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Loved the group and their music. Later learned of the toxic love affairs….yikes….

Politics / Re: Respect For Marriage Act Vote
« on: Today at 02:14:11 PM »

And to top it all off,,,first it was vampires vs werewolves…now this foolish imbecile was babbling about a damn wall and got himself all discombobulated on whether it worked and topped it off talking about a dog not biting someone who infiltrated said wall…this dude and CTE are imbredded together y’all….

Politics / Re: Respect For Marriage Act Vote
« on: Today at 11:40:53 AM »
Well, from my perspective, an interracial marriage is the Union between two people who are from different races or ethnicities. To me, she is of a different ethnicity than he. Just as my cousin did when he was in the military. He married a Korean-American. I’m not sure how you chose to define it, thus, not inclined to sit here and change your view on it. To me, their Union is fitting how I define it.

Sports Forum / Re: Sanders confirms offer
« on: Today at 09:57:48 AM »
What I’m hearing and reading is he’s visiting schools this weekend and a decision could come as early as Sunday. Choosing between Colorado, South Florida & Cincy as options if he chooses to leave Jackson State.

Politics / Respect For Marriage Act Vote
« on: Today at 09:22:03 AM »
I swear, some people amaze the hell out of me. Moscow Mitch was one of 37 Repub Senators who voted against the act. This dude has been in an interracial marriage for years. How does he even look at himself or his wife with a straight face?


The way your topics of discussion goes I think you're actually dumber than Herschel Walker. Your spelling and mispronouncing of words is worse. I see why you Herschel Walker is intelligent. You're a special education student yourself. You rode that lil shawt bus to school for sure. That lil blue one 🚌

Ain't nobody listening to that clown. Walker is a certified idiot. Any respectable black person should be embarrassed that white America picked someone like him to run. All those educated black Republicans in Georgia and they picked the class idiot to run. The problem is clowns LL ike you sold your soul so long ago you can't see it.

cee dog has nothing to add.  He's resorted to name calling.  He's been trained well.  He proved Benjamin Solomon Carson Sr's point.

Y, Walker does not fit into the group think profile of the leftist Blacks. I am reminded of Justice Thomas' admonition to certain members of the Judiciary Committee during is Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing.

This is the way of the Democrats. They did it too Justice Kavanaugh. Also, did it to others. And look at Kennedy and Biden sitting up there. Neither could stand the true light of day.

Hey ceedog, I got em…

General Discussion Forum / Re: My family so kuntry!
« on: Yesterday at 12:52:50 PM »
Nope. I read it and my theory of “to thine own self be true!” is relevant in this and most cases. All this fronting and faking about things ain’t gonna get you nowhere. That’s why I love her insights and inputs. She’s so damn genuine…it’s infectious. You could learn a few things from your fellow Shaw alum. Obviously, she received outstanding home training and you on the other hand….well….ya know what I’m saying, Todd…..

DIVIDING?  :lmao:

Give me a freaking break.

You will find VERY VERY FEW Black supporters of Hershey.

Dividing MY ASS!!!!

Herschel’s erection campaign is prolly the divisive factor

But the NCAA gave Todd Bozeman a Show Clause for helping a young man attend his grandmothers funeral.

Freeze, Patrino, Pitino, et al can do far worse and get nothing. Hell, Sean Miller had a federal wiretap on him and got nothing….despite the feds knowing full well he and his program was paying players and families.

Sports Forum / Re: Sanders confirms offer
« on: Yesterday at 09:32:17 AM »
Hes not leaving until his sons complete their career at JSU.

I’m quite sure if he left, the new school will create a roster spot for his son

When Fickell left Cincy for Wisconsin, his son was given a roster spot and his daughter who is a HS senior and had signed with Cincy also will be a scholly athlete at Wisconsin when she becomes an incoming freshman in the fall. It’s all part of the negotiations.

Is anyone surprised? This IS AUBURN!

that's all...   :shrug:

Yes & no.

Felt the same when they hired Bruce Pearl as head basketball coach. He had a slimy background too.

Time will tell with the on and off field results.

Yes, he did handle that entire situation with a high degree of class and Grace. I don’t know much about any of the USMST players but I really gained a lot of respect for him. When he spoke of his upbringing in a white environment, I was impressed how he was able to explain how he related to both sides of the situation. Hope he and the team does well as that bs about pronouncing the country name wrong and trying to ambush him with a racially loaded question.

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