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It's Monday. Not today please... :no: :no:

Pray church...

One of the lawyers for these cretins says they are just a bunch of clowns who want to run thru the woods on weekends shooting at targets... ::) ::)

Why depend on multinationals? Why not form our own? You when a Latino cross over that wall comes to America they are automatically worth 80,000. Why because in America the Latino population has the INFRSTRUCTURE to support them.  Asian, Arabs and other groups have the same thing  the cullen Blvd area of Houston used to be black.  Now it is almost predominantly Latino   they have now built many businesses in that area to hire their own. Before their arrival all the businesses were owned by asians.  And blacks spent their money at Asian businesses   the asians were even running the soul food restaurant.

Agree Ken. The same has happened here with the Atab community. They have taken over the east side of Dearborn, which was a lily white enclave, and the woodpeckers have gone beserk... :nod:

The NY State Police should be waiting at the door to escort him from the WH... :nod:

I received my absentee ballot on September 29, voted and took to the clerk's office on September 30. Received email on October 9 from Ballot Trax saying my ballot had been received and would be counted on November 3... :nod:  ;D


Whew... :no:  Perhaps he should give Herman Cain a call.  :crazy:

General Discussion Forum / Re: And the pastor peed on her!!!!
« on: Yesterday at 10:44:28 AM »
He hasn't been charged yet and she was a young woman...

Whew - he must not have looked at Chris Christie lately... ::) ::)

It was great football weather today. :'( :'(


55 degrees and sunny

« on: October 17, 2020, 09:26:01 AM »
Perhaps you will get a response when you tell how 45 has made America great - again... ::)


Bye Felicia... :tiptoe:

Prayers for the McPhail and St. Aug families... :angel:

I am still beside myself. Cynt and I met our first day on campus. She was a TI cheerleader and very outgoing. We remained friends over the decades. She was the class agent for our class and as others have said, she LOVED Tuskegee. We will miss her greatly! :'(  She stopped posting as much when she went back to Skegee as VP for Student Affairs but she read the board and kept up with what was going on.

Rest in Heaven my friend.  :angel:

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