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well this is an NCAA DI MEAC/SWAC basketball matchup and the same conferences will compete again in on labor day 2018 in Atlanta for the football game (09/02/2018 -

Now do you all see any ACC members being pitted against each other at all. The ACC has a member in each playoff region.  This gives the ACC exposure thought out the playoffs. This match is simply a process to hopefully eliminate both HBCU’s from going beyond the 1st round.  Regardless of who wins, the team will have to play again on either the 15 or 16 after playing on the 14.  The fatigue from traveling along will normally tire a person and now I going to rest up (the best that I can) and be on the court within a 24 or 48-hour timeframe.

These are some notable differences between NCCU & TSU 2017-2018 basketball schedules w/respect to non-conference games(NCG). NCG reveals the strength of your athletic program is beyond your conference.
> TSU 201-28 13/ 0 NCG win-Total Schedule 15-19
> NCCU 14/6 NCG win which also includes SouthUniv/HBCU - Total Schedule 19-15

Over the years NCCU has been able to perform extremely against NCG teams
- Away Lost: NCCU-63/69-OhioSU - NCCU-66/70-LSU - NCCU 67/70-Coastal Carolina U - NCCU 50/59-U OF CINCINNATI / NCCU 60-76/UNC CH..etc
- Away Win: NCCU-74/66-MCNEESE SU- NCCU 62/52-U of MO - NCCU 82/74 N KYU /NCCU-76/70 App SU - NCCU 62/43 Camp U / NCCU 82/72 NSCU (OT) etc.. 
- NCCU also won the NCCU-NCAA-DII in 1989.

Both the NCAA and other DI conferences are fully aware of NCCU’s athletic capabilities when giving the opportunity..
Also, our HBCU’s are getting additional exposure whereby some of these African-American top athletes may decide to attend an HBCU.

Another important note is that each of our area 4-DI universities that include NCSU-Raleigh NCCU&DU-Durham, and UNC-CH-Chapel Hill are in the playoffs.

Oh, and to Hampton U...good luck on ur going to another conference and pls know that we NCCU Eagles do not like it when you all beat up on our NCA&STU Aggies...that our job...Eagle FUNK reverence Aggie Pride on the Pirates.

Next time other MEAC members need to ask for our permission.

One last thing to know “ NCCU Eagles are no ordinary barnyard fowl”
EEEE EEE EEE FUNK… ‘ UUUUU Know- NooorthCaolinnnnaaaa Central!! University!!!!”

Sports Forum / Re: This Week (Sept 23) in the MEAC
« on: September 18, 2017, 10:28:13 AM »
Well JAF... I hope all is well w/u..etc.
ok clarity about your "Top Dog" comment... there are only a few teams in the MEAC who 
 strive for the "Top Dog" status quo :nono2:.  Now NCCU Eagles need to practice :dedhorse: on your
SC 1st cousins (SCCU-Bulldogs) and all other teams as we take flight back to Atl.
Oh we will make a pit stop on SAT, NOV 18 1:00 P.M at Aggie Stadium before going to Atl.
EEE EEEEEE FUNK Eagles - UUUUU Alll ready know Noooooth Carolinnnna Central! University!!!! where Champions are made not Top Dogs...JAF that's for your university & SCSU to strive and hopefully achieve  :tiptoe:

Sports Forum / NCCU Homecoming II 2016..
« on: November 18, 2016, 05:41:42 PM »
• Disclaimer- this event is co-hosted by NCA&TSU in Greensboro, NC and when this  in Greensboro it is A&T’s Homecoming II
Yesssssss this is not an annual national holiday but this is an annual national global event whereby Eages&Aggies celebrate our athletic legacy and our respectful university arch- love-hate-talk-smack rival. This is the third consecutive time (2013-14) that both our universities have the best football records in the MEAC conference. Yes Coach Mack has been able to yank the Aggie chain whether in Durham and Greensboro… A&T-Broadway (a NCAA D-I coach veteran) has not been able to defeat NCCU-Mack (1st time coaching on the NCAA-DI level) since Mack arrival to NCCU in 2013.
Before Coach Mack arrived at NCCU when the university it was in the mist of playing NCAA-DI since 2010. It was very befitting that NCCU re-joined the conference that was founded on our campus in 1969 as we continue our 100th year legacy of ‘Truth and Service’
I have further more committed in back 2013 and it stills stand today and I re-affirm that Coach-Smack Dat’Aggie-Mack is Wining to Atlanta. I also committed back when NCCU re-joined the MEAC that this conference will become more competitive due to our arrival…that’s right… Now what other two MEAC members have elevated their athletic programs to compete as aggressively against each other?...... cricket-cricket… cock-a-doodle-doo- cock-a-doodle-doo.

