acceptable to state the couple “was” doing such and such.

But one of the many quirks of the English language - and what makes it such a difficult language for non speakers to learn - is that the usage changes over time. What is acceptable usage today may very well not be decades from now.  :shrug:

Curious to know what others think.  ;)

Politics / Re: A perfect fit. Just the place for her.
« on: Yesterday at 11:57:03 AM »
???.......guys, I’m confused.

I thought this garden tool was headed back home to Arkansas, possibly to run for political office there.

Don’t know what city she was planning to reside in - Little Rock, Fayetteville, etc - but it really doesn’t matter. The ENTIRE state is a 19th century backwater. She likely started researching schools for her young children, and decided, hell to the naw. And got the “F” out of there.

Joining the ignorant and racist propaganda at Fox Noise is a good fit for her.

Who gives a flying F...k?
Answer: in addition to what Ken just stated^^^, so too does Mike Pence as the Iceland PM plans to snub his mannequin-looking a.z.z like a mofo.

Now here comes  a group of mad negroes once again looking for reasons to pick a successful black person apart. The worst part is that you get  very small and petty with it. You talk about his clothes, his appearance, manorisms....

???.........there was a good deal of your “rant” that merits a response. But I thought THIS^^^excerpt was particularly interesting.

I re-read each of the posts that preceded your post, and NOWHERE did I see any reference to Steve’s clothes or appearance. One poster DID use the word “fashionista” to refer to MRS. Harvey, but that’s not who you were referring to in your post.

So it begs the question, was your error attributable to some reading comprehension deficiencies, a Freudian slip as it is YOU not other peeps who is focused on Steve’s clothes and appearance, or both.

Btw, Big Cap, what are manorisms:shrug:



Boy you crazier than a mofo.  :lol:

 :lol:..........this is some hilarious schitt.

Memo from Iceland PM to Mike Pence:

“F” you!

End of memo.


JT^^^^I honestly thought your response to me about Steve was as fair and honest as he might expect from anyone.

REALLY appreciated your analysis, Big homie.  ;)

PS^^^your comment reminded me of the moment Ms. Strike and her companion informed Mrs. Strike and me that she was pregnant. They presented us with an envelope containing a sonogram of the fetus in Ms. Strike’s womb.

When I responded that I was surprised, they both said that your humble poster was to “blame” as I had been saying for months that I was ready to be a grandfather. I then reminded them that I had NOTHING to do with creating the pregnancy.  :lol:

Mrs. Strike and I are blessed to be near Ms. Strike, her dude, and our grand baby, but we all MOST DEFINITELY do not need to be under the same roof.  :o

So Steve "rich people don't sleep eight hours a day" Harvey and his fashionista  wife did a photo op in Ghana. I aint buying it.
Bison^^^in addition to what you just stated, I wonder how Steve will explain his “emotions” upon visiting the Ghanaian slave castles with his visit to Trump Tower, November/December, 2016. As most of you will recall, Steve joined a select group of “prominent negroes” in traveling to Trump Tower to kiss the ring of the President-elect, a self-avowed “white nationalist”?

What are we to make of those two TOTALLY contrasting events in Steve’s life?  :shrug:

of y04185 has those same issues.

He mysteriously leaves topics and NEVER posts in them again.

Confuses FACTS with his opinion.  He probably needs mental therapy and give up his guns.  You know he won't do that.  He loves his guns more than people.
  :lol:^^^so what are you suggesting about y, his need for “mental therapy,” and his affinity for guns? Someone needs to “red flag” that mofo.  :snicker

M&G, you crack me bruh, f’ing with dude.  :lol:

Politics / Re: Trump postpones Denmark Trip
« on: August 21, 2019, 07:21:22 AM »
 :no:........and there are people who STILL believe that this clown is a REAL president, deserving of our honor and respect.  :shrug:

“Elections have consequences.” - President Barack Obama, November, 2016, uttered at the White House two days after the presidential election, on the occasion of receiving this Trump dude in the Oval Office.

Enough said.

^^^ That’s what I heard B.  Plus the new wife a Dr. got them a job at the hospital making $18hr.  They didn’t want the job because they wanted to continue smoking weed.
:lol:.......j, your suggestion that all these mofos wanted to do is to “continue smoking weed” reads like an indictment of the entire negro Millenial generation.  :lol:

« on: August 20, 2019, 05:33:29 PM »
 :clap:...........fascinating discussion, and very interesting and well thought out analyses put forth by EACH^^^of you bruthas. Concur in each of your opinions as well.

While I do appreciate the way you bruthas refute the bullshyt set forth in the screed that  spotty posted^^^, I have long ago developed a different method by which to dismiss his cutnpaste rants.

All one has to do is scroll down to the end of these pieces and note the source. And in THIS case, it’s, one of spotty’s “beloved” far right-wing blogs. And on whom spotty routinely relies to affirm the notion that the negro finds himself in his current state solely because of “inherent” psycho-social deficiencies. And, of course, the institution of slavery and white supremacy is to be totally absolved of ANY blame or responsibility.

And so it goes.........,,,,,,,... :(

 :no:.......Lawd, here we go again.

Mofos acting as if the Sunshine State’s so-called “stand your ground” law absolves them of ANY criminal liability when they blow black folks away.

Make America Great Again??........REALLY??  :(

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