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Rhodes College will charge students who have not vaccinated against COVID-19 a $1,500 fee per semester, The Memphis Commercial Appeal reported.

The fee will cover testing costs.

"A campus-wide commitment to vaccination will mean that we can move towards full capacity and reduced masking allowing for the intentional in-person campus life experience that we all love about Rhodes," said Meghan Harte Weyant, vice president for student life. "We hope our students will choose to be vaccinated to keep themselves, our campus and community safe."

General Discussion Forum / Re: Bathroom selfie pictures
« on: June 10, 2021, 08:39:23 AM »
Not a big selfie fan, but my understanding is that the bathroom is all about the mirror and lighting.  I HOPE people aren't taking selfies during elimination processes...

General Discussion Forum / Re: Please raise your hand...
« on: June 10, 2021, 08:32:38 AM »
This is what I don't understand about these weak simps who be wearing a cape for these broads. I see these women today dressed like this in Walmart and other places in Huntsville all the time. It makes me sick to my stomach. It's stanking looking. I mean men are visual. What real man would want something looking like this?  :vomit:

Agreed. But I see it all the time.  And I'm interested in the mindset of the woman that looks in the mirror and says that manner of dress is acceptable in public settings other than perhaps the beach...

General Discussion Forum / Re: Men's Health Topic
« on: June 10, 2021, 08:30:16 AM »
@Capler and @Cee Dog, you guys both have some good points. It amazes me how we are still reluctant in many of our circles to talk about personal hygiene/care...especially man to man.  And I agree that flowery vaginas and cedarwood nuts are a product of social conditioning and marketing.

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Fisk University announced today the single largest gift from a Nashville family since Fisk’s inception in 1866.  The $2.5 million gift from Amy and Frank Garrison will be utilized for both the establishment of an Endowed Chair in recognition of Diane Nash at Fisk’s John Lewis Center for Social Justice as well as an endowed scholarship fund.Dr. Nash, a former Fisk student, was a leader in the student wing of the Civil Rights Movement and played a prominent role in the Nashville lunch counter sit-ins. The Endowed Chair is for the Director of the John Lewis Center and will be named The Diane Nash - Descendants of the Emancipation Chair.

“We could not be more excited about this extraordinarily generous gift and we are grateful that Dr. Nash has allowed the University to name this historic Chair in her honor”, said Fisk President Vann Newkirk. According to Dr. Nash: “This is the first and only endowed chair with my name and I am so pleased to have it at my alma mater. This is such an honor and it belongs not only to me, but also to the thousands of people who participated in the freedom movement with me”. 

“Fisk’s extraordinary contributions to the fabric of American life are well documented and today’s students are eager to continue in the footsteps of those legendary leaders, like Diane Nash and John Lewis, who helped shape a better future and set lasting  examples of courage and purpose for all of us” said Frank Garrison. Amy Garrison added “Fisk is such an important asset to our ever-changing city and we wanted to recognize that; Fisk is so deserving of city-wide support and we are very happy to be in a position to lend ours”.

Fisk is uniquely poised to provide insight and leadership and this gift will allow the University to recruit a national scholar and innovator. The Director will be essential in repositioning Fisk at the center of the national conversations around race relations and social justice. According to Executive Vice President Jens Frederiksen: “Fisk students, the University’s partners and the broader community are all looking for thoughtful and focused programming, inquiry and discussion around social justice. With this remarkable gift and the endowed Director role, Fisk will be able to address this need for the next 155 years and we are beyond grateful to Amy and Frank Garrison for their vision and support.”

Fisk has experienced a major upswing over the past five years with enrollment growth and significant increases in the academic profile of the incoming classes. The accrediting body SACSCOC recently lauded Fisk for running a sustainable, viable and scalable institution of higher learning and the future has never looked brighter.

...Now, although he has received more than $1.6 million in scholarships to attend some of the most prestigious universities in the country like Harvard, Yale, and George Washington University, he has decided that he wants to have the HBCU experience at FAMU...

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 :clap: :clap:

IF folks would stop panicking and HOARDING up all of the gas, the gas stations wouldn't be tapping out. There is no gas shortage, just waiting on gas deliveries. But these folks rolling up filling up gas cans and chit, just like you morons hoarding up all the gadam toilet paper...ridiculous!!!  :brickwall:
I so agree...just calm down.  We aint really s'posed to be going anywhere anyway.

Not surprised.  In fact, expecting it...waiting to see if Tennessee State will do the same.

Help a slow person out: so, instead of ONE winner per cluster the Top 10 schools in each cluster receive something?

I applaud the AUC and Hampton and hope our other schools will follow... :nod:

Now THIS is cause for celebration!!!! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

I believe that's the case with many HBCUs today. Being an alumni recruiter, I know that applications to attend FAMU are up significantly. But, we are highly selective in who gets accepted. Our average student accepted student GPA is 3.9 (based on what Director of Addmissions said in his most recent recruitment training video). The student we accept are students who we want make sure they will complete their education.

That's great news!  At the end of summer, I hope to hear that many/all HBCUs experienced an enrollment jump.  It seems like we are still in that cultural moment...

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