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May Tiffany Jackson Rest in Peace.

Sports Forum / Re: SIAC Football Week #6 October 8, 2022
« on: October 04, 2022, 11:39:09 AM »
My picks for the week are 8:

Fort Valley ST University vs Central ST University:  FVS
Fight On Valley, Fight On!

Miles College vs Benedict College:  Benedict

KY State University vs Lane College:  Lane

University of VA - Lynchburg vs Savannah ST University: Savannah ST

Clark Atlanta University vs Allen University:   :shrug:  Allen

Albany ST University vs Edward Waters University:  Albany ST

Tuskegee University vs Morehouse College:  Tuskegee

May Loretta Lynn Rest in Peace.

Agreeing with both Cee Dog and JayT. 



:shrug:…………..well, if the MAGGOTS on the court have no qualms about overturning damn near a  50 year decision on women’s reproductive rights, I don’t see much hesitation banning affirmative action in college admissions.

So if it is the considered judgment of the court and policymakers that negroes aren’t entitled to anymore redress for historic and blatant racial discrimination in college admissions, then, IMMEDIATELY address the historic inequities in stare and federal funding of our HBCU’s. It’s only fair, correct.

Or does “fairness” even applies when you’re talking about vindicating the rights of negries and other people of color in this country.  :no:

Agreeing with the Rattler alum.

Sports Forum / SIAC Football Week #5 Predictions Results
« on: October 02, 2022, 06:50:13 PM »
The game winners of week 5 were:  Albany ST, Benedict, Central ST, Edward Waters, KY State, Lane, and Tuskegee.  

Week 5 was a rough week.  There was not anyone who was at 100%.   :shrug:
Each poster had selected TN State to defeat the Lane College Dragons.
The majority of the posters, 11 out of 20, were at 57% for week 5.  ???

The results below are based on 43 games. 

There was not a change in the lead position. 


Que 82

87 Alum
Golden Kitten
Golden Ram
Ram Buck 08
SSU Tiger Fan
TU Grad

G Ram
Tough 1881


Blue N Gold
Dragon 601713
The Oracle

Drette J 77
Miles Bear 1
Old Cat

:tiptoe:.............Onto Week #6

Good for HU!   :nod:   :clap:


PV A&M - 27

Grambling - 0

End of 1Q

PV A&M - 7

Grambling - 0

Final:  2 OT

Tuskegee - 45

Clark Atlanta - 43

The Golden Tigers score a TD and make the 2 point conversion

2nd OT.....The Panthers score first and do not get the 2 point conversion

Tuskegee - 37

Clark Atlanta - 43

OT....The CAU QB scores a TD

Tuskegee - 37

Clark Atlanta - 37

The game goes to the 2nd OT

OT....TU scores first

TU - 37

CAU - 30

8 sec....TU kicks a FG and ties the game

TU - 30

CAU - 30

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