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Looks like CAU's own Tiffany Cross in auditioning for a replacement spot since she'll be hosting next weekend.
Bison and board...........Tiffany is doing a FANTASTIC job, but there was no reason for anyone to have thought differently. I watched her fill in yesterday, and am LITERALLY watching her now as I compose this post.

I guess there has not been an “official” announcement that Tiffany has the weekend gig because she sweetly “demurs” everytime one of the panelists congratulates and compliments her for sitting in the weekend chair. But I’ve been watching this sistah for years both as a regular guest on Joy’s show, as well as her providing top notch political analysis on ALL KINDS of shows.

I wish Tiffany all the best.   :clap:

 :clap:........very nicely done.

Not trying to be petty, but each of the readers^^^identified themselves as either a great (X3, 4or5) grandson or granddaughter of FD, EXCEPT this one reader who specifically said “great grandchild and it was difficult for THIS poster to discern that particular reader’s “gender”.

Would someone please help an old dude out on this?  :shrug:

 :no:..........yeah, using the chokehold on innocent black men and women and MURDERING them is nothing but one big joke to these uniformed thugs.   >:(

They will leave the Aurora PD for another law enforcement agency and CONTINUE to inflict violence - both spiritual and physical- on people of color.

God bless America.   :shrug:

^^^?!?!?!.......uhhh, forgive me, but who in the hell is paying money for guys to ball at Austin Peay?

Don’t wish to offend anybody reading my words who may be alums or have ties to Peay (pronounced “pee”), but it is just your average, garden-variety, regional state university. It’s located in Clarksville, TN, about a 40 minutes drive NW of Nashville. Been in Clarksville a bunch of times on business, and have driven around that yard a bunch of times.

They used to be the “dumping ground” for OVC football, but have come on strong the last ten years or so. A lot of black kids from the Nashville area matriculate there, including a few from my church, so maybe those numbers have attracted some skilled negro ballers to enroll there as well.

But “paying” mofos to ball there?.........WOW!!  :o

« on: July 03, 2020, 04:44:57 PM »

Cavuto loses it on GOP rep. :snicker
:no:..........certifiable and unadulterated CRACKPOT!! Let’s fire the expert epidemiologists in the middle of a pandemic so the cult-God can look good. Why do the good, fine Christian whitefolks in this country keep sending these FOOLS to Congress?  :shrug:

God help us.   :(

Wildman^^^for a possible answer to why BCU might not have pushed earlier for state funds when private PWC’s were receiving same, kindly see the comments set forth in my first post on this thread^^^.  :shrug:

Politics / Re: Quit or Lose.....What Would Be More Damaging?
« on: July 03, 2020, 06:59:25 AM »

I dare him to quit!!
:lol:.........bruthas, while several of you have reposted this sistah’s image, I think we ought to clarify who this is for those unaware. This is Leticia James, NY state attorney general, who has been investigating the corrupt practices of Trump and his family business for YEARS. And that would include BEFORE she became the state atty general.

She is sharp as a tack, and is literally SALIVATING to go after that clown when he leaves the White House.

Homegirl is no joke!!   :lol:

Politics / Re: BIDEN's STRATEGY
« on: July 03, 2020, 06:51:40 AM »
 :clap:........yeah, Joe needs to chill for now, while his opponent continues to IMPLODE!!

^^^thanks, Que, for your thoughts, as I’ve been scratching my head on this one. You’re probably right, the GOP senate caucus is REALLY concerned that being associated with that scumbag in the White House will cost them their majority.

But it’s too late. The Republican “brand” has likely been FOREVER tarnished. And, hopefully soon, good damn riddance.

Gov. Ron DeSantis announced the state’s commitment to three of the state’s historically Black colleges and universities with recurring funding in the state’s budget at a news conference at Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach on Wednesday.

DeSantis, who as a congressman represented Volusia County, had developed a relationship with leaders at Bethune-Cookman, and said he wanted to keep the independent HBCUs - historically Black Colleges and Universities - in the budget recommendations when approaching the new year.

 :nono2: Sorry. Not nearly enough for historic underfunding over the ages. :no:
Concur.........negroes have been conditioned and brainwashed to “cheer” when the white establishment offers “peanuts” for DECADES of historic inequities.

If black lives TRULY matter, let’s reprocess our minds and resist the urge to exalt “whiteness” for their alleged “largesse”. After all, the announced commitment to the state’s HBCU’s are tax dollars in which black folks contribute, not “personal” contributions from Mr. DeSantis.  :shrug:

« on: July 03, 2020, 06:30:33 AM »
 :(............similarly to the way many, perhaps most, white folks STILL feel about us, I USED to be indifferent to the name change and the harmful impact to the dignity of the First Peoples of this land.  But not anymore.

Seriously, having as your team’s mascot a pejorative like “redskins”? I mean it’s grotesque and odious by any reasonable and objective 21st century standard. Naaah, it just ain’t cool.

I think the District politicians and the rest of the Dem congressional establishment need to hold firm on this one.....”F” Daniel Snyder.  >:(

Politics / Re: Hermain Cain Hospitalized with Covid-19
« on: July 02, 2020, 03:05:42 PM », you bruhs are tripping me out.  :lol:

Agree with EVERYTHING NSS posted^^^.  Cain and the rest of those coons need their a.z.zes kicked. Sitting in an enclosed arena without wearing a mask in the middle of a pandemic, grinning, all in support of a damn white supremacist. Pathetic beyond words.   >:(

And, 81, you’re right, that DID look like the negro section.  :lol:

Politics / Re: Comrade Trump - Lincoln Project
« on: July 02, 2020, 08:37:41 AM »
 :clap:.........WOW!, just freaking WOW!

Brilliantly done and perfectly executed. The folks on The Lincoln Project team appear to rival President Obama’s ‘08 team in brilliance and execution. And that begs the question, WHO is on Joe’s team?   :shrug:

One more thought about the Lincoln Project’s ad. The Russians have few matches in composing moving, stirring music, and the background music to this ad is no exception. But your humble poster would have preferred to hear the Russian National Anthem which is one of the most stirring anthems in the world.

Would someone more adept than me kindly post the link to the Russian anthem on this thread? Thanks.  ;)

???......who da phuck is this clown a.z.z coon sheriff? And what’s up with the big cowboy hat and all? Dude has been watching too many western movies or something when he talks about “deputizing” all lawful gun owners and shyt. He DOES realize that includes MORE than the white males in his county, doesn’t he?

This is all about advocating “vigilantism” which makes this nucca coon sheriff WOEFULLY unfit for office.   :no:

 :clap:.........and even BEFORE today’s announcement, Mr. Funks’ office has been effectively NOT prosecuting for small amounts by letting folks attend some kind of “behavior class” in lieu of entering guilty pleas. At the conclusion of which the matter is dismissed on payment of court costs, and the person can then expunge the matter from his/her record.

Today’s announcement simply lifts the burden of paying for these classes and removes most, if not all, of related court costs.

Thank God Nashville has a prosecutor who is WOKE, and not trying to adversely impact people’s lives for conviction on a drug which is LEGAL in dozens of states for recreational and/or medicinal purposes.  :shrug:

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