As I was saying. The MEAC is now on a path way to be more competitive beyond the MEAC pool of players. I ani’t mad at all that A&T has been able to defeat both Application State & Kent State universities and each MEAC members university fans should applauded these competitive efforts against PWIs. Now NCCU has not been so fortunate to add a PWI win yet…. Yeayea Aggie Pride..etc.
Oh Onnidan side bar…if school-E beat school-A that those school-pwi..then what does that say about school-E?... you all discuss that amongst yourselves.
So welcome one and all to NCCU Homecoming II 2016 is Nov 19th at 2:00 in Durham,NC ..
Durham NC is expecting about 80,000 to attend this game..

Oh and to my fellow Eagle Alum..this game is evident that we should be willing to assist our university with expanding our athletic facilities.. either put up some $$$$ or keep your Eagles beaks shut…  
The temperature will range from a sunny 69 high – 39 low so please dress to stay warm…
These are two ways to see the game
> Stadium – There an’t no mo stadium tickets….                                                                                        …and none for the childreennn either.. (this as from Cedric the Entertainer Cafeteria lady)
>Lawn  $25.00 GA Lawn have only been available since Tues:

Hell to my fellow Eagel Alum Bro. Askia Musa Afiba  & Aggie Professor..
I am very concerned about this game as well...  Our 1st & 2nd game should lbe essons learned whereby to  do our best  to  :dedhorse: on those NSU -Spartannnns and the MEAC conference as well..  We already know what the deal whick is who goes to Atanta and what we Eagles have to do during th confernce....

Onnidan Family it has been awhile  since my last post.  My last post got thrown back in our Eagle faces by our men basketball when they let the Aggies beat them in the 2013 tournament; now Aggies will say “Aggie Pride-Aggie-Pride..we beat you all....etc..yeayeayyea” nonetheless since then the NCCU Eagle Athletic FUNK is alive and living 
My message to our players is to continue embarrassing the 4-Eagle FUNK Fs which is what they have been doing thus far: be Faithful – be Focus – be Eagle FUNK Fearless 
The FUNK acronym is Fundamental Understanding and Nurturing Knowledge...

NCCU is now back at the MEAC house that we help build in 1969.
Prior to NCCU leaving the MEAC back in the late 70s we were back-to-back (71 & 72) football conference champs; basketball mmm now..
Link: – strode down to the football section. We have had our door mat seasons for sure just as other fellow HBCUs./universities .. etc and allwill have some more.

NCCU return to the MEAC is nationally recognized. NCCU has been absent from the MEAC for 30 years upon our returning in 2010: Link:  Now within 5 years of returning to our house (MEAC) the only thing we need to say is “EEEEE EEE EEE FUNK UUUU KNOW Nooorrrrthhh Carrrrrolinnnnnaaa Cennntral Unnniverrity!..etc..etc..etc ..NO Aggie Pride ...NO Behold Green&Gold..NO whatever-else may be the sayings of our other membered institutions. The NCCU EFUNK Athletic Memorial Services has provided the appropriate visitations, viewing and burial services to each of your school athletic campaigns & pride; we do not include the repast services and above all we give no condolences. We have provided these same services to D-I schools such as ACC-NCSU / App. SU-Southern Conference / ODU-Conference USA....etc.  There are times when were giving and will be giving these memorial services from others as well; our loses have been respectful and have not all been blowouts..etc

NCCU has set the athletic bar for completion. Our combined athletic efforts are recognized beyond just being 1st in the MEAC with a 24-6 along with an undefeated MEAC record for 2014-15; we have done similarly in 2013-14 as well.
This is the ESPN link:
AAaaaahhh now you can cock an attitude all you want, but our records is the proof in this pudding.
We did the same thing in the mid to late 80ies with Coach Barnard while being in the CIAA-DII.
As MEAC-DI we are one of the two universities in the nation, that's the USE, with the longest NCAA-DI at home and conference wins in the country. Yes some are saying....”well these wins are among those  schools (HBCUs)who do not receive to best players..  & so on & so 4th... Now are not most of the all DI schools African-American. NCCU proven just as of other HBCUs proven to be competitive beyond the conference. NCCU Link:
This link is for those who are wondering how many schools and which schools.etc..etc.  There are 351 DI schools and NCCU is #2.  NCAA Link:

