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For all we know there could be sealed indictments to be unsealed at a specified time. 

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I suspect that is in the deck of cards.

I suspected this outcome some posts ago, after Stone’s arrest and no mention of collusion was included.

👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿, hopefully the ruling will become permanently.

Wait a minute - Mccain was last in his class ( really he was 5th from the last) and he got promoted??? Then , how did OS do in his classes since he got no promotions.??

 :nono2: The military does not promote dumb people...
Promote..what’s that??🤭🤭😳😳

Typical. Dumb people disparage people who are actually educated.

Explains a lot of why those promotions never materialized.

PROMOTIONS, what are those????  :snicker :snicker

Is there any idea what he said?

Cleaver man. 😂😂

The poor woman probably thought she was being pulled into the grave. 😳😳

Another good guy with a gun.  He's a democrat.

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12:01 AM
Here’s how to download the Fayetteville Observer’s app

Armed lieutenant governor candidate runs strangers out of his home

By Paul Woolverton
Staff writer

Posted Mar 18, 2019 at 9:47 PM
Updated at 9:07 AM
Allen Thomas Jr. said the incident, at his Greenville residence, makes him question N.C.’s Castle Doctrine law.

Hoke County commissioner and Democratic N.C. lieutenant governor candidate Allen Thomas Jr. said he used a 12-gauge shotgun to scare away several people who had entered a townhome he rents in Greenville.

“It was a very, very intense situation,” Thomas said on Monday. “I was fearful. It took about 10 minutes for the police to arrive. And the last thing I wanted to do was have to use deadly force.”

The incident happened shortly before noon on Saturday in Pitt County. Thomas posted a video of the encounter to his Facebook page.

The video shows Thomas pointing the shotgun at his locked bedroom door and warning the men, who had been knocking, “If you open that door, there’s going to be some problems, man.”

No shots were fired and no one was injured.

Thomas said he saw the men run out the front door shortly before Greenville police arrived. He estimated there were four or five people in the townhome.
"Y", is the reason for posting this article and to note the gun owner is a Democrat, is your way of saying, if the gun owner was a Republican, shots would have been fired?

It's his right as an American to say that.  If you don't go to his movies because he exercised his 1st Amendment rights you are a special kind of stupid.


I most definitely recall y04 saying he would NOT watch a film with Jane Fonda in it (The Butler, I believe) because she had exercised her rights to oppose the war in Viet Nam.


Apples and oranges.  Samuel L. Jackson never went to the country of the enemy.  Samuel L. Jackson never sat in an AAA gun that's used to shoot down our pilots.  Samuel L. Jackson never called POWs cowards.  Samuel L. Jackson never gave aide and comfort to the enemy.  Big difference. 

Samuel L. Jackson has always and will always be a patriotic American.

What law they either Sam Jackson or Jane Fonda break? None. Both executed their constitutional rights. Apples and apples.  :read:

Woman please.  Jane should have been convicted of treason.  I'm not surprised your limited brain can't separate treason with freedom of speech.  BTW, when did Samuel L. Jackson visit Al Qaeda?  When did Samuel L. Jackson visit The Taliban?  When did Samuel L. Jackson visit ISIS?  When has Samuel L. Jackson ever said anything that was anti-American and anti-military? 

You can still see these bumper stickers at Fort Bragg and the Fayetteville area.  Tell a Green Beret Vietnam Veteran that Jane Fonda was only exercising her 1st Amendment rights.  I'd like to be there to see you get throat punched. 

"Y's" statement...Woman please.  Jane should have been convicted of treason.

Hello "Y", please consider..

1. A person commits a crime. (I assume you think Fonda committed a crime. She didn't.)

2. The person is arrested. (She wasn't.)

3. The person is charged. (She wasn't.)

4. The person is tried. (She wasn't.)

Now, in America, you have to be tried (and all those other necessary steps) before you're convicted.

So, THAT's why she wasn't convicted of treason in 1972.

Hope this helps you get a better understanding of how we do things in the United States.

Honestly, I didnt support her actions, nor do I support what trumPIG is doing to our country...


And This!!!!!

Reaching the top of the highest-grossing actor list requires a combination of a long and successful career. Attaining just one of these is difficult for any actor, but Samuel L. Jackson’s 74 film long career almost makes it look easy. Over the course of his decades of acting, Jackson has grossed $5.7 billion! Despite having just a small role in the film, the highest grossing movie he’s acted in was the recent “Avengers: Infinity War”. Harrison Ford takes second place with an also astounding $4.9 billion, though he has only been in 42 films to date.


"For the safety of the American people", then why doesn't that bastard do something about the proliferation of guns , especially assault type weapons?

trumPIG isnt concerned about Americans safety, he's only trying to score pollical points!!!!

What is an assault type weapon?
You figure it out. But no you can't because your brains are constipated with trumPIGS' $h!t.

He fires everybody else via Twitter, what's the problem.   :shrug:

Yes, why didn’t he? Maybe his Twitter feed was broken.. lying Sack-of-$hi7.

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