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While this movie does look cool and all. The next Juice or Boyz n the Hood nah... Also how many times are we gonna make this movie... The drug dealer, the pretty girl and the ball player... We as black people are more than that and have more stories than this .... maybe its just me but im over these type of movies

he stopped receiving support when he closed all those damn schools and helped the richest get richer....

Sports Forum / Re: The 2015 SIAC Tournament Schedule
« on: February 25, 2015, 02:14:40 PM »
This sounds like the after church basketball tournament .... boring, boring, boring

Sports Forum / Re: HBCU & Analytics
« on: February 25, 2015, 02:09:09 PM »
Analytics sound good but upfront wouldnt be ran correctly in an HBCU there are alot of things to set up and have know how to use.....

Invest the money in our athletic-students (like that right)

Sports Forum / Re: WSSU recruit arrested
« on: February 25, 2015, 02:06:39 PM »
Many a young thief has been trashed in that Ram locker room.....

Hopefully if he makes it to camp he has a change of heart ... it be a terrible thing to walk around school with a dragon egg on the side of your face the first day of school

Sports Forum / Re: Will any posters attend the CIAA TOURNEY
« on: February 25, 2015, 02:04:11 PM »
YEA SO... nah

Young folks go for the parties and unfortunately ... im not paying All-Star weekend prices to be in charlotte
its not that deep anymore....

1500.00 just to sit down ...


General Discussion Forum / Re: Father Jumps Son out of Gang
« on: February 22, 2015, 05:03:42 PM »
 :brickwall: :brickwall: :brickwall: :brickwall:

LOL yea ..... so he didnt jump his kid out of a gang... if you think thats how it works, then i got a island for sale in Kansas.

you want your kid out of a gang be in his life.

Now readng some of these i have to laugh because i remember rolling up hills running for hours straight.... sh!t i even remember my coaching lifting a player off his feet in full pads.

But i also remember ..."Water makes you weak"
                                 " Sprained ankle.... son you better run till it feels good"
                                 " Coach he has a concussion.... Son can you play (nods head yes) see          hes good he can still play get back out there"

These kids may be a little bit quicker to b!tch and moan but lets not front on why some of these rules came to play.

And to be honest back on our hay day .....we couldnt run with these young dudes.

I talked to an old coach of mine from high school whos still coaching I asked him if my team from 95 (State Champs, Multiple Record Holders) could beat these kids he looked me in the eye and said " Mentally we were tougher" but physically these kids are BFS (Bigger Faster and Stronger) they understand the game... they understand the science of it. My coach said the game would be great but they would ultimatley win due to his current DE's (Both 6'4 220 and can fly, also both are attending BCS schools in the fall) He asked me straight who could block them coming off the edge.

Im with you ol heads in my mind we are still the baddest thing walking !!!

"In 2013, Auburn drew on cash reserves that have been quoted at between $15 million and $20 million to cover the debt"....




Lol before yall start hitting me up with the whole..... "I graduated at the top of my class and I had scholarship offers to every Ivy League school in America but i chose 'whatever whatever U' " please spare me the lame argument .

Really.... see this is why our problems aren't taken seriously....

People who would never send their kids to HBCU's barely got into college themselves....lmao

If this was a shot at me all i can do is laugh at you ...

So basically someone says I want my child to go to the best school in America and it means that "White is right" ...lmao absolute clown talk from folks who probably only could get into an HBCU

Man i dont know if some of yall are delusional or if you simply read that i didnt post a pro HBCU article which automatically means i dont understand history, dont love myself, dont love my people, which outside of internet world is totally false.....

Folks facts are facts evidence is evidence as Wildman has pointed out too many of you beautiful black folks are believing hype your believing that Howard Law is top notch when the stats speak differently.

Also i have not given up anything i believe HBCU's can be way better .... But I keep running into these relics that only choose to look at HBCU's pre 1970 .... The schools have CHANGED in some cases for the better and for many cases for the worst.

Notice I never said i wont give nor did i say i dont give... I said i just want the best for MY KIDS and unfortunately at this moment in time our schools are performing poorly, I would hope no one sends there kids to school based on what it used to be versus what it is.

So as i read through this unfortunatley i have to laugh a little ..... Its Obamas fault he didnt grow up with normal black people, hes just a politician, he dont like us....wah wah wah..

Can we not see the forrest for the trees we have to take responsibility and act accordingly..Someone asked why the most affluent blacks dont send their kids to HBCU's .... I will tell you why ...THEY WANT THE BEST FOR THIER KIDS point blank period. Tell me an HBCU on the level of any of these schools ..... any of the Ivy's, Michigan, UVA, Stanford, UCLA, USC, Penn State.... Ill wait the answer is not ONE. ( Please also spare me the well I went to an HBCU and i am doing better then some folks i know who went to ..insert whatever school name, This is your personal success, no one is saying that no HBCU graduates succeed, there are numerous success stories from our institutions but they our outweighed by the amount of subpar kids we pump out.

Also to those who keep stating that they dont like to read ( this is all i hear when you say you dont like to read rankings due to blah blah blah) just because you chose to ignore facts doesnt mean the facts dont exist. What are the facts....A LARGE AMOUNT OF HBCU's ARE FAILING most have horrible graduation rates ...Even the most "prestigious" havent been able to stay away from the problems.

Sheeeesh....Im not gonna lie my kids growing up will come with me to homecoming know my frat and know who they are but i will be damned if i PUSH my kid to an HBCU if he wants to go on his own accord i will support him but i want my kid to go to the BEST UNIVERSITY not the best Black University

The problems at HBCU's are great and complex... but they didnt start 8 years ago and we must admit that we dont love our HBCU's the way we act like we do...We love Homecoming, We Love the Band, We Love some of the traditions, We love our friends and frats.... But we dont LOVE HBCU'S if we loved them we wouldnt have the conversations we have because our school is closing its doors, if we loved them we would financially support them and would have a few HBCU's on the level of some majority schools, if we loved HBCU's we wouldnt let inept leadership destroy the school and rob it of its resources.

Also Bear for Life .... yes if im sending my child to school I think we all should consider the best schools ... why would we need to look at thousands of others ...which include schools like ICDC, EVEREST, U OF PHOENIX..... Yea i think concentrating on the top schools is the best idea

Honestly my brothers i hear you but sadly as HBCU grads we have to come to the realization that this is squarely our fault......

Alumni giving is at an extreme low, the young adults we accept are not some of the best or brightest, and many of our schools have a bad name in the business world. Do you think we would get funding fairly ...people are looking at HBCUs as bad investments and in this climate a bad investment will get dumped.

My brothers Obama and has cronies aren't from HBCu's ....( They are from some of the best Universities in the Country)

WE HAVE TO MAKE THE CASE FOR WHY HBCU'S NEED TO BE SAVED and unfortunately too many of our schools are making the case of deserving to be shut down...

I mean look at the rebuttals... Obama is gay, Obama doesn't know our schools ...none of these are substantial arguments they sound more like excuses as to why its ok to fail.

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