NCCU athletics has brought positive attention to our MEAC organization. I mentioned to others when we first started this MEAC plight that once NCCU becomes full member of the MEAC... things will be different & they are. Yes we mostly still roll to the CIAA... and some will always do so, but we all are now in the mist of this paradigm shift from the CIAA to the MEAC. Yes WSSU and Savanna SU did start this paradigm shift and NCCU followed in pursuit as well, but NCCU is the institution whereby national attention is now on the MEAC due to our aforementioned athletic Aggies, NCCU does not play to play in the big-dance, we get direct invitations. Yes we gonna get NCAA check(s), but we also gonna show you all how to competitive beyond the conference and hopefully do better that Norfolk did in 2013; oh WSSU will return soon and the MEAC will truly be on high throttle.  The combination of Eagles-Aggies-Rams and our combined rallies will trust the MEAC into a higher dimension of athletic competitiveness because we can do not like losing to the other.; oh it is NC-HBCU sibling thing and no you all not invited and just do not understand - just hang on for the ride...

These are the MEAC–NCAA Results for the last 3 years:
NCAA 2012 -
2-Missouri 84
15-Norfolk St 86
7-Florida 84
15-Norfolk St 50 (lost my 34)
NCAA 2013 -
NCAA 2013
16-NCA&TSU 73 (Play In-Game)
16-Liberty 72
1-Louisville 79
16-NCA&STU – 48 (lost by 31)
NCAA 2014 -
NCAA 2014
3-Iowa SU 93
14-NCCU 75 (lost my 18)
NCAA 2015 – to be determined
NCCU existence in the MEAC will increase over all tournament attendance. This is evident when the MEAC was in Winston-Salem(W-S) and Raleigh, NC.  I attended the MEAC when it was in Raleigh before NCCU applied for admittance. This was done because I wanted to see what the MEAC was about. 
I did not attend the first year the MEAC in W-S. Well since NCCU lose the game there was no need for me along with others to attend. Some who did attend said we were cheated by the refs; this commented by non-alum and alum.

So to all my fellow EEEE EEEE FUNK Eagles  and MEACians well.... it is time for most of us to take I-85 N or I-95 N to take VA Hwy 58 E and support our Eagles-Aggies-Rattles-Wildcats-Bulldogs-Tigers... PLEASE CAREFULLY DRIVE 58 until Suffolk-the police does not play and also at the Emporia, VA Hwy 58/1-95 bridge be careful.

See you at the 2015 MEagleAC Tournament in Norfolk  & then see you all at the NCCU NCAA Announcement Event that will be held at the gym on Sunday 15. 
This event in 2014 was in the gym &  the doors opened at 5:30 PM and the announcement was around 7:00PM

NCCU 2015: TBA

EEEEE EEE EEE FUNK UUUU KNOW Nooorrrrthhh Carrrrrolinnnnnaaa Centrralll Unnniverrity!

Sports Forum / Welcome one and all to the 2014 NCCU-Homecoming II..
« on: November 21, 2014, 06:15:19 PM »
That's right Onnidan fans whenever we Eagles and Aggies play each other on the gridiron is it like homecoming. Whenever our respectful football (fb) schedules are announced in Aug we find out when is homecoming and when do play each other & start making the appropriate arrangements. Regardless how good or bad our respectful fb win/loses... it's time to BATTLE ..NAWWWW Y’ALLL it's WAR.. What is good for ???– Absolutely kidding an Aggie _sss.. .AAHHH. you all fill in the rest...
No Eagles, Aggies or others could have envision that the 2014NCCU-HCII as we Eagles host those Aggies would have more than rival bragging rights, but for the MEAC Conference Champions, well ok Co-Champions.. Now we all know that an't not gonna go to well... when have you known a dog sharing a bone or an eagle sharing its prey except of nurture our young.  This situation will most definitely require Devin intervention.. “Can I get an EEEFUNK”..we do not allow cursing in the Eagle sanctuary. So y’all need to take your Aggie pride barking foolishness outside and then come back and finish reading….
  - You Aggies back now..
Aggies come on w/your AggiePride-SweatHotIceTea.. We Eagles gotta a big pitcher office call the O'Kelly-Riddick football stadium.
Aggies bring your fb team with their leashes and collars & our fb players will 1by1 or 2by etc.. tackle you all & give those leaches to the Durham County Animal Control (DCAC). DCAC will then hall you all back to the nearest Greensboro City / Guilford County dog pin..; NOPE..we will put you all off at the 1-85/Lee Street Exit… mmm I changed my mind..   We gonna drop y’all off in Mebane(23miles E of Durham and 31 miles W of Greensboro)…..   you should be able to sniff your way back to your…
Aggies bring your band and do your Aggie Leannnnnn (ohhs –crake-than’s yo back).. We Eagles got The Sound Machine were all members are students.  Now asking Aggies I am asking if all of your band members have a NCA&TSU validate student ID for the this academic term.. that's all..just asking… now not students JCSU-UNCGreensboro–Univ. of MI since you all have the school colors.
Aggies bring Coach Broadway back to O'Kelly-Riddick.. We got Coach Mack and his staff is show’nuf ready to complete their task under his leadership. This is his1st first year of being a head football coach of a DI school and has no problem stuffing Aggie Pride back into your buses and send you all back to East Market Street-Greensboro-NC
Ahhh Aggies bring your puppy bark (aggie pride-aggie mmm)…
You must have not heard Eagles tell y’all that “Aggie Pride- Aggie Pride-You an’t heard Aggie Pride 
..and finally let me give an brief Eagle FUNK lesson moment and inform the Onnidan family why all MEAC members are beholding to NCCU. When I was only 5yr old these univ. (in 1969) DSU, HowardU, SCSU, U-MES,MSU, and NCA&STU all meet in Durham, NC to form a more perfect union of collegiate athletic completion. NCCU decided to remain DII when all other members re-classified the MEAC conference to DI in1980. We Eagles thought this would alright to allow our follow NC academic institution (NCA&TSU) the full rights there-unto-whereby to carry the DI-MEAC banner strong for NC; this has not always been to be the case. It is sort a like when a father allows 1 of his children to keep the business afloat while daddy attends to other important affairs. We Eagles have had enough of this and decided in July 2010 to come back to home. Now did you all notice that there.. the 9 and 10 correlation with NCCU/MEAC …. NCCU was charted in 1909 and founded 1910.:

MEAC your daddy is back home now and we home to stay in the house established on our campus. Our presence is to encourage all members to elevate their athletic affairs and be more completive by bringing back the EEEE Eagle FUNK back to the MEAC. We realize that Aggies Pride cannot do it all. Sometimes we will work together but this Saturday Nov. 22, 2014 @ 2PM  an’t gonna be it. NCCU-Eagles need to show NCA&STU-Aggie how to up-hold the MEAC banner; unlike Red Bull – Eagle FUNK comes with wings…..oh the FUNK stands for Fundamentally Understanding and Nurturing Knowledge.. 

The Drum / "Meet The Eagles" @ 10:00 A.M.
« on: August 18, 2010, 12:45:51 PM »
The time is soon and hope to see many Eagles this Saturday Aug. 21, 2010  :)  ;D :lol:  :tiptoe:
Place is NCCU DURHAM, NC (O'Kelly-Riddick Stadium)

Special Promotions - Autograph and Photo session with 2010 Eagles football team, followed by scrimmage. :lmao:

Attention to all MEACians...    :read:
Daddy is back home and now it is time to get this train into high gear !!!!!!#**!!!
Know your history before you commit "
EEE  FUNK... EE EEEEEE FUNK    :bow: :clap: :popcorn:

The Drum / Re: NCCU‘s (2007) Homecoming week
« on: October 07, 2007, 10:01:00 AM »
"Yes Yesssss - It is that time of the year again.. ""can you feel it - can you feel it""....

Okkkk - so let me figure out my attire for the NCCU Homecoming Cabaret
(Sheraton Imperial Hotel at 9 p.m. on Friday, October 12, 2007)... See you all there"

The Drum / Re: Are You Ready For NCCU Homecoming 2006?
« on: September 07, 2006, 01:07:00 PM »
"HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Eagle Alum called me today about FB tickets, ooh yea... Founders Day -The 80s-90s Homecoming Caberet -
I might go to the parade,might now  :tiptoe:  - GAME TIME -
...PRAISE GODDD - so gald to be an EEEEEEEagllle..."

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